Person of Interest Season 5 Ratings

This page contains all the statistics for Season 5 of Person of Interest. Immediately below is the full Ratings table. This table shows the episode names, dates, the LIVE + Same Day (L+SD) ratings and audience numbers, and the LIVE + 7 Day (L+7) ratings and audience numbers.

Below the ratings table is the Season Breakdown table. This table breaks the episodes in a season into quarters, and displays the average ratings and audience numbers for both L+SD and L+7 data.

At the bottom of the page are two graphs. The left graph shows the L+SD and L+7 ratings across the season, while the right graph shows the L+SD and L+7 audience data across the season

All audience data is in millions, for example, 9.85 = 9,850,000 viewers.

Note: L+7 data is usually released 2 - 3 weeks in arrears, meaning data for an episode today for example may not be released for two weeks. This is why there may be L+SD data but not L+7 data on the ratings table for the most recent episodes. In addition, occasionally L+7 data released doesn't include data for an episode, meaning there may be gaps in graphs and tables. This is out of my control. Check back regularly for changes