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Here is the episode guide for NCIS. Each episode has the title, writer, director, and a description listed. The descriptions are sourced from locations such as Wikipedia and official press releases

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24 - Family First

Written By: Gary Glasberg & Scott Williams Directed By: Tony Wharmby 
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 18.01
NCIS, FBI and MI6 continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who is targeting current and former agents

23 - Dead Letter

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 16.04
The NCIS team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who has left one colleague fighting for their life in ICU

22 - Homefront

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal and Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 14.86
When a 14-year-old foils a home invasion, Gibbs suspects the teenager is withholding pertinent details. Also, Director Vance and Senior FBI Agent Fornell travel to London as part of the ongoing escaped British spy case

21 - Return to Sender

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 14.80
Gibbs and Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell (Joe Spano) unite after two British prisoners, including a former spy, escape and arrive stateside via a shipping container. Also, McGee is busy apartment hunting and determined to find out how DiNozzo purchased his lavish place

20 - Charade

Written By: Brendan Fehily Directed By: Edward Ornelas
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 15.67
After Tony’s identity is stolen by multiple perpetrators, the fake Special Agent DiNozzos begin blackmailing Senators

19 - Reasonable Doubts

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Tom Wright 
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 15.90
The NCIS team must ascertain who is lying, the wife or the mistress, after the women accuse each other of murdering a Navy Public Affairs officer. Also, Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. helps a homeless woman who believes he is her father

18 - Scope

Written By: Gary Glasberg and Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 15.10
The NCIS team re-examines an ambush on a group of Special Ops snipers in Iraq after an American couple is attacked in the same area six months later. When Gibbs discovers he needs the account of the lone survivor, Marine Gunnery Sergeant Aaron Davis, he tries to connect with the wounded warrior who is being treated for PTSS at Walter Reed Medical Center, on the 300th episode of NCIS

17 - After Hours

Written By: Cindi Hemingway  Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 15.44
The NCIS agents’ personal plans are interrupted when each of them catches errors in a seemingly cut-and-dried closed case. Also, McGee and Delilah argue over the importance of not discussing work during dinner, while DiNozzo bores his date with shop talk

16 - Loose Cannons

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Alrick Riley
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.47
Doctor Cyril Taft experiences the rush of an NCIS case after he is assigned surgical duty to Gibb’s suspect and finds key evidence. Also, Dinozzo pays Jeanne Benoit a visit as he chases a lead involving doctors in Sudan

15 - React

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 17.34
When Secretary of the Navy Sarah Porter (Leslie Hope) learns her daughter has been kidnapped, the NCIS team partners with the FBI to track the case, determine a motive and bring her home. Also, McGee’s childhood friend, NCIS Special Agent Valerie Page (Christina Chang), is in town to assist the team with advance tactics training

14 - Decompressed

Written By: Brendan Fehily Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 16.94
When a deep sea diver is murdered on the job, his body and suspected co-workers must remain in a high-tech decompression chamber for four days, leaving the NCIS team to complete an unorthodox investigation from outside the tank

13 - Déjà vu

Written By: Matthew R. Jarrett and Scott J. Jarrett Directed By: Rocky Carroll
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.51
While investigating the murder of a seaman who was set to testify before a grand jury, the NCIS team uncovers the resurgence of an international human-trafficking ring. Also, McGee hopes to spend the night at a colleague’s home after a storm causes massive power outages in the city

12 - Sister City, Part 1

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 2.7 Audience: 18.97
After the passengers and crew of a private plane traveling from New Orleans to Washington D.C. are lethally poisoned, all evidence points to the missing chef, Abby’s brother, Luca. Gibbs and the D.C. team work in conjunction with Pride and the New Orleans team to locate Luca and determine why a private tech company was targeted, on the first part of a special two-hour crossover event 

11 - Spinning Wheel

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 15.53
After Ducky is attacked by a man claiming to have information about his half-brother who died decades ago, the NCIS team searches for the perpetrator, as Ducky recalls the final emotional days he had with his sibling. Also, with the holidays approaching, Bishop and Jake discuss the future of their relationship

10 - Blood Brothers

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.19
In the hopes of sparing a family further tragedy, the Secretary of the Navy calls on NCIS to help a sailor battling leukemia locate a bone marrow transplant after his two Marine siblings are killed in the line of duty. Also, Bishop returns home to Oklahoma for the Thanksgiving holiday

09 - Day in Court

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.59
In order to clear his name, a petty officer volunteers to be court martialed if NCIS agrees to conduct its own investigation after his murder case is dismissed due to a mishandled warrant. Also, Bishop and Jake discuss their marital problems

08 - Saviors

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 16.68
DiNozzo is reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Jeanne Benoit, when insurgents in Sudan attack a group of volunteer doctors, including her husband. DiNozzo and McGee travel to the crime scene for the joint murder and kidnapping case and join the search for the missing doctors

07 - 16 Years

Written By: Brendan Fehily Directed By: Mark Horowitz
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 17.97
The NCIS murder case of a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander forces Ducky to reveal his participation in a secret society that solves cold cases

06 - Viral

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Rocky Carroll
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 16.81
When a petty officer’s murder matches the M.O. of a local serial killer, the NCIS team must determine if this is the killer’s latest victim or the work of a copycat. Also, McGee and Delilah must learn to compromise before moving in together

05 - Lockdown

Written By: Stephen D. Binder Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 17.22
While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage

04 - Double Trouble

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 16.04
Vance partners with Gibbs and returns to field duty when a murder case is connected to a former NCIS agent he locked up for stealing evidence

03 - Incognito

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.87
After a Marine is found murdered in Quantico hours after calling Gibbs to discuss a possible case, Bishop and McGee go undercover as a married couple to run surveillance on a Marine Lieutenant and his wife

02 - Personal Day

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.53
Gibbs calls on the team to assist DEA Agent Luis Mitchell with a case that keeps going cold, but DiNozzo discovers there is more to Gibbs’ personal connection to the agent and his desire to help him succeed. Also, the team gossips about Gibbs’ new look after he replaces his standard military haircut and polo shirt for a modern cut and tailored dress shirt

01 - Stop The Bleeding

Written By: Gary Glasberg and Scott Williams Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 18.19
Gibbs fights for his life aboard a Navy hospital ship after being shot, while DiNozzo and Joanna Teague travel to Shanghai to try and take down the Calling
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24 - Neverland

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 14.94
NCIS feverishly investigates a global terrorist group that is recruiting teens via the Internet, following a deadly bombing overseas that results in an emotional and surprising loss for the team

23 - The Lost Boys

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 14.05
The NCIS cyber case turns into a united global effort after evidence confirms “The Calling,” an international terrorist group that recruits children through the internet, has been purchasing S-bombs off the black market

22 - Troll

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 14.85
Special Agent Ned Dorneget from NCIS cyber operations assists the team when a Navy ensign who worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence is murdered. Also, the team discovers that Jake and Gibbs have become good friends

21 - Lost in Translation

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 15.84
Gibbs and Bishop travel to Afghanistan after the murder of a Marine in D.C. is linked to a terror group holding another Marine hostage overseas. Also, DiNozzo is upset that McGee was chosen to be the new face of NCIS for all recruitment brochures

20 - No Good Deed

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 16.85
DiNozzo is partnered with his girlfriend ATF Special Agent Zoé Keates after evidence reveals that the murder weapon in an NCIS case was originally purchased for the controversial ATF sting operation “Operation Fast and Furious.” Also, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. returns to town for a special dinner to meet his son’s girlfriend

19 - Patience

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.60
The murder of a petty officer sparks a lead in a 40 year old airport bombing cold case that Gibbs and DiNozzo have been assigned to for the past two years. Also, McGee is jealous that he was not previously briefed on the cold case

18 - Status Update

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Holly Dale
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.23
After the body of a thief is found in a Marine’s house, NCIS discovers the calling card of a terror group Delilah and the Department of Defense have been tracking

17 - The Artful Dodger

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 16.22
Evidence in an NCIS murder case reveals a rare painting on loan had been swapped for a fake, prompting DiNozzo, Sr. to share his knowledge and contacts of the black market art world with the team

16 - Blast From the Past

Written By: David J. North Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 17.38
A covert identity created for one of Gibbs’ undercover cases 20 years ago resurfaces after a murder victim is found living under the alias

15 - Cabin Fever

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 18.06
The NCIS team suspects Gibbs' arch-nemesis is behind an explosion at a summit for global terror event, but Gibbs elects to sit out the investigation in order to help a grief-stricken Fornell, whose life is on the verge of imploding following his wife’s murder

14 - Cadence

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 18.77
DiNozzo returns to the military academy he attended as a teenager after a murdered Marine and alumni of the school is found clutching the photo of a current student. Also, Bishop and her husband invite Gibbs and the team out for a special dinner

13 - We Build, We Fight

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Rocky Carroll
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 18.64
Gibbs and the team investigate when a Navy Lieutenant who is set to be the first openly gay servicemember to receive the Medal of Honor is murdered. Also, as his wife’s due date approaches, Palmer prepares for fatherhood with a NCIS baby shower

12 - The Enemy Within

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.8 Audience: 19.87
The NCIS team searches for a home-grown terrorist after a rescue mission in Syria reveals an American was involved in the capture of a social worker. Meanwhile, McGee and Bishop question DiNozzo’s unusual behavior

11 - Check

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Alrick Riley
Rating: 2.8 Audience: 19.76
The NCIS team must investigate a series of crime scenes that appear to be copy-cats of previous cases. Also, two of Gibbs’ ex-wives, one of which the team has yet to meet, show up at a crime scene to discuss something important with him

10 - House Rules

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.53
The NCIS team consults with three cyber-terrorists they imprisoned after a city-wide Internet shutdown the week before Christmas. Also, McGee reflects on the case and Gibbs’ infamous rules as he pens a heartfelt letter to his father

09 - Grounded

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 16.01
While stuck at the Dulles airport due to inclement weather, DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband Jake work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports during the Thanksgiving travel surge

08 - Semper Fortis

Written By: Matthew R. Jarrett & Scott J. Jarrett  Directed By: Dennis Smith 
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 18.10
While the NCIS team investigates the cause of a hit and run accident that resulted in the death of a Petty Officer, Gibbs searches for a way to clear a Navy Hospital Corpsman, who has served two medical tours in Afghanistan, after she’s indicted for illegally providing medical aid to the victims of the crash, even though the surviving victims swear by her life-saving techniques

07 - The Searchers

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 17.49
After investigating the murder of a retired Master Sergeant, the NCIS team uncovers a fraudulent charity that preys on those searching for missing military personnel. Meanwhile, Bishop agonizes over the results of her probation evaluation, and Tony contemplates adopting a stray cat that followed him home

06 - Parental Guidance Suggested

Written By: Jennifer Corbett  Directed By: Tom Wright 
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 17.53
The NCIS team must determine if the murder of a Navy commander’s wife is linked to her profession as a therapist or an act of terrorism after finding the commander’s name on a Jihadist target list. Meanwhile, the team discusses Halloween costumes and Tony’s recent dating habits

05 - The San Dominick

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.13
During a joint Coast Guard and NCIS training exercise at sea, Gibbs and CGIS Agent Borin spot a deceased man overboard, who is discovered to be a missing crew member from a ship 60 nautical miles away. Upon boarding the ship for questioning, Gibbs finds himself on a vessel that has been commandeered by pirates

04 - Choke Hold

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 17.26
The Secretary of the Navy assigns the NCIS team to a joint terrorism task force after a Naval research scientist is murdered and the lead suspect is wanted by the Russian government. In order to get a jump on the case, Gibbs has DiNozzo run interference with the leader of the task force, FBI Agent Leia Pendergast

03 - So It Goes

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 17.27
When an NCIS case reveals a connection to Ducky’s estranged childhood best friend, he and Special Agent Bishop travel to London for interviews with family and co-workers of his friend. While there, Ducky finds himself reminiscing about the choices he made in his past and the subsequent impact they had on his adult life

02 - Kill The Messenger

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 18.84
When a Navy Lieutenant is killed on his way to a private meeting with the President, the NCIS team must determine if the murder was part of a recent stream of muggings in the area or a targeted hit to keep intel secret

01 - 20 Clicks

Written By: Gary Glasberg and Scott Williams Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 18.23
Gibbs and McGee travel to Russia to safely escort home an NCIS computer engineer connected to classified intel, but their mission is compromised and they are forced to go off the grid while hunted by a Russian mercenary group. Meanwhile, the team in D.C. frantically uses every asset and inter-agency contact they have in an attempt to locate their missing team members. The twelfth season premiere airs Tuesday, September 23, 8|7c, on CBS
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24 - Honor Thy Father

Written By: Gary Glasberg and Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 16.95
The NCIS team investigates whether a fire on a U.S. Navy ship, which also served as a detention site for terrorists who had been indicted, was accidental or an intentional diversion for prisoner escape. Meanwhile, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) travels home following news about his father's passing, played by the late Ralph Waite. The episode is a tribute to both the character and the actor.

23 - The Admiral’s Daughter

Written By: Christopher Silber and Steven D. Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 15.88
Director Vance gives DiNozzo a special assignment to bring home an Admiral’s daughter from Paris, but he must turn to his NCIS team for help after he enters a controversial crime scene

22 - Shooter

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 17.25
When a Marine photographer disappears prior to providing his testimony in an Army court-martial hearing, the NCIS team investigates both the murder he witnessed as well as his current piece on military veterans who are homeless in the D.C. area. Meanwhile, Abby tries to help a young homeless woman reconnect with her family

21 - Alleged

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 17.12
After a Navy officer is found dead on a rural road, the NCIS team must ascertain if the murder was the result of a bar fight or because he knew too much about an attack on a fellow female officer. Meanwhile, DiNozzo and McGee start a juice cleanse to purge their bodies of impurities

20 - Page Not Found

Written By: Christopher J. Walid Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 17.39
After returning to her job at the Department of Defense, McGee’s girlfriend Delilah finds a break in a controversial case, prompting her to turn to the NCIS team for help. Meanwhile, McGee talks to DiNozzo about whether he should ask Delilah to move in

19 - Crescent City - Part 2

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.16
Gibbs and Special Agent Pride chase leads in New Orleans after evidence points to a copycat of the infamous Privileged Killer. Meanwhile, Bishop sends DiNozzo a special souvenir from the Crescent City, as DiNozzo, McGee and the FBI continue to track political connections to the case from D.C., on the conclusion of a two-part episode of NCIS

18 - Crescent City - Part 1

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 17.52
When the body of Congressman Dan McLane, a former NCIS agent, washes ashore in New Orleans, Gibbs reunites with his former colleague, NCIS Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride, in a joint case between the two field offices and the FBI. The teams must work together to determine if the murder was politically based or linked to McLane’s most well-known case, the arrest of the Privileged Killer, a serial murderer who targeted military and public servants, on part one of a two-part episode of NCIS

17 - Rock and a Hard Place

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By:  Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 17.11
After a bomb detonates in the dressing room at a military charity concert, the NCIS team must determine if the target was a washed-up ‘80s rocker or if the bomb was part of a larger scheme. Meanwhile, Jimmy prepares for fatherhood

16 - Dressed to Kill

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 2.5 Audience: 17.85
When DiNozzo confronts a man impersonating a Navy officer, guns are drawn and the perpetrator is left dead. The subsequent investigation uncovers that the only eyewitness is DiNozzo’s father, who is in town to disclose a secret to his son, on the 250th episode of NCIS

15 - Bulletproof

Written By: Christopher Waild Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 2.6 Audience: 17.03
After uncovering faulty bulletproof vests in a truck filled with stolen U.S.M.C. merchandise, the NCIS team attempts to locate both the source and any vests that had been shipped to military personnel overseas

14 - Monsters and Men

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 19.53
The murder of a port authority officer reveals Parsa’s possible whereabouts, as the team continues their tireless hunt. Meanwhile, Bishop reveals her past association with the elusive terrorist

13 - Double Back

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 19.72
In an effort to find the terrorist Parsa, Gibbs and the NCIS team track down one of his cohorts using evidence from the drone attack. Meanwhile, an emotionally shaken McGee struggles with the ramifications of the incident

12 - Kill Chain

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 20.84
When a stolen drone is linked to the elusive terrorist Parsa, the NCIS team partners with the Department of Defense, including Gibb’s former girlfriend, Hollis Mann, to track down the device before it is used for a large scale attack.

11 - Homesick

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 19.65
After a mysterious illness strikes children from military families, Gibbs and the team investigate the cause. Meanwhile, Abby and Jimmy partner with the Naval Medical Research Center to determine the strain of illness, all in hopes of delivering a cure before the holidays. Also, Director Vance struggles with forgiveness as his estranged father-in-law makes a surprise visit to his home

10 - Devil's Triad

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 19.30
Complications arise when the NCIS team discovers a link between a murder victim and the current boyfriend of Gibbs and Agent Fornell’s ex-wife. Meanwhile, NSA Analyst Ellie Bishop adjusts to joining the NCIS team

09 - Gut Check

Written By: Christopher J.Wald Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 19.66
After discovering the Secretary of the Navy was bugged during a confidential briefing, NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, who predicted the security breach in exact detail two years ago, partners with the NCIS team on the case

08 - Alibi

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Holly Dale
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 19.37
The NCIS team is forced to re-examine a hit-and-run murder case when a former FBI agent turned lawyer confides in Gibbs that her client’s confidential alibi is solid. Meanwhile, McGee grows suspicious of Tony’s strange behavior

07 - Better Angels

Written By: Gina Monreal Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 19.18
After Gibbs leaves mid-case to help his father reconnect with a former war pilot, Tony and McGee argue over who should run lead on the team’s investigation into the murder of a Marine Sergeant

06 - Oil & Water

Written By: Jennifer Corbett Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 19.30
NCIS partners with the Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) to investigate a suspicious explosion on board an oil rig. Meanwhile, no one is safe from a mysterious prankster who is targeting the NCIS team

05 - Once A Crook

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 18.99
DiNozzo returns to his Baltimore Police Department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the NCIS crime scene of a murdered Petty Officer

04 - Anonymous Was A Woman

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 18.83
Gibbs and McGee travel to Afghanistan when a murder case leads them to an Afghan women’s shelter Mike Franks secretly supported for years

03 - Under the Radar

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 2.8 Audience: 18.33
The NCIS team must rely on Twitter for a case involving a missing Navy Lieutenant. Meanwhile, McGee misplaces his badge but withholds the information from Gibbs and the authorities

02 - Past, Present and Future

Written By: Gary Glasberg, Scott Williams and Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 19.98
current whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gibbs and the team continue the hunt for Parsa and his growing terrorist ring

01 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 20.02
An explosion at a D.C. event that results in a casualty connected to the agency changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs and the NCIS team. Meanwhile, without badges, DiNozzo and McGee investigate the case as civilians, despite the case’s dangerous ties to each of them
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24 - Damned if You Do

Written By:  Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 18.79
The international manhunt for Eli David and Jackie Vance's killer turns into a federal witch hunt against Gibbs and the team, which questions their unconventional methods and threatens their future at the agency

23 - Double Blind

Written By: Christopher J. Walid & Steven D. Binder Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 17.56
A Department of Defense investigator scrutinizes the NCIS team’s response to the Bodnar case involving the murder of Ziva’s father and Vance’s wife. Meanwhile, the team examines whether a Petty Officer is suffering from paranoia or if his claims of being followed are tied to a matter of national security

22 - Revenge

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 18.29
In retaliation for the murders of Eli David and Jackie Vance, the NCIS team feverishly searches for Bodnar despite orders from Homeland Security to relinquish the case

21 - Berlin

Written By: Scott Williams and Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 2.8 Audience: 17.33
While the NCIS team investigates the murder of a Mossad officer in Virginia, Tony and Ziva depart for Berlin as they track her father’s killer

20 - Chasing Ghosts

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 2.7 Audience: 17.22
When a Navy reservist returns home to find her husband missing and her living room covered in blood, she turns to the NCIS team to bring him home. Meanwhile, Tony suspects that Ziva is planning a risky move to avenge her father’s death

19 - Squall

Written By: Bill Nuss Directed By: Tom Wright


Audience: 18.62
A massive storm brings the NCIS team aboard the USS Borealis, where everyone becomes a suspect once the crime scene proves that Mother Nature wasn’t the only culprit. Tension builds when McGee discovers that his estranged father, Navy Admiral John McGee, was on board during the incident

18 - Seek

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Michael Weatherly
Rating: 3.2 Audience: 19.79
The wife of a Marine who specialized in K-9 bomb detection urges the NCIS team to investigate the recent death of her husband in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Director Vance asks for the team’s assistance as he interviews nannies

17 - Prime Suspect

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 20.81
A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs’ barber to question his son’s involvement and ask for Gibbs’ help in ruling out his son as a prime suspect

16 - Detour

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Mario Van Peebles
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 20.69
The NCIS team races to track down Ducky and Jimmy after the two disappear while transporting a body from a crime scene

15 - Hereafter

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 21.08
On leave from NCIS while still grieving the loss of his wife and his kids’ mother, Director Vance discovers unexpected personal information that causes him to question everything

14 - Canary

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 3.7 Audience: 21.49
The NCIS team takes on a renowned hacker who could hold the key to tracking down the most-wanted cyber-terrorist in the world

13 - Hit and Run

Written By: Gary Glasberg & Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 22.07
The NCIS team investigates a Marine’s car accident and ignites some upsetting past memories for Abby as a young girl on the trail of her first “case”

12 - Shiva

Written By: Christopher J. Waild, Gary Glasberg & Scott Williams Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 22.86
In the aftermath of an event that strikes close to home, the NCIS team unites to seek answers and demand justice in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues

11 - Shabbat Shalom

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 21.11
While the NCIS team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer, Ziva is taken aback by the sudden emotional visit by her father, who she hasn't seen in more than two years. While Ziva questions the purpose of her father’s visit as the Director of Mossad, her father insists he is in the U.S. strictly to see his daughter for Shabbat dinner

10 - You Better Watch Out

Written By: George Schenck & Frank Cardera Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.3 Audience: 19.59
It’s Christmas time and Tony DiNozzo can’t decide if he’ll be naughty or nice when his dad, Anthony DiNozzo, Sr., comes to town for a visit. Meanwhile, the NCIS team is “following the money” in order to solve a murder investigation, and Abby is bursting with excitement over all the holiday festivities,

09 - Devil's Trifecta

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Arvin Brown 
Rating: 2.8 Audience: 17.65
Gibbs teams up with FBI Agent Fornell on a joint NCIS/FBI investigation after Fornell becomes the target of a shooting, but they face an unexpected twist in the case when their mutual ex-wife, Diane Sterling, gets involved. Meanwhile, rumors run wild among the group after Diane stays overnight at McGee’s

08 - Gone

Written By: Reed Steiner and Scott Williams Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 19.76
As the NCIS team investigates a teenage girl’s abduction, Ziva and Abby work closely with her young friend who witnessed the kidnapping. As the investigation unfolds, Gibbs seeks help from a past contact, Miranda Pennebaker, a well-connected woman with questionable morals. Meanwhile, Tony gets jealous when he learns Ziva is making plans with a mysterious man

07 - Shell Shock (Part 2)

Written By: Gina Monreal Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 3.0 Audience: 16.47
Gibbs continues to work with Captain Wescott while he retraces his steps in order to help the NCIS team track down a terrorist. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Abby’s enthusiasm for the NCIS family dinner is building, and Tony’s curiosity is peaking when he learns Ziva is making special plans for the opera

06 - Shell Shock (Part 1)

Written By: Nichole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 17.05
When a Navy Lieutenant who recently returned home from the Middle East is found dead from a brutal attack, the NCIS team questions the victim’s friend, Marine Captain Joe Wescott. Gibbs realizes the Captain is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but knows his experience overseas may also provide a key link to the crime, in part one of a two-part episode

05 - Namesake

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 18.83
A petty officer is gunned down in a billionaire’s Ferrari and the investigation leads the NCIS team to discover a link to a man Gibbs was named after

04 - Lost at Sea

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.2 Audience: 17.78
When a helicopter crew is adrift at sea and later discovered on shore, the NCIS team must determine the cause of the crash and locate the missing pilot. Meanwhile, Tony and McGee channel their inner “Maverick” and “Iceman,” a la “Top Gun,” and Ziva challenges them to a dare

03 - Phoenix

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 18.51
While on medical leave, Ducky orders the exhumation of a Navy commander’s body from a case closed 12 years ago. As a result, Gibbs tasks Ducky with a slightly different role on the investigation. Meanwhile, the NCIS team investigates the recent death of a Marine. As both cases unfold, the team begins to question whether the two are somehow connected

02 - Recovery

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.7 Audience: 18.87
When the body of a missing NCIS facilities manager is found four months after disappearing on the day of the Navy Yard bombings, the NCIS team is assigned to investigate the strange case for one of their own. Meanwhile, the team is required to complete mandatory psych evaluations with a crisis counselor, and Gibbs is most concerned about Abby’s recurring nightmares since the bombing

01 - Extreme Prejudice

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 20.48
After Harper Dearing’s bomb destroyed the navy yard and NCIS headquarters, the emotionally and psychically damaged NCIS team must pick up the pieces and continue the hunt for the elusive suspect
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24 - Till Death Do Us Part

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 19.05
NCIS is threatened by terrorism while Jimmy Palmer's wedding occurs.

23 - Up in Smoke

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 18.20
When a bug is found in Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget's tooth, the team goes full force in the effort to arrest Harper Dearing. The team receives multiple suspects, one of which is Dorneget's dentist, which ends up leading to an MTAC call from Dearing himself. He reveals the reason he is doing this is Gibbs' fault. The team discovers that Dearing's son was a Navy sailor who was killed by a manufacturing defect that could have easily been avoided, and that his plans are to take revenge on the Navy by exploiting similar weaknesses. Since Gibbs was in charge of the case, Ryan surmises that Dearing has cast Gibbs as his nemesis. The team pursues a lead from information provided by Ryan that Dearing might be manufacturing defective Navy artillery rounds. However, the plot turns out to be a wild goose chase concocted by Dearing, which leads Gibbs to wonder whether Ryan is really on their side or not. After receiving a text from Dearing, Gibbs calls DiNozzo and finds out that Director Vance is missing.

22 - Playing With Fire

Written By: George Schenck & Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 17.58
In the aftermath of the arson attack aboard the U.S.S Brewer, the NCIS team discovers evidence of it being caused by the same arson explosive from earlier. Fortunately, the explosive went off prematurely only causing minor damage to the ship and two casualties, including the bomber. They also discover that a similar explosive was found on the U.S.S Benjamin Franklin stationed in Naples, Italy. Ziva and DiNozzo team up with NCIS Agent Stan Burley to apprehend the bomber who they manage to capture, though Burley is injured in the process. After interrogation, Gibbs discovers that the mastermind of the bombings is an investment fund CEO named Harper Dearing. After finding out that Dearing has been missing for over a year, Gibbs declares him NCIS' most wanted fugitive. Meanwhile, Ducky admits to Gibbs that he is in a moral dilemma since he inherited a large sum of money from his deceased mother, but does not know what to do with it. Ultimately, he decides to make Gibbs the executor of his will, and intends to donate much of his newfound wealth to a charity meant to provide scholarships to the children of US Marines.

21 - Rekindled

Written By: Christopher J. Waild & Reed Steiner Directed By: Mark Horowitz
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 18.08
The NCIS team deal with an arsonist, which has links to the mysterious Watcher Fleet. Tony reunite with "the kid from Baltimore". 

20 - The Missionary Position

Written By: Allison Abner Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 17.66
After the corpse of a Marine lieutenant falls out of the sky, Tony helps Ziva and her mentor, Monique, look for a missing Navy Chaplain in Colombia. Jimmy Palmer chooses his best man for the wedding.

19 - The Good Son

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews & Scott Williams Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 18.62
During the investigation into a petty Officer's death, the team is lead to Director Vance's Brother-In-Law. 

18 - The Tell

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 3.4 Audience: 19.06
Gibbs must work together with both Secretary of the Navy (Matt Craven) and Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis) to find out who leaked top secret information

17 - Need to Know

Written By: George Schenck and Frank Cardea Directed By: Michelle MacLaren
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 18.20
When Chief Petty Officer Wiley is murdered before he can divulge information about infamous arms dealer Agah Bayar, Gibbs is immediately on the case.

16 - Psych Out

Written By: Gary Glasberg & Reed Steiner Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 19.29
Dr. Robert Banks, a prominent Navy psychologist, is found dead from an apparent suicide.

15 - Secrets

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.59
When a Navy Captain is found dead with an unusual costume under his uniform, Tony must work with his ex-fiancée to find the killer. 

14 - Life Before His Eyes

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.2 Audience: 20.98
During a routine stop in a diner for his morning coffee, Gibbs finds himself shot. He then suddenly finds himself inside a spectral version of the diner where he sees various characters from the past and present, both living and dead.

13 - A Desperate Man

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 21.03
NCIS investigates the death of a Navy lieutenant whose body was found at a construction site.

12 - Housekeeping

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 19.81
The investigation of a Navy Commander's murder leads the team to E.J. Barrett to reopen their investigation into Agent Stratton.

11 - Newborn King

Written By: Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 19.13
When a Navy captain is killed in a hotel room, NCIS must track down and protect his very pregnant companion from unknown assailants. They discover that his companion was a Marine who had had a romantic relationship with an Afghani native with strategically important land holdings in Afghanistan. With the father's death, the unborn child is due to inherit his land. Gibbs and Ziva manage to eliminate the Russian mercenaries sent to kidnap the child. They were hired by Afghani elders to prevent the child from falling into the hands of the United States, who they feared would use the child as a bargaining chip to gain control of their land. Meanwhile, Jimmy has problems of his own when he brings his future father-in-law to work. He is initially rude and unappreciative towards the team, wondering why Jimmy hasn't gotten a better job in the private sector. Angered, Jimmy chastises his father-in-law and tells him about all the good he can achieve in NCIS, convincing him to bless their marriage.

10 - Sins of the Father

Written By: George Schenck & Frank Cardea Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 18.50
Tony's father is accused of murder and Tony is sidelined during the investigation. After searching for clues, the team discovers that DiNozzo Sr was actually framed for the alleged death as a lawyer had committed the crime with his assistant who had drugged DiNozzo Sr, resulting in temporary memory loss. The episode ends with both DiNozzos spending Thanksgiving at Gibbs' house.

09 - Engaged (Part II)

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 20.00
Gibbs and Ziva travel to Afghanistan in search of Gabriella Flores where they discover that a group of teachers in Flores' school-building project have become sympathetic to the Taliban cause, believing that the education program causes children - particularly young girls - to question their heritage and their place in society. Gabriella Flores is successfully rescued, but her commanding officer dies in the process. In order to make a political statement, the cell is planning a terrorist attack in Washington, plotting to blow up school buses carrying three hundred students from a private girls' school while on a field trip. Gibbs and his team track down the sole remaining terrorist (by tricking the terrorist's younger brother into revealing his knowledge of the attack, telling him that his older brother was killed in an ambush by the FBI, and that his sister committed suicide), and McGee jams the terrorist's cell phone from making calls, preventing the terrorist from detonating the bombs.

08 - Engaged (Part I)

Written By: Gina Lucita Monreal Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 20.38
A C-130 carrying the bodies of Marines killed in Afghanistan crashes. NCIS is given twenty-four hours to identify the bodies before they are released to their families, but complications arise when one of the bodies cannot be identified, and Gabriella Flores, a Marine who was killed in an attack on a local school-building project, remains unaccounted for. Accessing satellite footage of the bombing, the team realize that Flores is still alive, having tried to save two young girls — but moments later, she is captured by insurgents. The episode ends with NCIS preparing a rescue mission to save Flores.

07 - Devil's Triangle

Written By: Steven D. Binder and Reed Steiner Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.71
Gibbs and Fornell are approached by their mutual ex-wife, Diane, when her current husband disappears under suspicious circumstances. Both NCIS and the FBI are brought into the investigation. They soon realized that he was kidnapped to create a lone virus for distribution at a charity football game involving in five branches of the armed forces. Based on the level of pathogens in the equipment used to manufacture the virus, Abby is able to determine that the target is actually the VIP box, where some of the most powerful people in the armed forces are present. The kidnappers are led by a Department of Homeland Security agent, who was paid off by someone inside the military-industrial complex. With the threat over, Fornell and the FBI take control of the case. Meanwhile, Tony is concerned that he is going prematurely bald, and Ziva and McGee express interest in Gibbs' relationship with Diane.

06 - Thirst

Written By: Scott Williams Directed By: Tom Wright
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 19.43
An NCIS case changes from accidental death to murder when evidence reveals that a Navy lieutenant died of forced over-hydration. The team discovered that the victim, Jason Simms, had been drugged with ecstasy, causing severe dehydration; this led him to over-hydrate, causing water toxification. When a second victim, Alcott, is found bound to a tree and also dead by way of water toxification, NCIS realize that both Simms and Alcott had failed marriages, and had been members of outreach programs and targeted by a serial killer. Meanwhile, Gibbs meets Ducky's new love interest, Mary, a woman he met online. McGee realizes that Mary is connected to the same program as Jason and Alcott, and is responsible for their deaths. Ducky is disturbed by his misplaced judgement of Mary, feeling guilty that he did not see her deception sooner.

05 - Safe Harbor

Written By: Reed Steiner & Christopher J. Waild Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.41
Abigail Borin returns to NCIS when a U. S. Coast Guard Petty Officer, Cooper, is shot while inspecting an incoming vessel. The NCIS team discover that a Lebanese family seeking asylum has stowed away on the boat. As Ziva begins to bond with the family, evidence emerges that Cooper was shot with ammunition sold to the Lebanese government, and Gibbs begins to suspect a political connection. NCIS discover that Cooper was killed in order to force the vessel to dock at Norfolk, where a bomb on board would be detonated, destroying half the Norfolk naval base. The plot was masterminded by Hakim, one of the asylum seekers, as revenge for the death of his sister during an air strike during the Lebanese Civil War. However, his mother successfully manages to talk him down. Meanwhile, the team tries to find the perfect girlfriend for Gibbs, but once they decide on a candidate, Gibbs revealed that he had already dated her, but broke up because "perfect is boring".

04 - Enemy on the Hill

Written By: George Schenck & Frank Cardea Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 18.98
The NCIS team must protect a Navy Lt. Cmdr. when they discover an assassin is trying to kill him. Abby decides to donate her kidney. 

03 - The Penelope Papers

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 4.2 Audience: 19.35
NCIS is assigned the case of Paul Booth, a Navy lieutenant who is found with McGee's business card from his days in Norfolk. Booth was a friend of McGee's grandmother, Penelope Langston, who developed a research project for the military known as the ANAX Principle before the outbreak of the Vietnam War. The ANAX Principle was then shut down for four decades before being restarted. It uses specially-bred caterpillars as the basis of a genetically-engineered/Biomechanical plague. Booth's killer is revealed as Max Ellswood, one of the original researchers of the ANAX Principle, who killed the lieutenant when Booth planned to reveal the program to the press. At the end of the episode McGee and his grandmother speak of how Gibbs reminds them of McGee's father. McGee ultimately decides to call his dad who he hasn't spoken to in seven years. Meanwhile, Jimmy Palmer struggles with plans for his upcoming wedding.

02 - Restless

Written By: Steven D. Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 19.51
A Marine named Thomas Hill collapses at his homecoming party, having been drugged and stabbed before arriving. As the NCIS team start digging through his past, they discover Hill's adopted younger sister is a twenty-seven year-old serial con artist who runs away from her foster families shortly before her "eighteenth" birthday. The evidence leads them to her uncle, the one pulling the strings in the scam, who killed Hill when he discovered the deception. Meanwhile, Tony begins to feel remorse for schoolyard bullying during his time at boarding school, and enlists McGee's help in making amends. However, by the end of the episode, it is revealed that Tony was the victim of bullying and not the perpetrator.

01 - Nature of the Beast

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 19.96
Tony is shot and unable to remember what it was all about. He must work together with Gibbs and Dr. Cranston to identify the attacker.
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24 - Pyramid

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 18.62
Having finally learned the identity of the Port-to-Port killer after the death of Mike Franks, Gibbs and his team prepare for the worst when he makes his final strike close to the heart of NCIS, leading Ziva into a trap. When Ziva is found by McGee, DiNozzo, Gibbs and Ray Cruz, she reveals that it was misdirection while the killer, Lt. Jonas Cobb, infiltrates NCIS to target the people he holds responsible for turning him into a killer as a part of "Operation Frankenstein": Leon Vance, Trent Kort and the Secretary of the Navy. Everything he has done since killing his first victim in Spain has been with the sole intention of finding them - but knowing that the Secretary of the Navy is under twenty-four hour protection, Cobb changes tactics and instead targets E.J. Barrett who is not only the person who has been investigating him from the beginning of his killing spree, but is also the Secretary of the Navy's niece. The NCIS team are able to track Cobb back to the facility where he was put through his training and is seen "training" Trent Kort, Jimmy Palmer and Barrett. He claims he only ever did what he thought was right, but refuses to surrender and is shot and killed by Gibbs and Vance. The Secretary of the Navy resigns over the affair, Trent Kort goes into hiding in Israel and Mike Franks is given a state funeral in a coffin built by Gibbs. The episode ends with the new Secretary of the Navy Clayton Jarvis (Matt Craven) giving DiNozzo a classified assignment to "handle" an unknown person and informing him that an NCIS agent is suspected of selling classified information.

23 - Swan Song

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 17.62
While chasing the Port to Port Killer, NCIS is placed on high alert when evidence comes to light that he has infiltrated the Navy Yard. They learn that his latest victim survived because somebody intervened and lost an eye in the process: the team's on-again, off-again enemy, Trent Kort. Kort names the Port to Port Killer as Lt. Jonas Cobb (Kerr Smith), the first member of a CIA assassination team who cracked under inhumane training. Kort was sent to locate Cobb and eliminate him. As the NCIS team close in on Cobb, they suffer a personal tragedy when Mike Franks is killed after attempting to apprehend him. With Cobb injured, armed and unaccounted for, Gibbs confronts Leon Vance over his decisions in recent weeks. Vance admits that the decision to put E.J. Barrett in charge of the case came from higher up. Gibbs realizes that Cobb identifies with him, and is likely targeting E.J. The episode ends with E.J. ignoring Vance's orders and attempting to apprehend Cobb. However, Cobb ambushes E.J. and they both get into a struggle, which E.J. begins to slowly lose.

22 - Baltimore

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.7 Audience: 18.87
Special agent Anthony DiNozzo must dig into his past as a cop at Baltimore Police District when his old partner is murdered. 

21 - Dead Reflection

Written By: George Schenck & Frank Cardea Directed By: William Webb
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.87
The Major Case Response Team investigates a murder in the Pentagon that was caught on camera. Complications arise when the killer himself is found dead in an apparent car accident, but Ducky claims it was impossible for him to have committed the murder that was caught on tape as he died two days earlier; eventually the team discovers the real killer was using an advanced silicone mask to impersonate the deceased so he could tamper with evidence implicating him in a botched special forces mission. Meanwhile, after trying to figure out the mystery of the eye from "Two-Faced", E.J. and Palmer discover that the eye from the previous episode can open MTAC when scanned, leaving everyone including Gibbs and the team shocked at the revelation.

20 - Two-Faced

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews & Reed Steiner Directed By: Thomas Wright
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 19.40
The body of a seaman is found wrapped in plastic and doused with a hospital-grade cleanser, hallmarks of a serial killer known as the "Port-to-Port" killer who kills service personnel when they make landfall. Vance creates a task force to catch the killer, appointing Barrett as lead investigator as she had been tracking the killer since he struck in Rota, Spain. Tensions arise within the MCRT when Gibbs suspects Barret and DiNozzo are sleeping together, compromising the loyalties of the team. Ziva discovers her boyfriend Ray is a secret CIA liaison to NCIS and questions the entire nature of their relationship when she catches him in a lie. After several dead ends and the discovery of another victim (bringing the known total to five), the episode ends with Ziva and DiNozzo in a bar, discovering a human eyeball floating in a glass of gin and tonic sent by an unidentified patron.

19 - Tell-All

Written By: Andrew Bartels Directed By: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 15.54
A dying message from a naval officer attached to the Defense Intelligence Agency leads Gibbs' team in search of a manuscript containing military information. As the team investigates further, they find the body of a murdered FBI agent, and discover that both victims were involved in the writing of a book exposing secret anti-terrorist operations. However, the team is forced to track down the anonymous author of the book when Navy intelligence officers destroy all copies of the book. With the author's help (who is also a former Marine Lieutenant who was discharged for a failed anti-terrorist operation), the manage to arrest an arms dealer who had stolen a shipment of military weapons, but find out that she wasn't the killer. With this new information, as well as new evidence from Abby, Gibbs deduces that the FBI agent's husband is the killer, since he mistakenly believed that his wife was having an affair. As a minor story, Gibbs gets an invitation to a wedding, and throws it in the bin. Tony spends the entire episode trying to figure out who it is from. It turns out it was from one of his ex-wives (the same wife who married and divorced Fornell).

18 - Out of the Frying Pan

Written By: Leon Carroll, Reed Steiner & Christopher Waild Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 19.46
Director Vance has Gibbs and his team assigned to the case of a drug-addicted teenager accused of patricide. Gibbs begins to question Vance's motives when the NCIS team begin to find inconsistencies in the investigation that lead him to believe his suspect is innocent. Tensions between Gibbs and Vance - fuelled by budget cuts and re-assignments in previous episodes - come to a head when Vance admits the victim was a close friend. After a lengthy investigation, NCIS discover that the boy's runaway mother had recently tried to re-enter his life, and killed his father in a rage when he refused to let the two meet. 

17 - One Last Score

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Michael Weatherly
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 19.21
NCIS discovers that one of its former investigative assistants found brutally stabbed to death was selling details for how to rob a warehouse full of valuable possessions.

16 - Kill Screen

Written By: Steven Kriozere & Steven D. Binder Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.4 Audience: 21.32
The discovery of some extracted teeth and dismembered digits in a purse results in an NCIS investigation when they are identified as belonging to a Marine. As the team tries to track down the killer, an investigator from an electronic security firm arrives, having traced the source of a number of computer hackings to NCIS. This makes McGee nervous as he had regularly illegally hacked into government computers under Gibbs' orders. The team manages to track down Maxine (guest star Beth Riesgraf), who is the dead Marine's girlfriend and is an avid gamer and computer expert. She begins to take a liking to McGee. However, McGee tries to maintain his distance due to the events in "Defiance". She reveals that she had accidentally uncovered some sort of encrypted code in an MMORPG which turns out to be a program capable of hacking the Pentagon. The team tracks down the programmer responsible and shuts down his program, but he is found dead. Gibbs and McGee deduce that the investigator that arrived earlier was behind the killings, since news of such a threat to American security could ruin his career. Later, DiNozzo manipulates events to get McGee to start dating Maxine.

15 - Defiance

Written By: Frank Cardea & George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.6 Audience: 19.40
A botched assassination attempt in Belgravia forces NCIS to protect the Defense Minister's daughter Adriana, who is studying in the U.S. While the team is busy guarding Adriana, Gibbs attempts to investigate the death of the Marine who was killed protecting the minister. Meanwhile, Adriana begins developing a crush on McGee, but she is suddenly kidnapped by two armed attackers. Furious at their failure, Vance orders the team to solve the case in 48 hours or he will take McGee and Dinozzo's badges. The team discovers that Adriana, who disagreed with her father's policies, arranged her own kidnapping to pressure him. However, one of the conspirators becomes greedy and decides to hold her for ransom. Fortunately, the team is able to rescue her, but are unable to arrest her for her role in the plot due to diplomatic immunity. McGee is left to wonder if Adriana really did have feelings for him or if it was all just an act.

14 - A Man Walks Into a Bar...

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.2 Audience: 20.35
A naval commander is found dead in his rack aboard ship, apparently murdered. The NCIS team investigates while having to deal with mandatory psychological evaluations conducted by Dr. Rachel Cranston, who is eventually revealed to be the older sister of their former colleague and friend, Agent Caitlin Todd. It is discovered that the commander had actually committed suicide due to facing mandatory retirement and having no other life other than the Navy, and his colleagues had disguised the suicide out of respect for him.

13 - Freedom

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Craig Ross, Jr.
Rating: 4.6 Audience: 22.85
The team investigates the murder of a marine. They find out his Marine wife (Christina Cox) was abused and that the husband had an affair. They find numerous suspects, but eventually narrow it down to a bar owner who was a friend of the wife. He admits to the murder because he felt the marine didn't deserve to have a wife like her. Meanwhile, McGee becomes the victim of identity theft, as somebody starts using his credit card to buy various expensive items. Tony tracks down the identity thief, who turns out to be the son of McGee's landlady. The boy remarks that he stole McGee's identity because he felt he was too boring and didn't take time to enjoy life. Also, since the purchases were clearly the result of fraud, McGee is only liable for $50. Together, Tony and the boy manage to convince McGee to come with them to buy video games.

12 - Recruited

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 21.09
A petty officer's recruitment session at a college fair comes to a fatal end, prompting the NCIS team to solve his murder. The team learns of the petty officer's homosexuality, leading Gibbs to classify the murder as a possible hate crime. Ducky's predecessor at NCIS, Dr. Walter Magnus(Bob Newhart), pays a visit. The team tracks down several suspects, but Gibbs eventually figures out that the killer was the father of one of the students the petty officer was advising. The father did not realize the petty officer was trying to help his son deal with his homosexuality, and feared he was attempting to start a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Magnus reveals the true reason for his visit; he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and he was hoping that coming back to NCIS would help him regain his memories. To help Magnus, Ducky with McGee aiding him gives Magnus a collection of pictures of all of the people Magnus had helped during his time in NCIS.

11 - Ships in the Night

Written By: Reed Steiner & Christopher Waild Directed By: Thomas Wright
Rating: 4.5 Audience: 21.93
Gibbs and the NCIS team partner with Coast Guard Investigative Service (CGIS) Agent Abigail Borin to investigate the murder of a Marine First Lieutenant on a dinner cruise. The team learns of the victim's wealth, opening up new lines of investigation. The victim was the heir of a multimillion dollar corporation, and was intending to use his ownership to turn the corporation into a charity organization. Piecing together the clues, the team discovers that the victim's death was the result of a conspiracy between his sister, the family lawyer, and the corporation's CFO. Later, one of the victim's squadmates, who is also a lawyer, arrives at NCIS to deliver his last will and testament, which was intended to carry out the victim's wishes to reform his company.

10 - False Witness

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 19.87
The NCIS team investigates the disappearance of a Navy Petty Officer who is the sole witness in an upcoming murder trial. Meanwhile, Ziva and McGee attempt to discover the reason for Tony's strange behavior.

09 - Enemies Domestic

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Mark Horowitz
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 18.78
Gibbs arrives at the scene to find Hadar dead, Vance critically injured, and Eli missing. Eventually, the team tracks down Eli, who had gone into hiding to elude his assassins. They then deduce that the man who planted the bomb is an insider at NCIS. During the episode, Gibbs revisits Operation Trident, Vance's first job with NIS and when he met Eli David. Gibbs originally comes to the conclusion that Eli tried to have Vance killed during the op by tipping off his primary target: a Soviet operative called the Russian. When Eli is found, it is revealed that Vance and Eli had actually worked together during the op to stop the Russian and his hit team which was the career builder for Vance. The insider in NCIS was the same person who mounted the operation in Amsterdam and whose plan was foiled by Vance and Eli. It is revealed that the insider is Riley McAllister, former head of the San Diego field office, and that he mounted the operation so that his area of expertise, Russia, would come back into a post-Cold War play which would have allowed him to become Director. He had hired the Russian, the same man that he later sent Gibbs to assassinate in Paris along with Jenny Shepard, to kill Vance and he had set up the bomb at the safe house to have revenge on Vance and Eli. He then tries to kill Vance in his hospital room but Vance stabs him with a knife that Gibbs had given him to defend himself. Before he returns to Israel, Eli makes peace with Ziva.

08 - Enemies Foreign

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.43
The team is designated to protect Eli David (Mossad Director & Ziva's father) during a NCIS conference. They must deal with three Palestinian terrorists trying to kill him. The episode ends on a cliffhanger when, after an attack by the terrorists at the conference apparently fails, Vance and David go to a safe house. Gibbs cannot reach them on the radio and Officer Hadar is shown to be lying dead at the safe house.

07 - Broken Arrow

Written By: Frank Cardea & George Schenck Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 19.87
When investigating a murder of a former Navy Commander and friend of Vice Admiral Chase, the team stumbles across a piece of an old nuclear bomb that had been lost during the Cold War. Because the victim had connections to Tony's father, they track him down and question him. Eventually, much to Tony's annoyance, Gibbs recruits DiNozzo Sr. to use his contacts to infiltrate a private party attended by arms dealers. They discover that the CEO of a salvage company stumbled across the nuclear bomb and plans to sell it on the black market. The CEO is arrested, and both DiNozzos finally reconcile their differences with one another.

06 - Cracked

Written By: Nicole Mirante-Matthews Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 20.18
The NCIS team investigate the death of a Navy researcher who was hit by a bus in the middle of a busy street. They are surprised to find that her entire body is covered in elaborate mathematical formulae, but begin to suspect her death was nothing more than an accident after finding evidence that she was becoming increasingly paranoid. Recognizing the researcher as a kindred spirit because they share similar thought processes, Abby becomes fixated on solving her equations and vows to finish to the work that the victim originally started. Unfortunately her new-found obsession soon begins driving a wedge between her and the rest of the team but thanks to Gibbs and the victim's mother, Abby eventually regains her priorites and resumes working on the case. As the team discover that the researcher was being poisoned, Abby deduces that the formula is a method of converting bacteria into fuel. The trail leads back to a jealous co-worker, who poisoned the researcher in order to take her job. Meanwhile, Tony's latest fling causes trouble when she suggests role playing, but refuses to tell Tony what she has in mind. Her fantasy is later revealed to be Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever, evidenced by a very uncomfortable Tony attempting to sneak out of the Navy yard in a white disco suit.

05 - Dead Air

Written By: Christopher Waild Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 19.41
The team investigates the death of a radio DJ and a Naval Officer who were both killed live on air, and their job becomes more difficult by the discovery of various suspects. While searching for the murderer, they inadvertently uncover a large domestic terrorist group composed mostly of wealthy homeowners living in a gated community. The terrorist group feel that America should be spending more money defending itself rather than on foreign wars, and attempted to recruit the DJ to their cause. When the DJ refused, they had him killed to silence him. The NCIS team raids the community and arrests all of the members, only to find that the group have planted a bomb at a local softball game attended by numerous high profile politicians. The NCIS team are able to evacuate the crowd from the game before the bomb explodes.

04 - Royals and Loyals

Written By: Reed Steiner Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 3.9 Audience: 19.20
The team is involved in an international incident as they investigate the murder of an American petty officer whose case is connected with a Royal Navy ship. Complications ensue when someone tries to get the ship to depart before NCIS can properly investigate. They discover that the murder was over a large amount of stolen CIA money, used to pay off warlords and dictators in Afghanistan. At first, the team suspects that the Royal Navy liaison officer is responsible, but quickly find out that he is actually an MI6 agent who was framed for the theft. With his help, they track down the real culprit, the corrupt CIA handler who was in charge of the money.

03 - Short Fuse

Written By: Frank Cardea & George Schenck Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 19.81
NCIS responds to an emergency phone call after Heather Dempsey, a Marine bomb technician, shoots and kills an intruder in her home. Dempsey initially evades the investigation, but the team quickly find evidence she was not alone at the time. Her lover is revealed to be a senior FBI agent; the intruder a hit man. They learn that Dempsey's brother was shot and paralyzed by a man named Abbott in a gang war, and that the FBI lover recommended protective custody for him after he testified to escape jail time. Dempsey started a relationship with the agent to learn Abbott's new identity and location. When he learned that Dempsey was searching for him, Abbott hired the hitman to kill her before she could kill him. Because hiring the hitman was not part of his immunity deal, Abbott is arrested. Meanwhile, Tony is excited to be chosen as the face of NCIS' new recruitment campaign, but Director Vance decides Gibbs promotes the qualities NCIS is looking for more than Tony does.

02 - Worst Nightmare

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 19.15
A teenage girl is kidnapped from her middle school on the Quantico marine base, prompting NCIS to investigate. Nicholas Mason, the missing girl's grandfather (William Devane), complicates matters when he arranges a ransom drop without informing NCIS. The team find a trail of dead bodies leading back to Mason, who admits he was a part of a black operations team that worked within the law, but outside the chain of command. Someone is using Mason's granddaughter to lure him out of retirement and lead them to the other team members. The kidnapper is the girl's high school English teacher, who was formerly a member of Mason's team and is seeking redemption for his past actions by killing off his team-mates. Meanwhile, three interns are assigned to NCIS; Abby is suspicious after her last assistant's attempt to kill her, Palmer feels ineffective after Ducky bonds with his intern, and McGee must contend with an intern who shows no interest in field work at all. Using an elaborate ploy, the team manages to trick the kidnapper into revealing where he was hiding the girl and arrest him. Meanwhile, the disobedient intern begins showing an interest in law enforcement and McGee later hands him an NCIS application form.

01 - Spider and the Fly

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.0 Audience: 19.41
Following Jackson Gibbs' (guest star Ralph Waite) confrontation with Paloma Reynosa (guest star Jacqueline Obradors), he is put in NCIS protective custody at his son's house. A few months later, the death of a helicopter pilot leads the team back to the Reynosa Cartel's vendetta with Gibbs, leading team members to become targets. Paloma Reynosa, head of the cartel, plays a game of cat and mouse with NCIS as she makes a wide trail through the US, expanding her cartel's influence. Tensions erupt when Alejandro Rivera (guest star Marco Sanchez), calls Abby on her bluff over the sending of the report on the Pedro Hernandez murder and threatens her in front of Gibbs. Knowing of his involvement in the Reynosa Cartel, NCIS leads Rivera into a trap at a safehouse by tricking him into thinking his sister is dead and those responsible are in protective custody. Rivera takes the bait and intends to exact revenge, but ends up fatally shooting his own sister. Meanwhile, Leon Vance, whilst putting the report implicating Gibbs in a place no one will find it, receives a mysterious text message from Eli David, Director of Mossad claiming "I found him".
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24 - Rule Fifty-One

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.3 Audience: 16.30
Gibbs' captor is Paloma Reynosa, the leader of the Reynosa drug Cartel. Her reason for having Gibbs brought to Mexico is clear: she wants revenge against him for robbing her of her father and threatens to kill everyone Gibbs has ever met, starting with Mike Franks and ending with his father if he does not start working on her behalf. When Alejandro arrives, Gibbs figures out that the two are siblings and also the children of the drug dealer, Pedro Hernadez, whom Gibbs gunned down nearly twenty years previously in revenge for Hernandez ordering the deaths of Gibbs' first wife, Shannon and young daughter, Kelly. Alejandro reopened the case of his father's murder in an attempt to keep Gibbs out of his sister's reach whilst still delivering justice, but things are complicated by the loss of Abby's report from "Patriot Down" – which has been intercepted by Allison Hart to prevent it from reaching Mexico. Meanwhile, Ziva has passed her citizenship test and is expecting Tony and Gibbs to attend her citizenship ceremony. Tony is forced to break his promise to her when the situation escalates, and he is tasked with shadowing Rivera, meeting Mike Franks during the assignment. The episode ends with Paloma traveling to Pennsylvania and entering the store owned by Jackson Gibbs, ending the episode in a cliffhanger and leaving his fate unknown.

23 - Patriot Down

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 3.2 Audience: 15.57
The team is shocked when they discover that a charred corpse found on the beach that is revealed to be that of Special Agent Lara Macy, a fellow NCIS agent and a close friend of Gibbs. They discover that the last case Macy worked on before her tragic death was a case regarding the rape of a Navy sailor. While they manage to find the rapist, the case is completely unrelated to the murder. Meanwhile, Abby confronts Gibbs about the murder he committed in Mexico, asking him what to do, and Gibbs simply tells her to do her job and file the full report. Gibbs soon becomes convinced that Colonel Bell is responsible and leaves for Mexico. When he finally arrives, he finds Mike Franks' house has been burned to the ground as well as the bodies of several of Bell's men; Gibbs had previously suspected that Bell's men were headed there and sent Franks a warning: Rule 44 ("hide the women and children"). Gibbs is then captured by one of Bell's henchmen, who reveals that the body that Gibbs thought was Franks is in fact Colonel Bell. Gibbs is then knocked unconscious before he can ask the henchman who he's really working for.

22 - Borderland

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Terrence O' Hara
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 16.93
After finding a dead Marine with his feet cut off, as well as a truck full of dismembered feet, the team begins to believe that a serial killer is loose. Meanwhile, Abby is invited to provide a forensic science lecture in Mexico by Alejandro Rivera, and McGee goes along as an escort. While there, Abby is tasked to solve a cold case involving the murder of a drug dealer 20 years ago, and Abby eventually finds out the drug dealer was the one murdered by Gibbs. Back in the United States, the team deduces that the Marine was the killer, acting as a hit man to kill rival drug dealers and kept their feet as proof. One of the drug dealers is apprehended and she admits that she killed him in self defense. Finally, Abby confronts Gibbs about the murder, which Gibbs admits to. They both agree that somebody is trying to dig up Gibbs' past, but Abby is conflicted on whether to drop the case or pursue it and asks Gibbs whether he will love her regardless of what she does.

21 - Obsession

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 3.1 Audience: 15.10
DiNozzo finds himself captivated by a woman he's never met while investigating the death of her brother. The woman is the world renowned reporter Dana Hutton, who has disappeared shortly after her brother's death. At first, the team believes that the murder may be connected with the siblings' work on investigating Private Military Contractors, but begin to suspect that the KGB may be involved when they discovered Dana's brother was killed by a Ricin pellet. It soon turns out that the man who brought Dana Hutton and her brother up was a KGB asset codenamed "Yuri" who owned a bank account on which the KGB stashed $10 million for use in their US intelligence operations. DiNozzo manages to contact Dana and gain her trust, and she helps the team recover Yuri's KGB documents and money, but reveals she had been injected with ricin as well. With the documents, the team find the operative who killed the Huttons as being one of the KGB agents who didn't return to Russia after the Cold War ended and who wanted to get her hands on the money that Yuri had stashed away.

20 - Moonlighting

Written By: Steven Binder and Jesse Stern Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 16.29
When the NCIS team finds a dead Navy petty officer and FBI informant, they call in Agent Fornell to assist with the investigation. Fornell reveals that a string of similar security leaks have been occurring, and they trace the source to a private security company. They also discover that their NCIS polygraph specialist, Susan Grady, works part time at the same company. After retrieving her, the security company's office is destroyed in an explosion and Susan reveals that she stole some polygraph data for personal use. Abby manages to deduce that the killers inadvertently killed themselves in the explosion, leading Gibbs and Fornell to the real mastermind: a federal judge they both had interviewed during the investigation. She went on a secret crusade to kill informants who would take reduced sentences in return for their testimony, and wanted to destroy the polygraph data as it might implicate her involvement.

19 - Guilty Pleasure

Written By: Reed Steiner and Christopher Waild Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 16.45
Gibbs uses Holly Snow (previously seen in the episode: "Jet Lag") to investigate a murder in the world of call girls, causing tensions within the team. After finding the body of a murdered Navy reporter, the team finds out that he was interviewing a prostitute who used to work for Holly Snow and that there have been a string of similar murders. Holly makes a deal with Gibbs to help his investigation and they track down the prostitute, who reveals that the killer is jealous of her seeing other men. At first the team believes that the killer is one of her clients, but find out it is actually her boyfriend, who is the attorney representing her. The killer kidnaps Holly, blaming her for getting his girlfriend into a life of prostitution and seeing other men. However, he is shot dead by Gibbs before he can harm her. The episode ends with Gibbs and Holly having a simple dinner together as part of their deal. Meanwhile, Tony and McGee have a serious argument. When Tony works together with Det. Philip McCadden, McGee becomes jealous with their friendship. 

18 - Jurisdiction

Written By: Lee David Zlotoff Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 3.5 Audience: 18.00
The team and Coast Guard Investigative Service join forces when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is murdered. Both teams suspect a wealthy doctor who was funding the treasure hunting expedition is the culprit, but the evidence just doesn't add up. Eventually, they figure out that the diver was scamming the doctor, fooling him into withdrawing cash from his accounts to find a nonexistent treasure. The diver killed the doctor and faked his own death using the body. Both the NCIS and CGIS teams apprehend the diver and the doctor's wife, who was his accomplice.

17 - Double Identity

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Mark Horowitz
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 19.58
Gibbs and the team investigate the shooting of a Marine and uncovers more to his life than anyone would have ever imagined. The Marine had been declared MIA after a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, somehow obtained millions of dollars, and married another woman under a false identity. The victim's commanding officer reveals that in Afghanistan, they stumbled across a money cache. The victim took the money for himself and disappeared. The team then deduces that a private investigator the commanding officer hired to find the victim was the shooter, as he intended to blackmail the victim. It is also shown that Ducky's mother has passed on, sometime in 2010. 

16 - Mother's Day

Written By: Gary Glasberg and Reed Steiner Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 19.67
Secrets arise when Gibbs' former mother-in-law (Gena Rowlands) surfaces as a witness in a murder investigation. At first, the crime appears to be a simple robbery gone awry, but deeper investigation reveals that there's more to the story. The victim, a Navy captain, was involved with the same drug cartel that killed Gibbs' first wife and child. His mother-in-law eventually admits that she killed the captain in revenge for her daughter and granddaughter's death, and Gibbs' tells her he murdered their real killer as well. Despite the confession, Gibbs cannot bring himself to arrest his own mother-in-law. He convinces Allison Hart to defend her, and then on purpose makes crucial legal mistakes on arresting her (not reading her her rights, questioning her without legal counsel), so Hart in her typical hardball style convinces him swiftly to let her go.

15 - Jack-Knife

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 19.75
When a Marine is found dead, Gibbs, Fornell and the team hit the open road to bust an illegal trucking operation. With Werth's help, they manage to infiltrate the operation and stop the ringleaders from stealing a pair of very valuable cars. However, further investigation reveals that the owner of one of the cars was involved in a fatal hit and run accident, and that the owner was responsible for the Marine's murder in order to keep him quiet.

14 - Masquerade

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 19.23
The team finds themselves in a race against time when a terrorist group threatens to detonate "dirty bombs” in the D.C. area. As the team tries to track down the bombs, their investigation is hampered when Hart returns to represent one of their suspects. Despite this, they manage to discover that the entire bomb plot was an elaborate hoax set up by a private intelligence agency to scare Congress into approving a bill that would award private defense contractors billions of dollars in funding.

13 - Jet Lag

Written By: Christopher Waild Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 20.15
While transporting a government witness back from Paris, Tony and Ziva's assignment quickly encounters turbulence when they learn a hit man may be on their flight home. With the help of the rest of the team on the ground, as well as a botched attempt on the witness's life, Tony and Ziva deduce that the assassin is one of the flight attendants. After successfully apprehending her, they discover that the man who hired her was in fact the witness's fiance, who would be implicated in her testimony but in the process of arresting him, Gibbs' right arm is broken, forcing him to do everything with his left hand for the time being. 

12 - Flesh and Blood

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 20.85
The episode starts when a Saudi prince manages to escape an assassination attempt while attending flight school in the United States. The team is tasked with the investigation as well as protecting the prince. Meanwhile, Tony's father appears, much to Tony's discomfort. His father is a business associate of the prince's father, and is trying to sort out a business deal. Later, the team discovers that the assassins weren't terrorists, but was in fact the prince's brother, who disliked his carefree lifestyle. However, the brother manages to escape the country due to his diplomatic immunity. Tony finds out that his father is actually nearly broke. However, he's unwilling to confront his father. Before he leaves, Tony's father tells Tony that despite their rocky relationship, he has always loved him.

11 - Ignition

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.4 Audience: 21.34
The episode starts with two forest rangers finding a body at the site of a forest fire. The team investigates and finds out that the pilot was flying a jet-pack and crashed. An attorney who dislikes Gibbs tries to keep him from talking to her clients. Ducky discovers that the victim had been poisoned and was already dead long before he put the jetpack on, leading to the team to suspect a third party. They figure out that it was the commanding officer, who stole technology from private companies and the Navy to build his own jet-pack and killed the victim to keep him quiet. Later, Gibbs discovers that the sly attorney was sent by an old enemy. This episode ties in with Episode S07E06

10 - Faith

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: Arvin Brown
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 20.69
The team works to solve the murder of a Reverend's son and they soon figure out he may be involved in a hate crime. Gibbs' father returns for Christmas and Gibbs tries to figure out why he has a sudden change in behavior right before the holidays. An old friend of Abby asks McGee for a favour – her nephew (who is living with her) wants to see his mother for Christmas, who is currently on a Marine ship in the Indian Ocean, but only McGee can make it happen. Gibbs figures out that it was the victim's brother who was the culprit, since he couldn't accept his brother's conversion to Islam. Gibbs also discovers that his father killed a man attempting to rob his store and he came to ask for advice on how to deal with killing another man.

09 - Child's Play

Written By: Reed Steiner Directed By: William Webb
Rating: 4.4 Audience: 20.35
After the body of a Marine is discovered in a corn field, the team investigates at a military intelligence base that uses genius children to crack military codes. The team discovers that one of the children is making collages that contain codes with important military secrets in them, secrets that are being sold. A second dead body points to the woman running the organization, but when the young girl escapes from the safe house (Ducky's house) and runs home to her mother, the team must race to save her from her would-be murderer. Meanwhile, Ducky attempts to convince Gibbs and the team to spend Thanksgiving at his house, in spite of previously made plans. 

08 - Power Down

Written By: Steven Binder and David North Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Rating: 4.1 Audience: 20.34
Shortly after an attack on an internet service provider, the power to all of Washington DC is down. When the body of a Navy Armed Forces Entertainment worker is found at the site of the attack, NCIS is called in. However, without power, the team cannot use their modern electronics and must solve the case the old fashioned way. They finally discover that the dead USO worker was in fact an undercover National Security Agency agent, one of the two people who had universal access to every retinal scanner in the United States. They then arrest one of the security guards at the service provider, as he is the true mastermind. He kidnapped the agent to gain access to the server room and cut power to the entire city so that he could secretly steal top secret personal and military data and sell it off the black market. The team then reflects on how much richer life is without electronics, until power is restored and they dive right back into their computers except for Gibbs who is more than happy to take a break from electronics for a change.

07 - Endgame

Written By: Gary Glasberg Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Rating: 4.4 Audience: 20.96
When a doctor is found murdered, Director Vance shows up at the crime scene, claiming he's seen the type of murder before. The director confirms that the killer was a North Korean assassin, named Lee Wuan Kai (first seen in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Killshot"). The team finds that Kai has left her DNA on the victim’s body for them. The director is completely surprised and shocked when Kai calls him at home and is sitting in his driveway. As the investigation continues, the team discovers that Kai is in town to kill a North Korean official. Meanwhile, McGee’s new love interest, Amanda turns out to be working for the North Korean government and is shot by Kai before dying in McGee’s arms. They discover that Kai is in D.C. to kill all the men who made her into an assassin as a child. Vance returns to his home to find Kai pointing a gun at his wife. Kai reveals that she is there because she wants Vance to kill her in order to finally end her pain. The director lowers his gun to help her, but his wife finishes the job instead. ­

06 - Outlaws and In-Laws

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 20.18
When Gibbs' boat mysteriously shows up in the San Diego harbor with two dead men in it, Vance, Gibbs and Ducky travel to San Diego knowing this investigation needs to be handled with extreme sensitivity. It turns out Gibbs dropped his boat off to Franks in Mexico but Franks is nowhere to be found. Franks shows up at Gibbs' house with his daughter in law, Leyla (Franks' deceased son's wife), and granddaughter in tow. It is revealed that the two dead men worked for a private military company that was hired by Leyla’s mother, Shada, a powerful tribal leader in Iraq, to kidnap and bring back her daughter and granddaughter to Iraq. It was her way of trying to re-establish a relationship with her estranged daughter. Franks takes full responsibility for the shooting but further investigation reveals that it was Leyla who shot and killed the men when she saw them approaching Franks. In the end, the private military company, headed by Col. Merton Bell, is also held responsible for bounty hunting in Mexico, and Leyla and her mother come to terms. ­

05 - Code of Conduct

Written By: Reed Steiner and Christopher Waild Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Rating: 4.7 Audience: 21.25
On Halloween night the team investigates what looks to be the unfortunate suicide of Lance Corporal James Korby who is found dead in his car. However, they soon discover that Korby was murdered as his organs were frozen with liquid nitrogen and that when he attempted to breathe, the nitrogen entered his lungs, suffocating him. However it's also discovered that Korby has scar-tissue from a previous poisoning and Gibbs suspect that the entire squad, fed up of Korby's jokes attempted to kill him. Someone got Korby to drink the nitrogen and staged his death to look it like a suicide. Tony can’t shake the hunch that Sara, Korby’s wife and a three-time marine widower, is involved, suspecting her of being a Black Widow. It's soon revealed that Private Singer, who belonged to Korby’s unit, was having an affair with Korby’s wife Sara. Sara also confesses to coming home to confront Korby right around the time of the crime but getting cold feet at the last second. Just as Tony is about to cuff Sara for Korby's murder, Gibbs realizes that Sara had nothing to do with Korby’s death because there was someone else with a real motive: Rachel, Korby and Sara’s teenage stepdaughter. Having been about to cash in on a pretty hefty trust fund and inheritance, Rachel knew the only way she could do it was by murdering Korby and then framing Sara for his death. ­In the meantime, Ziva attempts to come to terms with her new role as an NCIS Special Agent and the Probie of the team as Tony begins referring to her as Probie, something she begs him not to do for her sanity but Tony continues to do it anyway. Later, in true Halloween style, Ziva gets her own back on Tony by pretending to bow down to him and as a gift gives him a cup of coffee but when Tony drinks it and smiles at her, it's shown that his teeth have turned blue.

04 - Good Cop Bad Cop

Written By: David North and Jesse Stern Directed By: Leslie Libman
Rating: 4.4 Audience: 20.40
When the remains of AWOL marine Daniel Cryer are found off the coast of Tanzania by a fishing boat, Ziva’s account of Mossad’s operation to take down Saleem Ulman is called in to question. It turns out that Cryer had deserted the Marines to become a soldier of fortune, and had been part of the team that Mossad had sent after Saleem. Ziva’s story that the ship they had been traveling on had gone down in a storm is proven false by the location of Cryers body, and the fact that he was shot to death confirms that something other than a storm had been responsible for the sinking of the ship. Using the location of Cryer’s body as a guide, the Navy is able to salvage the ship in question and discovers that the entire crew had been shot to death. Vance presses Ziva for more details, but her team leader, Malachi Ben-Gidon, shows up at NCIS and demands that Ziva return to Mossad’s control. Vance agrees on the condition that Malachi debriefs them on the rest of the mission. Malachi agrees and tells them that their cover had been blown and they were forced to kill everyone on the ship, and that Ziva had killed Cryer because he had been responsible for their discovery. However, when Ziva sets the record straight and tells them it was Malachi who had shot Cryer before asking questions, Vance sends him back to Israel. Through all of this Ziva was trying to get a permanent position on the NCIS team, and after proving her loyalty is finally accepted as an NCIS agent. 

03 - The Inside Man

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.3 Audience: 20.70
When political blogger Matt Burns is found dead after being pushed off a bridge while following up on a tip, NCIS takes a special interest in his murder investigation. On his blog, Burns had accused NCIS of covering up the murder of a young Naval officer, Rod Arnett, who Burns suspected of insider trading. NCIS concluded that Arnett’s car accident was just that, an unfortunate car accident. However, unable to oversee jurisdiction over the Burns’ murder, NCIS reopens Arnett’s case. Things become even more complicated when they exhume Arnett’s body only to find that his body had been stolen. The team suspects that Burns stole Arnett’s body so that he could fuel the conspiracy that NCIS was covering up a murder. It’s discovered that Arnett gave insider information to an unassuming sandwich shop owner that he befriended while taking the train everyday. Hoping no one would ever suspect the two of them as conspiring together they agreed to split the $2 million earning. As it turns out, the sandwich shop owner, afraid his scheme with Arnett was about to be exposed, placed the tip to Burns and met him at the bridge to kill him. In the meantime, Ziva resigns from Mossad as she wishes to become a full NCIS Special Agent, but, in order for this to happen, Gibbs needs to sign a consent form. The episode ends without revealing whether Gibbs signs the form. 

02 - Reunion

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Rating: 4.8 Audience: 21.37
The team investigates a bachelor party where all three guests are murdered and left in very mysterious circumstances. One of the victims is found hanging, another is found drowned in the toilet, the third suffered from alcohol poisoning and all three are found with their heads shaved, post mortem. After a thorough investigation the team zeros in on a suspect, a police officer that had been bullied by the three victims during high school. The way that all three victims were found corresponds with the way they had tormented the cop, right down to shaving his head. They also discover that the three victims had used their Navy connections to set up the illegal sale of a decommissioned aircraft, and that the bachelor party was actually a front for the deal to go down during. The team figures the police officer had finally taken his revenge and not only killed his tormentors, but also stole their profits from the aircraft heist. However, after the officer turns up dead, the team learns that the real culprit also attended the same high school as the original three victims, and had framed the cop so they could steal the money from the aircraft job. Meanwhile, Ziva makes her peace with the rest of the team, and deals with her feelings towards Tony, as she apologizes for ever doubting him.

01 - Truth or Consequences

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Rating: 4.8 Audience: 20.60
Several months have passed since Gibbs left Ziva in Israel, and no-one at NCIS has heard anything from her since. Concerned that something might have gone wrong, Tony, McGee and Abby track down her last known whereabouts, and discover that she was on a mission to take out terrorist Saleem Ulman in Northern Africa. Tony and McGee track him down to get answers about Ziva’s disappearance, but are quickly taken prisoner by Saleem. Unfamiliar with NCIS and Tony’s mission, Saleem administers a truth serum and questions Tony extensively about the inner workings of the agency, how he was able to find his base of operations and why he traveled so far in his quest. Unable to keep quiet due to the serum's effects, Tony recaps the three months at NCIS since Ziva disappeared, and reveals that NCIS is under the impression that Ziva is dead. He tells Saleem that he traveled to Northern Africa to seek vengeance on the parties responsible. Saleem then demands that Tony reveal the identities of all NCIS agents in the region, and threatens to kill a hostage if he doesn’t speak. To Tony’s surprise, the hostage is Ziva. However, just as Saleem is about to execute Ziva, Tony tells Saleem one last thing: Gibbs is in Northern Africa too, and Saleem is about to die. Gibbs had been lying in wait the entire time, and just then takes a sniper shot, not only killing Saleem but also the other guards watching over Ziva, Tony and McGee, allowing them to escape. After they all return to the office, everyone stands up and welcomes the team back. 
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25 - Aliyah

Written By: David North Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 16.51
With Rivkin later dying in hospital from his injuries despite Ziva's efforts to help him and Ziva's own apartment being destroyed in an explosion, Gibbs, Vance, DiNozzo and Ziva travel to Israel, having been summoned there at the request of Eli David, the enigmatic and powerful head of Mossad and also Ziva's father who is demanding answers in regards to Rivkin's death. As tensions rise, and based on information he gets from McGee and Abby who back in Washington are busy working on the laptop found in the wreckage of Ziva's home, Gibbs decides to leave Ziva in Tel Aviv where it is later shown that she has once again been recruited into Mossad and is embarking on a mission to stop a terrorist cell, taking Rivkin's place on the team. However the episode ends in a cliffhanger when it's shown that Ziva has been captured by the terrorists in Somalia that Rivkin had been investigating and the leader, Saleem Ulman is torturing her for information on NCIS.

24 - Semper Fidelis

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 16.20
After a security breach at the SECNAV's residence leads to the death of an ICE agent, Gibbs and the team are forced to work with ICE and the FBI to find his killer. Meanwhile, Tony finally comes face-to-face with Michael Rivkin and attempts to arrest him for operating on U.S soil which foreign agencies are forbidden to do and for also killing the cell handler and the ICE agent but the two get into a tough brawl which ends when Tony is forced to shoot Rivkin in self-defense when Rivkin tries to stab him with a piece of glass.

23 - Legend (Part II)

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 16.72
With the appearance of Mossad officer Michael Rivkin, Tony finds himself being forced to question Ziva’s loyalty to NCIS. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Special Agent Callen goes undercover to try to catch a terrorist cell while OSP psychologist Nate Getz discovers the startling truth about Gibbs and Special Agent Lara Macy’s relationship. The NCIS team members soon find themselves racing against the clock to stop Rivkin as they attempt to capture a member of the terrorist cell but it's not easy as Rivkin is making things hard for them by putting all the members of the terrorist cell to sleep one by one before they can get a chance to arrest one. The episode ends with Callen being critically injured in a drive-by shooting and also Ziva being in bed with Rivkin, implying that they might have slept together.

22 - Legend (Part I)

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 16.70
The episode introduces the team of the NCIS spin-off titled NCIS: Los Angeles. Gibbs and McGee fly to Los Angeles to work with the NCIS Office of Special Projects—Los Angeles team to solve the murder of a marine and eventually discover that the killing is linked to members of a terrorist sleeper cell.

21 - Toxic

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 17.81
When a government scientist goes missing, Abby is recruited by the head of the project to carry on his work, but the team worries that she may meet the same fate as her predecessor

20 - Dead Reckoning

Written By: David North, Reed Steiner and Christopher Waild Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 17.23
When shady CIA agent Trent Kort calls in his favor (from Broken Bird), Gibbs agrees to meet him at an abandoned warehouse. Upon Gibbs' arrival, he finds the agent with two dead men who claims the men shot each other before his arrival. Gibbs and the team must then work with Kort to put away one of NCIS's most wanted, and discover the man on the wall is just a cover for the real brain - the supposed accountant.

19 - Hide and Seek

Written By: Dan Fesman Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 17.83
A revolver is found in the affairs of a 12-year-old son of a lieutenant commander in the Navy. Gibbs and the team are dispatched to find out the origin of the weapon. Things get complicated when Abby finds brain matter on the weapon, revealing that it has been used in multiple murders, and the gun links itself back to the family. Meanwhile, McGee tries to replace Ducky's golf clubs. 

18 - Knockout

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 15.84
Gibbs digs into Vance's past after the Director borrows Gibbs' team for an Investigation into a friend's murder. It is revealed that Tony has been in a slump with women since his break-up with Jeanne Benoit.

17 - South by Southwest"

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 18.27
When NCIS agent Jack Patterson is killed in a hit-and-run, Abby feels responsible because she was supposed to meet with him. Using a painting he sent her and a business card of an NSA operative, the team discovers a woman in the desert who may have answers, but when they are ambushed by a hitman who posed as the NSA operative, Gibbs kills the hitman and connects the hitman to a mining company. Meanwhile, Tony awaits a call that tells him how much he was left in his uncle's will.

16 - Bounce

Written By: Steven Binder and David North Directed By: Arvin Brown
Audience: 18.06
A Marine imprisoned for embezzlement because of a case DiNozzo worked on three years ago is released and the Navy lieutenant who was a witness against him is found dead. Tony is put in charge of the team because of Gibbs' rule #38 ("Your case, your lead") and they discover that the Marine was framed for embezzlement and now someone is trying to silence those who really did it. Gibbs' fondness of DiNozzo is shown when he tells him how proud he is of his senior field agent.

15 - Deliverance

Written By: Dan Fesman and Reed Steiner Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 18.03
While investigating the death of a Marine, the team finds Gibbs' Marine ID at the crime scene. It is revealed that he helped a Colombian woman 18 years ago and that her son (whose father Gibbs killed while on the mission there) tried to contact him about a major blackmailing, involving the theft of several crates of assault rifles from a Marine base. With help from Mike Franks, they discover the Marine's adoptive mother was a guilty party, wanting to protect them from the gangs.

14 - Love and War

Written By: Steven Binder and David North Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 19.04
The team investigates the murder of a Navy captain and uncovers possible treasonous acts he committed that may have led to his death. Meanwhile, McGee meets a new love interest named Claire online but unbeknown to him, it's actually DiNozzo. 

13 - Broken Bird

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 18.62
When investigating the death of a sailor, a female bystander attacks Ducky and he is stabbed in the hand with the same murder weapon used to committ the first crime. Gibbs and the team delve into his past to find clues and in the process, begin uncovering some disturbing secrets about his time as a doctor while serving in Afghanistan while dealing with the revelation that the woman who attacked Ducky in the beginning claims that he killed her brother.

12 - Caged

Written By: Alfonso Moreno Directed By: Leslie Libman
Audience: 19.10
While investigating the murder of a dead marine whose skeleton was found, McGee heads to a women's prison, hoping to retrieve a written confession from her, but all hell breaks loose when the inmates riot and take over the prison. A guard is killed during the riot and the inmates want only the murderer, not all of them to be brought to justice, holding McGee and two guards as hostages. The warden issues a deadline of before sundown during which he'll retake the prison by any means possible, forcing Gibbs and his team to race against the clock to not only uncover the true identity of the murderer but to also save McGee's life.

11 - Silent Night

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 19.94
The fingerprints of a presumed dead petty officer, Ned Quinn, turn up at the scene of a double homicide. Claiming innocence, Quinn explains he was in the garage working for the victims when they were murdered. While fighting with metro police who want Quinn prosecuted immediately, the team discovers evidence linking a security guard to an emptied safe at the crime scene. Having been exposed, the guard shoots McGee with a taser and unsuccessfully tries to escape. Quinn, explaining that he went "undercover" after his apartment burnt down believing his wife and daughter would be better off with the service benefits from his presumed death, is convinced by Gibbs to rejoin his family for Christmas. 

10 - Road Kill

Written By: Steven Kriozere Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 18.52
The team investigates the death of a petty officer, who was killed in a car accident, but the agents suspect foul play. The petty officer's death was thought to be connected to a fight club. He was killed instead by a man who was blackmailed by a criminal using a female online profile to lure married men. When the man is found dead at the petty officer's home a fight club partner is the prime suspect, but it turns out that the next-door neighbor was behind the scheme and married man's murder. Tony engages in an on-line air guitar contest that Ziva finds childish, but she takes to heart Tony's words of having choices and the episode ends with Ziva playing air guitar. 

09 - Dagger

Written By: Reed Steiner and Christopher Waild Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 18.12
Agent Lee becomes a reluctant participant in helping the NCIS team stop a top secret defense plan from being stolen. Lee is used as bait to capture her contact, Ted Bankston, who also tells of having a family member held captive. Bankston turns out to be the mastermind in the caper and takes Lee hostage, as Gibbs corners them on a bus. Gibbs receives minor wounds in the ensuing exchange. Lee gives a signal to shoot and is shot and killed along with Bankston. Gibbs takes Lee's badge and gives it to her step sister who was found alive, as the team sorts out Lee's ultimate role in the plot.

08 - Cloak

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 17.99
Gibbs sends DiNozzo and Ziva to try to break into a top secret military facility, telling them that it is a test of the facility's defenses. After being caught halfway through the act, it is revealed that the facility is in fact all a hoax, and that halfway through their attempt to break in, the mole set off the fire alarm and managed to gain access to the main computer, which had its keyboard laced with a radioactive substance. After returning from the operation, the director explains to the team that one of them is the mole, and explains about the radioactive trace. He scans the hands of Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, and Ducky, and then goes to scan the hands of Abby. When he does the counter ticks, and Abby is placed into custody. Subsequently, Abby is revealed (though not to Lee) to have been in on the plan to catch the mole from the beginning. The team is monitoring Agent Lee to see if she contacts anyone, believing that the team no longer suspects her. After Lee makes a mark on a newspaper dispenser, she is brought into custody. Lee reveals that she was forced to trade secrets, because her daughter had been kidnapped. They let her go, and the episode ends with Gibbs concealed in the back of Lee's car saying "Looks like we're working together."

07 - Collateral Damage

Written By: Alfonso Moreno Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 18.75
Gibbs and team are assigned a Probie to help investigate a bank robbery at Quantico. The security guard is shot and killed in the heist but only $27,000 was stolen and all of it was burned in the getaway vehicle. The Probie suggests looking into other similar cases and with DiNozzo's help finds a connection. It leads to the guard's son, a former convict, and his cell mate. Gibbs believe all parties will be at the guard's funeral, and with the Probie's help the team captures them both. Gibbs starts to believe that Agent Langer wasn't the mole in his unit and places Langer's old FBI ID at a bar wall dedicated to fallen officers and agents.

06 - Murder 2.0

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Arvin Brown
Audience: 17.26
On the week of Halloween NCIS is targeted to investigate a series of murders by a serial killer who posts videos of the crimes on the internet. The first two victims have scrolls with links to websites of videos of their murders along with cryptic pictures spliced in. After a third video is posted, a live stream from inside NCIS, a suspect is brought in but dies in Interrogation. Video of the death ends up on the web linking the crimes to a female singer. NCIS storms a garage but Gibbs realizes that it was a setup for them to kill the singer and a man who she appears to have captive at gunpoint is actually the real killer. Gibbs is given a Civil Service Award but is expectedly a no-show and Tony stands in to accept the award on his behalf. Meanwhile, Ziva discovers McGee has possession of photos she ordered him to delete.

05 - Nine Lives

Written By: Linda Burstyn, Dan Fesman and David North Directed By: Dennis Smith


When a Marine is found dead in his garage, NCIS finds itself in an awkward position, when their prime suspect is a key witness in the FBI prosecution of a mob boss, forcing Gibbs and Fornell to cooperate to nail the killer for NCIS and put away the mob boss, but both tasks are compounded when there is no discernable link, but even when they find it, they are too late to stop the witness, Kale from killing the mob boss. Meanwhile, Tony snoops around Ziva's life for info on her trip to Israel and finds a picture of a shirtless man - her partner Rivkin.

04 - Heartland

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 18.04
A pair of Marines are ambushed outside a nightclub, leaving one dead and the other in critical condition. The NCIS team's investigation leads them to Stillwater, PA, the hometown of one of the Marines—and of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The search leads them to a mining director and his family; his daughter is the ex-girlfriend of the wounded Marine. When the team finds out that the wounded Marine is actually the son of the director, investigation turns to his son-in-law who is discovered to have ordered the attack on the Marines. While in his hometown, the team is introduced to Gibbs' father (Ralph Waite), explores his past and the origins of his relationship with Shannon (his first wife).

03 - Capitol Offense

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 16.29
The NCIS team is investigating a murder, about which Gibbs is acting strange. It turns out that the murdered Lieutenant Commander was having an affair with Senator Patrick Kiley, a former Marine officer who served with Gibbs. Sen. Kiley tells Gibbs to suspect a lobbyist of the oil companies for the murder, but a remark from the Senator's wife leads Gibbs to deduce that they are the murderers, and they are both subsequently arrested. Meanwhile Abby is making an investigation of her own, trying to find out who stole her cupcake, a gift from Ziva, for her hospitality after the former's house is fumigated with McGee eventually being revealed as the cupcake thief. 

02 - Agent Afloat

Written By: Dan Fesman and David North Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 17.47
Now stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Seahawk, DiNozzo finds that a Navy Lieutenant's apparent suicide may be connected to a larger, deadly scheme. The deceased's wife is discovered in D.C to be the victim of a fatal beating, before the Lieutenant boarded. Yet it turns out that the Lieutenant was murdered in Cartagena, Colombia within 24 hours of his wife's death, and several days before he was scheduled to board his ship. It seems that someone else took his place, and may have the intention, it is initially believed, of exposing the ship's crew to anthrax. Gibbs and Officer Ziva David take off for Cartagena to help Tony with the investigation, and in the end DiNozzo is allowed to return to Washington D.C. despite Director Vance's apparent wishes to the contrary. 

01 -  Last Man Standing 

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 18.03
After Ziva is injured in a bombing while undercover in Morocco and a Naval officer is found dead, Gibbs realizes the purpose of Vance's reorganization. Gibbs is given the task of finding a mole inside his newly formed team. With the help of Agent McGee, Gibbs is able to trace phone calls between Lee and a dead Petty Officer the team had discovered earlier. After verifying Agent Lee's logs of the calls, as well as speaking to her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Palmer she is cleared. Daniel Keating is focused on next and he is interrogated. During Keating's interrogation, shots are fired, and Lee is found to have shot Agent Langer, who Gibbs and Vance agree to have been the mole. At the end of the episode, McGee and Ziva rejoin Gibbs in the squad room. Agent Lee is in the elevator, leaving, when she receives a text message saying, "Do they suspect?", to which she replies "NO", revealing to the audience that she is in fact the real NCIS mole.
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19 - Judgment Day (Part II)

Written By: Steven Binder and David North and Christopher Waild Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 16.52
In the aftermath of Jenny's death, Assistant Director Vance searches for Franks, who escaped the diner after killing the fourth gunman. Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva try to locate the one responsible, while dealing with the fallout of failing in their assignment to protect the Director. The trail points to a former hitman called Natasha, who Jenny failed to assassinate in Paris nine years previously while on an assignment that she and Gibbs were working on together. Since Gibbs killed Natasha's lover, Natasha has returned to the U.S seeking revenge. Natasha, who never saw it coming, is killed by Franks, after Gibbs set a trap for her at Jenny's house. Gibbs burns down the house to cover up Jenny's death, making the public believe she died of smoke inhalation. In the fallout of Jenny's funeral, newly appointed Director Vance shreds a page from his personnel file in the Director's office and terminates Ziva's liaison status (sending her back to Israel), reassigns McGee to the cyber crime division, and sends Tony to the USS Ronald Reagan. Vance then gives Gibbs personnel files for his new team members.

18 - Judgment Day (Part I)

Written By: Steven Binder and David North Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 16.52
Two boys discover a dead man, which is later identified as former NCIS Special Agent William Decker. Director Shepard attends his funeral in LA, with Tony and Ziva tagging along as protection. Agent Decker's death was ruled a heart attack, but an encounter at the funeral leads Jenny to suspect it was murder. Jenny sends Tony and Ziva away. The Director secretly brings in Mike Franks to help her investigate, believing the murder is related to a covert mission in Paris 9 years ago, involving herself, Decker, and Gibbs. While searching an abandoned diner, four hitmen track Shepard and Franks down and a shootout ensues inside. Jenny and Franks manage to kill all of the men, but Jenny dies from injuries she receives during the gunfight and her body is found by Tony and Ziva.

17 - About Face

Written By: Alfonso Moreno, Reed Steiner and Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.88
When investigating the death of a man at a building site, Jimmy Palmer follows a suspicious man who is snooping around, only for the man to shoot at him. Left shellshocked, Jimmy struggles to remember the man's face and thus identify him. In the end, the team finds him but the shooter tries to flee but Jimmy manages to stop him in his car.

16 - Recoil

Written By: Frank Cardea, Dan Fesman and George Schenck Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 14.04
Ziva is working undercover to find a murderer who killed five women and cut off their fingers after they died. She leaves with the killer, when Tony finds the fifth victim and the killer, having found out about Ziva, directs her to an abandoned warehouse. Before he can kill her, she manages to get into a fight with him and then shoot him with his own gun. The team is happy with the killer dead but some things are still unclear. A partial fingerprint from his weapon finally leads to a Marine who killed his wife copying the killer. Meanwhile Ziva has an affair with one of the men suspected to be the accomplice of the killer.

15 - In the Zone

Written By: Linda Burstyn Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 14.76
When a Marine Captain is killed during a mortar attack, it turns out that he was shot. Tony and Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine are sent to Baghdad to investigate, while the rest of the team assists by investigating stateside. The team uncovers that the man he contracted to provide soil testing hired a civilian contractor in Iraq to murder him when the captain discovers the soil sample was faked. While in Baghdad, Nikki tries to make up for a Marine mistake that led to the death of the man who helped her brother when he was wounded.

14 - Internal Affairs

Written By: Reed Steiner and Jesse Stern Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 14.24
The discovery of the dead body of La Grenouille causes the Washington office of NCIS is investigated by the FBI, with Jenny as the prime suspect for his murder, the NCIS building being shut down by the Bureau and Assistant Director Vance relieving the Director and taking her place for the time. The team assembles discreetly at Gibbs' house and investigate for themselves and confirm that he was indeed murdered. After evidence comes to light exonerating Jenny, Jeanne reappears and blames Tony for the murder, at first, but Trent Kort (who has since, with the blessing of the CIA, taken over La Grenouille's business) arrives and claims responsibility. At the conclusion of the episode, Gibbs tells Jenny that the story she told wasn't accurate, and it is inferred that Jenny killed La Grenouille, due to Gibbs having seen the arms dealer putting the gun on the director's home desk although Gibbs does not take any action, simply stating, "Long live the queen."

13 - Dog Tags

Written By: Dan Fesman and Alfonso Moreno Directed By: Oz Scott
Audience: 15.13
When the NCIS team investigates a fatal dog mauling of a suspected drug smuggler within the K-9, Abby risks her career in hopes of proving the victim dog's innocence to save him from being put down. The team struggles with the case, with the director threatening to end their case, when they find a new victim and finally manage to track down the drug trafficker. The trafficker was one of the K-9 trainers, who secretly replaced her drug sniffing dog with an attack dog in order to smuggle drugs. Meanwhile, Abby befriends the "killer" dog, names him "Jethro", and works to keep him from being put down as she attempts to prove the dog is not guilty. However, her landlord doesn't allow pets, so she instead forces McGee to adopt him which he grudgingly agrees to do despite the fact that the dog attacked him at the beginning of the episode.

12 - Stakeout

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 14.05
When a high-tech naval radar goes missing but is found again, the team stakes an abandoned warehouse to catch the thief - using the radar as bait. But the plan goes wrong and the radar is stolen - and a man is murdered nearby. In the end, the team manages to connect both cases - and reveal the truth behind the reason of the theft. The true culprit was the designer of the radar, because he knew that the radar was not complete and if the Navy found out, he would lose his contract. Meanwhile, Ducky has Abby and Jimmy run some anonymous blood work, and when Gibbs finds out, he realizes Ducky is holding a secret for Jenny.

11 - Tribes

Written By: Reed Steiner Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 15.82
The NCIS team investigates when a Muslim Marine is found dead near a mosque that is suspected by the FBI of terrorist recruitment. But the investigation hits a snag when Ducky refuses to autopsy the Marine in deference to the Marine's family's religious beliefs as that the father believes that if Ducky cuts into his body, then his son will never find in peace in Heaven. Meanwhile, the investigation leads the team to a terrorist, Hans Staiger known as the Recruiter.

10 - Corporal Punishment

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Arvin Brown
Audience: 17.04
The NCIS team pays a heavy price when they try to track down a Marine who believes he is still in Iraq. After a violent confrontation in which DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva are injured, the team realizes the Marine is the subject of a secret experiment. Things are further complicated when a Senator's aide begins interfering with the investigation, since the Marine was due to be awarded a medal by the Senator and such an incident would be bad for his public image. The team suspects that the Marine was an unknowing subject of a secret super soldier experiment, until they discover that he had been secretly taking steroids in order to qualify for the Marines. Due to drug use, the Marine is bound to be discharged and his medal withheld. Gibbs, sympathetic for the young Marine, gives him one of his own unused medals instead.

09 - Lost and Found

Written By: David North Directed By: Martha Mitchell
Audience: 17.34
While a group of boy scouts are on a visit to NCIS, Abby discovers that one of the boys was reported to have been abducted in 1998, leading the team to search for his father who is running from a murder he was accused of committing in 1998. The team launches a manhunt for the father, but are hindered by the son who warns his father in advance. Meanwhile, the team watches over the boy, whom (all but Tony) realize that he is a mini-DiNozzo.

08 - Designated Target

Written By: Reed Steiner Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 17.39
Gibbs and his team investigate the assassination of a Navy Admiral and meet a woman whose search for her husband, a political refugee from Africa, is related to the case. It turns out that a death squad by an African dictatorship who fear that the missing husband (who they only have a vague description of) will return to lead the opposition in the country. They discover the identity of the assassin and arrest him before he can finish the job. 

07 - Requiem

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Tony Wharmby
Audience: 18.15
The episode begins with Tony retrieving Gibbs from the water and trying to revive him. It is revealed that Maddie, a childhood friend of Gibbs' deceased daughter Kelly, comes to him for help after being stalked which leads to the events of Gibbs' car driving into water. While unconscious Gibbs hallucinates that he is visited by his dead wife and daughter and is reassured that everything is fine. 

06 - Chimera

Written By: Dan Fesman Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 16.33
Gibbs' team is sent to investigate a death aboard USNS Chimera, a top-secret naval research ship sailing in the middle of the ocean. After boarding the ship, they find it abandoned except for a dead U.S. Navy scientist, who died from viral hemorrhagic fever. However, they suspect that they are not alone. Their investigation is further complicated by the Navy's reluctance to share information regarding the research which took place on Chimera. However, they quickly discover that the Chimera is not a research ship, but is in fact transporting a salvaged Russian nuclear warhead. A mole in the crew staged a viral outbreak to get the crew to abandon ship in preparation for the Russian strike team. The team sabotages the Chimera and steals the Russian strike team's boat, taking the warhead with them. As the team leaves, Navy jets destroy the Chimera to cover up any evidence of Navy involvement.

05 - Leap of Faith

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 17.26
When a Navy Lieutenant who worked at the Pentagon as an intelligence officer attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a rooftop, NCIS is called in to consult the officer. After Gibbs is able to persuade the officer to step down from the ledge, the officer is shot dead, falling to his death from the rooftop. Each member of Gibbs' team has a different theory on the murder, one of which includes the officer being a mole. Meanwhile, the team believes Abby is considering a job offer in the private sector.

04 - Identity Crisis

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 17.55
Ducky is angered when one of his research cadavers is revealed to have been a murder victim and was mistakenly tagged as a "John Doe" and donated to science. The deceased man is identified by the team as a career felon, who was working with the FBI to track down a man suspected of supplying people with new identities. NCIS works with the FBI to capture him and find the killer.

03 - Ex-File

Written By: Alfonso Moreno Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 16.36
Two women find a dead Marine Captain on an Army base, one of whom is his wife, the other is Gibbs' third ex-wife. As Special Agent Gibbs and Lt. Colonel Mann conduct a joint investigation between NCIS and the Army into the murder, a DIA agent is sent to overlook Abby's handling of the Captain's laptop, which contains highly classified information. Gibbs becomes uncomfortable when he is forced into a confrontation amongst his ex-wife, Colonel Mann, and Director Shepard.

02 - Family

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Martha Mitchell
Audience: 16.43
A Petty Officer is thought to have died in a car accident until inconsistencies at the scene indicate that the Petty Officer was murdered and was not the driver of the crashed car. When the car's driver is later found, Ducky conducts the autopsy and discovers that she had been beaten to death and had given birth not long beforehand, leading the team to believe that the killer has taken her child. Meanwhile, Tony tries to confront his feelings for Jeanne after her departure. 

01 - Bury Your Dead

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 13.89
Directly following the events from the previous episode, "Angel of Death", Tony is still undercover as Anthony DiNardo and meets Jeanne's father, La Grenouille, who is aware of Tony's true identity, which Tony later reveals to Jeanne, upsetting her. The team are also led to the assumption that Tony is dead, as while watching the security cameras, Tony's car explodes and Ducky's analysis indicates the body could be that of Tony, but realizes that it isn't because of his lungs. Director Shepard reveals to Agent Gibbs and his team that she had given Tony an undercover mission to build a relationship with Jeanne in hopes of capturing La Grenouille after spending nearly ten years searching for him. Around the same time, Tony returns to NCIS Headquarters and is greeted first by Kort, who angrily shoves him against a set of file cabinets for worsening the situation. La Grenouille approaches Director Shepard for protection after deciding to quit the arms smuggling business against the CIA's wishes. However, Shepard refuses his plea for asylum out of pure spite and devotion to her late father. The team tries to track down La Grenouille again and find his boat, but not the man himself. They believe he made his escape and leave, until the camera pans to the water to show La Grenouille's floating corpse while also revealing that he has sustained a single gunshot wound to his forehead.
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24 - Angel of Death

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.14
Jenny returns from her European trip and discovers that she had an unannounced visitor at her home who she suspects is her supposedly dead father. All NCIS agents are scheduled to take a Homeland Security polygraph test, which Gibbs finds out to have been arranged by the CIA. An unarmed Tony and Jeanne are held hostage in the hospital morgue by a drug dealer, who is desperate to remove his shipment of drugs from the dead body packer. The episode ends with Tony eventually meeting the man both he and Jenny have been spending months trying to find - René Benoit, also known as La Grenouille, the international arms dealer from France who is revealed to be Jeanne's father.

23 - Trojan Horse

Written By: Shane Brennan and Donald Bellisario Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 13.88
A man is found dead in a taxi headed to the NCIS headquarters but his body shows no signs of external injuries. Gibbs decides to lead the investigation into the man's death in preference to performing his duties as the Acting Director of NCIS while Jenny is in Paris attending an Interpol conference. When the team discovers that the people whose names were found on a list belonging to the dead man are all dead, Gibbs suspects that the list is a decoy used to distract them.

22 - In the Dark

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 13.83
The assistant of a blind photographer notices a dead Petty Officer in one of the photographs and calls NCIS. Gibbs and his team respond to the case and use the photographer's help to re-construct the crime scene through his heightened senses of hearing and scent to find out who killed the victim. Meanwhile, both Gibbs and Tony are having love troubles.

21 - Brothers in Arms

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Martha Mitchell
Audience: 14.17
Director Shepard meets an informant named Troy Webster who has information on international arms dealer La Grenouille but Webster is killed during a gunfight, prompting Gibbs and his team to take charge of the investigation. Shepard later becomes convinced that La Grenouille, the arms dealer she has been chasing down is the one who ordered the kill but the team are all doubting her judgement, believing she might be on a personal revenge trip which is further increased when she manages to lead the team into a trap, leaving them with no clues to La Grenouille's whereabouts even after days of investigations.

20 - Cover Story

Written By: David North Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.38
During the murder investigation of a Petty Officer, McGee is unsettled when elements of the crime scene resemble the descriptions in his new novel, which is half-finished. The only person who had access to McGee's book, other than McGee himself, is his publisher. The killer promises two more kills and when the second body is found, McGee is pressured to determine who the killer plans to kill next. 

19 - Grace Period

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 13.79
An NCIS team, led by Paula Cassidy, discovers a tip about terrorist activity but it turns out to be a trap, resulting in the death of two agents and Cassidy, grief-stricken begins blaming herself for what happened. Gibbs and his team are sent to investigate the deaths with Cassidy joining them during the investigation. But the team are shocked when Ducky reveals that the man who was the suicide bomber that killed Cassidy's team was dead at least a day before his bomb went off.

18 - Iceman

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 15.69
When the man on Ducky's table turns out to still be alive the unit must track the young Marine's actions prior to his arrival in the morgue. They discover that the marine had been on leave and used his time off for a secret trip to Baghdad. The case takes a turn when Mike Franks - Gibbs' old boss shows up revealing that the young marine is in fact his long-lost son.

17 - Skeletons

Written By: Jesse Stern Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 16016
An explosion at a military cemetery mausoleum turns up a skeleton. As they investigate, Ducky discovers that they have turned up the skeleton of more than one body. The team talks to the families to try to find some link between the victims. Meanwhile, Abby is having personal problems.

16 - Dead Man Walking"

Written By: Nell Scovell Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 15.90
A Navy Lieutenant arrives at NCIS with radiation poisoning requesting that the team investigate his murder, prompting them to investigate who is responsible for poisoning him. The Navy Lieutenant is an inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency, so the team tries to figure out who would want to make sure he didn't make it to the next inspection. However, only his two closest colleagues knew where the next inspection was to take place. Meanwhile, Ziva sympathizes with the Lieutenant, in whom she sees a reflection of her own most strongly held beliefs and develops feelings for him. It is revealed in the next episode that the Lieutenant had passed away.

15 - Friends and Lovers

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.36
A man proposing to his girlfriend finds the body of a sailor. NCIS works with local officers believing that the man died of an unintentional drug overdose. However, Abby discovers a message written in blood on a laminated card found at the crime scene and the team suspect that the sailor might not have been a victim after all. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues his relationship with Agent Michelle Lee.

14 - Blowback

Written By: Shane Brennan, David North and Christopher Silber Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 16.16
After catching an international arms dealer, the NCIS team learns that Navy's highly classified weapons system will be sold to "La Grenouille," an important arms dealer. To stop the transaction from happening, the team sends Ducky undercover. Meanwhile, another government agency appears to be working on the same case, with different plans.

13 -  Sharif Returns 

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 14.83
When the NCIS team learns that the missing 10 kilograms of highly toxic chemical weapons are now in the hands of Mamoun Sharif, a wanted terrorist, they will have to find a way to find the man and stop him before it's too late with the aid from Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann and constant phone calls from Sharif himself.

12 - Suspicion

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 15.95
When a Marine is murdered in a small town hotel room, NCIS is called in to investigate. However, things take a nosedive when they learn that the local Sheriff's department already cleaned up the crime scene and performed an autopsy. They also have a suspect - an Iraqi national who just moved to the town a few months earlier. But NCIS later receive evidence suggesting that an active terrorist cell might be in play in the town.

11 - Driven

Written By: Richard Arthur, John Kelley and Nell Scovell Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 17.39
A woman is found dead in a classified robotic vehicle she was working on developing. Although it initially looks like suicide, when Abby puts the vehicle through some tests, it nearly takes her life as well but thanks to Gibbs' efforts, she is saved from certain death although McGee is left guilt-ridden over what happened. They discover that someone rigged the vehicle to kill the passenger and make it appear to be suicide. They discover that the woman who was killed was not the intended target. Meanwhile, Tony visits the hospital to see his girlfriend and continues working on special projects for the Director. Ziva notices Tony getting calls from the hospital and begins worrying that he is sick.

10 - Smoked

Written By: John Kelley and Robert Palm Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 17.96
A dead man in a chimney chute on a marine base leads the team to discover a serial killer's burial ground. They believe that the dead man was the serial killer until Abby uncovers something which proves he might actually be a victim while the whole team are in for a shock when the true killer is finally revealed. Meanwhile, Tony helps the director with a special project and makes time for his girlfriend as well while Ducky talks to Gibbs about how he felt betrayed when Gibbs left and after a heart-to-heart the two eventually repair their friendship.

09 -  Twisted Sister 

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 17.00
When McGee's younger sister Sarah shows up disoriented and bloodied at his door in the middle of the night while also believing that she might have killed someone, McGee takes matters into his hands, beginning his own independent investigation but Sarah claims she's innocent although her memory of the last few hours is blank. While McGee works on figuring out what happened to his sister, the NCIS team is investigating a case of a Navy sailor, who is somehow connected to McGee's sister. Both Tony and Abby are busy with love problems, while McGee turns out to have another secret.

08 -  Once a Hero 

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 15.80
When an honored Marine veteran falls off the floor of a hotel, disrupting a conference that all the agency directors including Director Shepard was attending, the NCIS team must find out what happened to him. Soon they realize that the Marine didn't commit suicide and that he was homeless, having lost everything after being injured while serving in Iraq. Having gone through the victim's personal belongings, the team soon find compromising evidence against him, and Gibbs is determined to prove the man's innocence by any means necessary.

07 - Sandblast

Written By: Robert Palm Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.44
When a Marine Colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course, the NCIS team must investigate a suspected terrorist attack with the help from the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID). The CIA gives them a lead to an abandoned warehouse. However, things take a sinister turn as when both NCIS and Army CID invade the place, they learn that it's actually a trap - as the warehouse is set to explode with a bomb set to go off any second but luckily, Ziva goes against Gibbs' orders and is successful in disfusing the bomb, thus preserving any evidence for both groups to use although she earns a brief reprimand from Gibbs for doing so. In the meantime, McGee uses his computer skills to break into the secret government files to uncover the terrorist cell while Tony embarks on a personal quest of his own as he attempts to stop the Marine Colonel's son from dropping out of college and going to join the Marines in hopes of avenging his father's death.

06 -  Witch Hunt 

Written By: Steven Kriozere Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 15.94
It's Halloween and the NCIS team is busy investigating a ransom case in which a Marine's daughter has been kidnapped after the kidnapper attacked the Marine in his home. The investigation leads them to a fact that the couple has been separated. They decide to focus on the wife's ex-boyfriend, after learning that the woman is the one who destroyed their marriage. Meanwhile, McGee and Tony are stunned by Abby's Halloween costume.

05 - Dead and Unburied

Written By: Nell Scovell Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 15.92
When a missing Lance Corporal is found dead in a vacant house by a real estater owner giving two potential buyers a tour, the NCIS team discovers that he was buried in the backyard and then exhumed. They also learn about his identity and that he was to be deployed to Iraq, but he never showed up for duty. The investigation leads them to a new clue - he had two fiancées who are aghast at learning that they were both engaged to the same man. Abby runs the DNA samples from the two women to find out if the DNA is a match to the soil found on the dead man's body and later finds out that the team are looking for a third woman who might have been sleeping with the victim.

04 -  Faking It 

Written By: Shane Brennan Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 15.86
A Petty Officer is found dead in his car with "NCIS" written in blood on the seat. The investigation becomes complicated when Homeland Security claims that the Russian Spy suspected of killing the officer is working for them.

03 - Singled Out

Written By: David North Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 15.89
Gibbs returns to NCIS and leads his team to investigate the kidnapping of a Navy Lieutenant, who is a computer specialist. They discover that the Lieutenant had used her military knowledge to profile potential husbands and was attending speed dating events. When they suspect that the kidnapper may continue attending the event in order to avoid suspicion, Ziva goes undercover at a speed-dating event to identify him. In addition, Tony is offered a promotion - his own team, as a reward for his performance as team leader while Gibbs was retired - but declines, and remains in Gibbs' team.

02 - Escaped

Written By: Steven Binder and Christopher Silber Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.12
A former Petty Officer, convicted of murder, escapes from prison and forces F.B.I. Special Agent Fornell to reopen his case in order to find the real culprit whilst claiming his own innocence. Fornell asks for Gibbs' help, who is reinstated as an NCIS agent by Director Shepard. To his former team's disappointment, Gibbs insists that the reinstatement is only temporary. The team soon finds discrepancies in the Petty Officer's case and that he may have been framed.

01 - Shalom

Written By: Donald Bellisario and John Kelley Directed By: William Webb
Audience: 13.80
After witnessing a Mossad agent perform an assassination, which was not authorized by Mossad, Ziva is suspected by the FBI to be a double agent. Now a fugitive and on the run, Ziva is forced to ask for help from Gibbs, who is in Mexico after retiring from NCIS. Tony finds his leadership skills being tested to the limit as he leads the team to search for Ziva and to prove her innocence before the FBI can arrest her.
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24 - Hiatus (Part II)

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 16.49
Director Shepard contacts Gibbs' NCIS mentor and partner, Mike Franks in hopes of helping an amnesiac Gibbs regain his memory as only he knows the details to an impending terrorist attack. She also delves into Gibbs' past and shares with Ducky about his murdered wife and daughter. Ziva, who had appeared nonchalant about Gibbs' situation, visits Gibbs in a desperate and emotional attempt to revive his memory by telling him about their shared connection with Ari. Meanwhile, Tony and the team discover Pinpin Pula wants to blow up the ship Cape Fear. Gibbs recovers his memory and tries to stop the terrorist attack, but fails because his superiors ignore his warnings. Finally, Gibbs hands his badge to Tony and resigns before heading to Mexico to stay at Franks's house.

23 - Hiatus (Part I)

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.17
A bomb explodes as Gibbs contacts an undercover government agent on a suspicious foreign ship, killing the agent and placing Gibbs in a coma, in which he has flashbacks of the murder of his wife Shannon and daughter Kelly many years earlier, and his wounding in Desert Storm. Meanwhile, Tony becomes the temporary head of the investigation team as the group attempts to track down Pinpin Pula, a missing crew member of the ship, suspected to be an Abu Sayyaf member. The episode ends with Gibbs awakening from his coma with no memory of Ducky, who is in the room with him.

22 - Jeopardy

Written By: David North Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 14.95
A routine drugs seizure goes wrong when the suspect dies while in Ziva's custody. The victim's brother then takes Jenny hostage, demanding his brother and the drugs be returned to him in exchange for Jenny. With a deadline of just two hours and the clock racing against them, the team with the help of Cassie Yates must find Jenny before it's too late.

21 - Bloodbath

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.56
Abby falls victim to an assassination attempt while working in her lab and the team's search for answers into who wants her dead leads them to the main suspect in the embezzlement trial Abby is testifying in, the suspect's lawyer and Abby's ex-boyfriend whose obsession with Abby is a grave cause for concern.

20 - Untouchable

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Leslie Libman
Audience: 15.90
A Navy Lt. working at the Pentagon's cryptography department is found dead in her home, having seemingly committed suicide by shooting herself in the head. However, Abby later discovers that there was someone else with the Lt. when she died and as such, the team attempt to find her killer while also searching for the mole.

19 - Iced

Written By: Dana Coen Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.52
While exploring a frozen pond, two young boys discover the body of a Marine in the pond. When Gibbs and the team are dispatched to the scene to investigate, they find three more bodies who are gangbangers belonging to a dangerous street gang, "La Vida Mala" or LVM for short. The team must find out who's responsible for the killings while enduring heat from the deceased Marine's unit who are being left in Iraq, fearing they might return to get revenge.

18 - Bait

Written By: Laurence Walsh Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 17.55
The teenage son of a Marine Major arrives in school with a bomb strapped to his body and takes his classroom hostage with one simple demand: bring his mother to the classroom before sunset. But the team soon discover that she's dead, having seemingly drowned in a boating accident the year before. Also, when Gibbs becomes a hostage, it falls to Tony to make sure that everyone comes out alive and that the bad guys are captured.

17 - Ravenous

Written By: Richard Arthur Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 17.21
A Navy Petty Officer is found eaten by a bear after a group of teenagers found his dog tags in bear feces in a national forest. However, an autopsy reveals that the Petty Officer was killed by a blade to the chest before his corpse was eaten. Evidence also shows that he was camping with a woman, who is now missing. Things then take a even more horrifying turn when the team discover that all the accidental deaths might not even be natural or accidental at all, leading Gibbs to suspect that there's a serial killer on the loose in the park, one who's using the deaths to cover up something much worse: murder.

16 - Family Secret

Written By: Steven Binder Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 15.14
An ambulance carrying the body of a young Marine who died suddenly explodes without warning, destroying the body and also rendering it unrecognizable. But things take a strange turn when Ducky later discovers that the DNA lifted from the body does not match that of the dead Marine...

15 - Head Case

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 16.05
While arresting a group of Navy sailors who were operating an illegal automotive chop shop, Ziva finds a severed head in the trunk of a recently stolen car. Abby later matches the head to a Navy Captain who died four months previously. Things go from bad to worse when Abby discovers that the ashes that the Captain's wife and young daughter have been looking after since the Captain's death are bogus, sending the team on the hunt for the Captain's remaining body parts while also bringing those behind the crime to justice.

14 - Light Sleeper

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 16.97
Two Marine wives, both originally from Korea are found gunned down in a house. As NCIS searches for the killer, they discover that the one remaining woman and the two victims are part of a sleeper cell with links to North Korea...

13 - Deception

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Leslie Libman
Audience: 17.74
A Navy Lt. Commander, who was in charge of a shipment of nuclear weapons, is thought to have been abducted leading to Gibbs and his team being called in on a Sunday to investigate. The team discovers that the Lt. Commander had had a meeting earlier in the day at a shopping center and that she did volunteer work at an organization dedicated to combating online pedophilia, meaning that her abductor might not have been a terrorist but a pedophile she was tracking. 

12 - Boxed In

Written By: Dana Coen Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 17.19
While investigating a naval stockyard for a container with illegal weapons, Tony and Ziva are ambushed and forced to take cover in a container, where they subsequently become locked in. Gibbs, McGee and Abby attempt to search for them with the help of the port security office. Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva discover that the crates of DVD movies inside the container served as a cover for hidden crates, which contain millions of dollars of counterfeit money. But they both find themselves in a gunfight after the container is later taken away to a warehouse guarded by terrorists, forcing Gibbs and McGee into a race against time to find their location before Tony and Ziva end up dead.

11 - Model Behavior

Written By: David North Directed By: Stephen Cragg
Audience: 17.11
A supermodel is found dead after having overdosed on phencyclidine at a Marine base, where the reality TV show in which she was participating was being filmed. Her ex-boyfriend is also found dead in a motel nearby having overdosed on heroin, leading the team to believe that their deaths may have been related to their relationship. However, when it is discovered that the Marine drill instructor in charge of the TV show was romantically linked to the dead supermodel, the team look closer at the others involved in the show. When the Marine boyfriend begins to overdose on the same thing that killed his girlfriend, it appears that someone may have disapproved of the relationship, even going to extreme lengths to end it.

10 - Probie

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 18.17
While the team is on protective detail for the Chief of Naval Operations, McGee spots an argument taking place in an alleyway. He shoots one of the men, who he believed was aiming a gun at him. The deceased turns out to be a D.C. Metro police detective who was working undercover. When the team is unable to find any weapon or bullets left behind by anyone other than McGee, it appears that McGee may have made a probie mistake. McGee begins to doubt himself but Gibbs is suspicious of the detective's meeting, which took place that night. After speaking to the decedent's partner, the team realizes that McGee's story may be more accurate than any of them thought.

09 - Frame Up

Written By: Laurence Walsh Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 16.43
A pair of legs are found on a Marine base, and the team is dumbfounded and shellshocked when every piece of evidence in a murder points towards Tony as the prime suspect. In an effort to help their colleague, the team compiles a list of people who may have grudges against Tony, providing them with a long list of suspects. Abby is upset that she may have incriminated Tony through the forensic evidence she provided and refuses to give up until she's proved his innocence.

08 - Under Covers

Written By: Lee David Zlotoff Directed By: Aaron Lipstadt
Audience: 17.79
When it is discovered that two married assassins, who were fatally wounded in a car crash, were planning an assassination at the United States Marine Corps birthday ball, Gibbs sends Ziva and Tony to pose as the married assassins in order to find out who the couple had planned to assassinate and who had hired them. After the team finds out that the couple were expecting a baby and might have been planning to retire, they realize that the assassination plot could have been a set-up and that the married assassins were potentially the real targets. Meanwhile, an attraction between Tony and Ziva surfaces.

07 -  Honor Code 

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Colin Bucksey
Audience: 18.08
Gibbs befriends a young boy after his father, a Lt. Commander, is kidnapped. The Lt. Commander had been working on a classified project named Honor and is the only person who has the code keys to the project. The release of the code keys can pose a serious threat to national security. Although the evidence gathered by Gibb's team suggests that the Lt. Commander was a part of the scheme, Gibbs believes otherwise due to the strong bond between the Lt. Commander and his son.

06 - The Voyeur's Web 

Written By: David North Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 18.01
Jamie Carr, a Marine Sergeant's wife, is thought to have been abducted until Gibbs and his team found evidence to suggest that she may have been murdered live on the internet. Carr and her neighbor, Leanne Roberts, had been making money by running a live internet sex site while their husbands were deployed abroad. Roberts's body is later found but the team is still unable to find any trace of Carr. With the help of her new assistant, Charles Sterling who Director Shepard has hired for her, Abby determines that the video of Jamie might not be all it seems.

05 - Switch

Written By: Gil Grant Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 17.69
The team is called to investigate the murder of a Petty Officer who was gunned down while driving on a freeway. While visiting the sailor's commander to inform him of the death, the team discovers that another man claims to be the Petty Officer and that his identity may have been stolen. Secrets in both men's lives are revealed, but it is Abby's shrewd observations that end up solving the case.

04 -  Silver War 

Written By: John Kelley and Joshua Lurie Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 16.78
A deceased Marine is found encased in a Civil-War era tomb at the Smithsonian museum and evidence later comes to light suggesting that he was probably buried alive. In the meantime, Ziva David returns to NCIS, having been assigned to Gibbs's team as a liaison officer for Mossad by the new director of NCIS, Jenny Shepard. Gibbs is angry she did so without consulting him, but Jenny insists that the team needs Ziva. She is forced to prove her worth to the team as they track down the people responsible for the Staff Sergeant's death, which is linked to a Civil War treasure and a lone rogue group who are working behind the scenes. When Ducky and Ziva are placed in a difficult position, Ziva shows her value by saving both their lives and as such, is finally accepted into the team, officially replacing Kate Todd.

03 -  Mind Games 

Written By: Jeffrey Kirkpatrick and John Kelley Directed By: William Webb
Audience: 16.87
Death row prisoner Kyle Boone is a serial killer whom Gibbs arrested ten years ago. Having been placed on Death Row and due to be executed in a few days time for killing several young women, carving a mark on their backs and taking their tongues as his trophies, he insists that he will disclose the location of the missing bodies of his murder victims to Gibbs alone, forcing the reluctant team leader to meet with him due to SECNAV personally ordering him to do so. When Abby and McGee locate the place where the victims had been murdered, the team, assisted by Agent Cassidy, finds that the latest four victims in Boone's scrapbook had been killed in the last three years, meaning Boone has an accomplice who has been carrying on his work. But the investigation turns serious when Agent Cassidy goes missing, having been kidnapped, the team is forced into a desperate race against time to prevent her from becoming victim number five of the copycat killer.

02 - Kill Ari (Part II)

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 15.09
Gibbs's determination to kill Ari in revenge for Kate Todd's death increases after he mounts attacks against various members of the team in his sadistic game with Gibbs. Ari's control officer, Ziva David, begins to doubt Ari's innocence and agrees with Gibbs's plan to present Ari with the opportunity to kill him. Gibbs arrives at his house and to his surprise, Ari has been waiting for him, with Gibbs's rifle, planning to kill him before seemingly disguising the death as a suicide. But just before Ari can kill Gibbs, Ziva who had been at the top of the stairs, listening to the two men talk, shoots Ari in the forehead, killing him. It is only after the encounter between the three of them, that Gibbs discovers why Ziva was so quick to defend Ari: she and Ari share the same father, Deputy Director Eli David of Mossad, making Ari Ziva's half-brother. After all is said and done, the team bid a sad farewell to Kate as she is laid to rest with civilian honors. Before resigning, former NCIS Director Tom Morrow approved Gibbs's request that Todd be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

01 -  Kill Ari (Part I) 

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.48
In the aftermath of Kate Todd's brutal murder at the hands of Ari Haswari, the team struggles to come to terms with her death. Still grieving over losing Kate and seeking revenge against Ari, Gibbs clashes with the new NCIS Director Jenny Shepard, who believes that Ari Haswari was not the one responsible for firing the bullet that killed Agent Todd due to the fact that there's no physical evidence or proof of any kind linking him to the crime. Ziva David, Ari's Mossad control officer, sides with the director, and causes problems when she arrives at the office, claiming that Ari is completely innocent. However, Ziva's motives for defending Ari become murky when she communicates with him and does not tell anyone in the NCIS office although Gibbs is aware and orders DiNozzo to tail her. Ari later returns and holding Gerald Jackson hostage yet again, kidnaps Ducky to divert the team's attention away from Ziva as he attempts to force Ducky into a meet.
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23 - Twilight 

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 14.74
With Ari Haswari back in the country again and out to kill Gibbs, the team find themselves attempting to stop Ari from completing the task. In the meantime, they also try to find out who killed two off-duty sailors whose deaths might be linked to an upcoming terrorist attack and the theft of a drone from a company. But in the end, it might not be enough as the NCIS team soon find themselves unknowingly paying a very high price when one of their own is brutally murdered in Gibbs and Ari's battle with each other and due to the tragedy, the team also ends up being changed forever as a result...

22 - SWAK

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 13.58
All hell breaks loose at the NCIS office when Tony opens a mysterious letter containing a small puff of white powder which may be a deadly bacteria. Kate calls for help and as a precaution, she and Tony are put into a bio-hazard isolation room while McGee and Gibbs are left to discover who sent the envelope and their reasons for doing so while searching for a cure to help their friends before it's too late.

21 - Hometown Hero

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 13.55
The executor of a Naval Petty Officer's Will & Testament discovers the skeletal remains of a missing girl in the dead man's rented storage unit. As the Petty Officer who died in Iraq is up for a Silver Star, it is very important that NCIS determines if he was a murderer within 24 hours or else the Silver Star will be cancelled altogether. Soil samples and further forensics lead Abby to discover that if the Petty Officer was the killer, he could not have acted alone. Tony and McGee find CCTV footage that suggests the Petty Officer was entirely innocent. Tony also has to deal with his car being stolen.

20 - Red Cell

Written By: Christopher Silber Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 13.67
A marine is found dead on the school campus, his neck broken and the team immediately finds a suspect. However, they are forced to start again when they find the suspect has also suffered the same fate as the victim, having had his neck broken with his body being buried in a construction site. McGee and Abby discover a trace in the e-mails, a mysterious group called "Red Cell," which leads the team to believe that the marine must have been involved in a serious death game.

19 - Conspiracy Theory

Written By: Frank Military Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Audience: 13.89
Gibbs and his team are called to investigate a possible crime when a Petty Officer named Jessica Smith reveals that she was attacked by a man wearing battle fatigues and body armour but there's no such evidence to suggest that it took place. Her therapist Lt. Witten reveals that Smith has paranoid delusions which he believes was triggered by the death of her fiancee in Iraq the month before. Things take a shocking turn when Gibbs and Kate later find Smith dead in her room, having seemingly committed suicide but Ducky later discovers the truth: she was actually murdered. With the help of FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell, Gibbs and the team must dig deep into Smith's life and find out who was responsible for her murder.

18 -  Bikini Wax 

Written By: David North Directed By: Stephen Cragg
Audience: 14.27
A Virginia Beach bikini contestant drowns in a public bathroom toilet. When the team discover she posed partially naked in a magazine, and was pregnant at the time of her death, clues are revealed that lead to an unlikely suspect. Tony finds a juicy secret from Kate's past.

17 -  An Eye for an Eye 

Written By: Steven Kane Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.86

When a Petty Officer working in Intelligence receives a pair of cobalt blue eyeballs in the mail, the NCIS team starts investigating the case. The sailor commits suicide during the investigation and after Abby matches the eyes to a South American girl in a photo with the dead man's lecturer, Kate and Tony must travel to the Triple Frontier destination of Paraguay to discover the truth.

16 -  Pop Life 

Written By: Frank Military Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 13.68
A dance club bartender wakes up in bed with a dead female petty officer lying next to him and claims this was not the woman he came home with, despite the fact that he was drunk at the time. DNA tests reveal that he was telling the truth, but the team must still work to figure out whether this means that he didn't kill the dead woman. The victim's sister and a local corrupt businessman might know more than what they're telling.

15 -  Caught on Tape 

Written By: Chris Crowe, Gil Grant and John Kelley Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Audience: 13.59
A Marine falls off a cliff, and his camera records him falling to his death. The prime suspects are his wife and his best friend with whom he was staying in the camp. Gibbs finds out they had an affair behind a dead man's back and he tries to persuade them to blame each other. In the meantime, Abby with McGee's help reconstructs the damaged film footage on the camera and reveals a previously dismissed suspect to have been in the vicinity at the time of the death.

14 - Witness

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 13.04
A beautiful young MIT graduate witnesses a sailor being strangled. Local police doubt her story, but McGee asserts that her account warrants further investigation. When the missing sailor's body is found at another location, the story gains ground. The witness also captivates McGee who, after a sudden twist in the investigation, ends up unknowingly holding the key to solving the case but things turn to tragedy when the young witness is strangled to death, leading Gibbs and the team to not only find who's responsible for the sailor's death but also that of the woman's as well.

13 - The Meat Puzzle

Written By: Frank Military Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 12.74
After several months, Ducky and Jimmy finally start identifying the bodies in the meat puzzle they have been working on. It is not long before Ducky realises that the victims all played a part in a trial that he himself testified in: the court case of a would-be Medical Examiner named Vincent Hanlon who was accused of raping and murdering a young Navy Lt and was eventually jailed for eight years as a result. They soon discover that the dead men were involved in the case and it dawns on Gibbs that Ducky might be the next target as whoever has already carried out the gruesome killings is out for revenge against those who were involved in the case. Tony and Kate are assigned to protection detail which means safeguarding Ducky and his elderly mother, but Kate makes a split-second mistake which leads to Ducky being kidnapped from his home during the night. The team must race against time to find him before he ends up dead like all the other previous victims while Jimmy and Abby begin working together to uncover the truth and in turn uncover a surprising revelation: Vincent Hanlon who is thought to have died in a car crash is not actually dead as while the teeth matches Hanlon's, the body does in fact belong to someone else.

12 - Doppelgänger

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 14.53
A telemarketer hears a murder while trying to sell a long distance call package. The team investigates with the help of a civilian law enforcement team whose personalities seem to be an exact copy of Gibbs and his team. Each team member discovers different crucial facts about the case, leading to the discovery that the murder may not have been all it seemed to be. When Abby and McGee discover that the dead man was using the Navy computer system for his own financial gain, they consult with the people he worked with to see if they can shed light on who may have wanted him dead. But the investigation becomes more intense when the missing Petty Officer is actually found dead, having been shot at close range and the team find themselves hunting down his killer. 

11 - Black Water

Written By: Juan Carlos Coto and John Kelly Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 15.40
A Navy officer's body is found in a car pulled from a lake by a celebrity private investigator. The man had been missing for two years. The PI now wants to claim the reward posted by the family, but the NCIS team must complete the investigation to find the killer before the money is awarded. The case changes from accidental death to suspected murder when McGee discovers a bullet lodged in the car. The team initially suspect that the dead man's brother may be a prime suspect, but forensic evidence suggests someone unexpected is responsible for the killing.

10 - Chained

Written By: Frank Military Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 14.64
Tony goes undercover as an escaped prisoner. He is tasked with sticking to a convict who has information about stolen Iraqi antiques. During the investigation, Tony disappears, and the GPS locator that Abby placed on him is no longer working. After some startling discoveries in the case including information that the convict Tony is accompanying may in fact be a murderer with blood on his hands, the team realise that Tony's life may be in danger and race against time to find him before it's too late. 

09 - Forced Entry

Written By: John Kelley and Jesse Stern Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.59
A Marine's wife shoots an intruder in self defense when he enters her home during the night and is about to rape her but things change when Gibbs and the team uncover evidence suggesting that she might have lured her supposed attacker to her home under the guise of a date.

08 - Heart Break

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 15.65
A Navy Commander dies after a successful surgery. At first glance, it appears that the sudden death might have been a case of spontaneous human combustion. However while researching the dead man's past, the team discovers that he had gained a lot of enemies recently, not least of all a young ensign, who makes himself the prime suspect with some bizarre behaviour. But while analysing the evidence from the scene of the death, Abby and Tony discover the truth behind the Commander's death, and in turn find a new suspect. In the meantime, Ducky develops a soft spot for the doctor who was treating the commander.

07 - Call of Silence

Written By: Roger Director Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 14.71
A former Marine and Medal of Honor recipient who fought in World War II confesses to having murdered his friend in battle on the same night that they were battling against the Japanese. Gibbs does not believe this is the whole truth and attempts to prove his innocence despite SECNAV and Faith Coleman insisting that the death was actually murder. The team become personally involved with the case, with Gibbs using deceptive tactics to pull the truth from the elderly man. 

06 -  Terminal Leave 

Written By: Roger Director Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Audience: 15.27
When an Iraq veteran, Commander Michaela "Micki" Shields is threatened and very nearly killed by a group of terrorists seeking revenge against her for accidentally killing civilians while she was serving in the war, the NCIS team steps in to protect her and her family from further danger. While trying to convince an FBI agent to help them, the team is convinced that they've discovered the bomber but unfortunately, the FBI Agent is more interested in nailing than the members of the whole terrorist cell rather than making sure that the family are safe. However, things might not be what they seem when another car bomb nearly kills Tony and Kate during their protection duty of the Lieutenant Commander. In the meantime, a single family secret may pose more of a threat than even terrorists could as it's revealed that someone else wants the Commander dead.

05 -  The Bone Yard 

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 13.68
The NCIS team attends a crime scene and end up finding multiple remains among the wreckage despite the Army CID originally insisting that the whole event was nothing more than an accident. When one set of remains is revealed to be an FBI agent who was working undercover and who also receieved a very savage beating before his death, the team realises that they've stumbled upon a dumping ground which the mob have been using for eighteen years to dispose of their victims. The FBI suspect an agency mole is responsible for the exposure and subsequent death of the murdered agent, and it appears as though Fornell is being set up to take the blame for what's going on while the real mole goes undetected, knowingly jeopardising the lives of the FBI Agents and personnel along the way. Unwilling to let Fornell take the fall, Gibbs sets out to find the real mole and clear Fornell's name, using tactics that shock his team.

04 -  Lt. Jane Doe 

Written By: Donald Bellisario, Gil Grant, Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W. Van Sickle Directed By: Dan Lerner
Audience: 14.05
While on leave, two sailors discover the body of a young woman dressed in a Navy uniform and due to the fact that she has no ID on her is given the name, Lt. Jane Doe. However, the case becomes very personal for Ducky when he realizes that it bears a striking resemblance to a similar case that he investigated ten years ago...

03 - Vanished

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 14.86
A marine attack helicopter is discovered in the middle of a crop circle in a rural area and both the pilots who were originally thought to have been on aboard, are missing. Soon, NCIS discovers that only one of the pilots was on the flight and that there is a ten year feud going on in the town of Smokey Corners, West Virginia and as a result, the missing pilot on the run, is seeking revenge for something while some of the locals are going to great lengths to hide secrets that could help solve the case. 

02 -  The Good Wives Club 

Written By: Gil Grant Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 14.28
The mummified remains of a woman wearing a single wedding dress are found in an abandoned Marine home that was due to be torn down due to the fact that they were a security and health hazard. When Gibbs and his team go to investigate, they discover that the room the victim was in is modelled on the 1950s which leads Kate to suspect that a serial killer, one who she profiles endured horrific abuse as a child is responsible for the crime. In the search for answers, McGee uncovers a missing person's report, this one in Jacksonville regarding a Petty Officer who had vanished on her way to work months and who has been missing for four months. The team then head to the Base and begin working with the NCIS Special Agent there in the hope of finding the missing Officer before it's too late and to also stop the killer once and for all.

01 -  See No Evil 

Written By: Chris Crowe Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 14.33
When an eight-year-old blind girl Sandy Watson (played by Abigail Breslin) and her mother, Jill are kidnapped to blackmail a Navy captain (David Keith) into transferring $2 million in government funds, Gibbs and his team are faced with a unique challenge. An unexpected twist is uncovered when Abby and McGee manage to trace the money. The twist is that Captain Watson is the one responsible for arranging the kidnapping in the first place as he wanted to steal money from the government. After helping them solve the case, Tim McGee who was on a brief transfer from Norfolk gets a surprise from Gibbs: he is promoted to a full-time field agent and as a result is transferred to the Navy Yard, becoming a permanent member of Gibbs's team in the process.
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23 - Reveille

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 10.86
As Gibbs's obsession with tracking down the infiltrator who held Todd and Ducky hostage begins reaching new heights, the team grow more concerned about him. But when Kate is kidnapped and reunited with the terrorist, Gibbs's anger goes into overdrive as he pushes McGee and Tony to find out more information about the man responsible, not realizing that Kate's life might be in great danger....

22 - A Weak Link

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Alan Levi
Audience: 10.39
Routine training results in the death of a U.S. Navy SEAL lieutenant just days before he was due to deploy on a classified hostage rescue operation. The death is initially dismissed as an equipment malfunction, but Abby discovers that the link attaching the lieutenant to his rappelling rope was made of a weaker material than factory standard, suggesting sabotage and potentially murder. Pressure is applied by the CIA for the investigation to be wrapped up within 38 hours so the operation can continue or else the entire mission, which is of national security importance, will be scrubbed. As the case goes on, Gibbs discovers that the lieutenant had a secret, and that his wife might be holding back vital information about his death.

21 - Split Decision

Written By: Bob Gookin Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 11.07
As Ducky meets his new assistant, Jimmy Palmer who is replacing the injured Gerald Jackson, Gibbs and the team handle the case of a marine found impaled on a tree stump. The investigation uncovers the sale of decommissioned military weapons on the black market. Tony goes undercover and meets the buyer, only to stumble into an ATF operation. Working with ATF Special Agent Stone, Gibbs poses as a weapons supplier to complete the deal, and must double cross everyone in order to find the corrupt person at the centre of the investigation, and the one responsible for the marine's death.

20 - Missing

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Audience: 10.13
The disappearance of a marine from a bar draws NCIS in to investigate, and it's discovered that several marines from the same unit have also vanished under similar circumstances. When skeletal remains of one of the missing men is found chained to a pipe in a small sewer room, Gibbs begins to suspect the unit CO (the only team member not dead or missing) as a serial killer. However, after Tony vanishes, the investigation takes on a more frantic pace and McGee is called in from Norfolk to help as Gibbs and Kate work against the clock to find Tony before it's too late. And as the team edge closer to the truth as well as saving Tony, a deep, dark secret from one of the people they've already interviewed is threatening to come to light....

19 - Dead Man Talking

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 11.64
Special Agent Chris Pacci is brutally murdered while investigating a cold case, prompting a guilt-ridden Gibbs to step in and take over the case while attempting to find Pacci's killer. The team follows the trail of millions of dollars, and is led to a woman with ties to the thief. The agents take shifts conducting a stake-out on the woman's house, until Tony's caught raiding the mailbox. Forced to improvise, he introduces himself as a resident of the neighbourhood and strikes up a conversation based on what he had heard via surveillance. This gives him a chance to get close to the suspect in order to find out more, as he goes on a successful date with her. Meanwhile, Abby makes a shocking discovery which leaves Tony horrified and vulnerable to an onslaught of merciless taunts and teasing from Kate: the suspect they've been trailing, Amanda Reed (Jamie Luner), is in fact Lt. Commander Voss, the Officer who faked his own death in a car accident and who's responsible for stealing money from the Navy. Things come to a head in a bar where Voss/Reed attempts to kill Tony in front of witnesses but Gibbs gets there just in time and shoots Voss/Reed dead, avenging Pacci's death.

18 - UnSEALed

Written By: Thomas Moran Directed By: Peter Ellis
Audience: 10.83
A former Navy SEAL convicted of double homicide escapes from Leavenworth, resulting in Kate and McGee being assigned to protect the son and in-laws of the escaped prisoner. During the night, the SEAL breaks into the house to see his son before fleeing, leaving Todd tied to a chair and unarmed, her weapon having been taken by the SEAL as a form of protection and to be possibly used in another crime of some sort. Profiling his behavior, Kate theorizes that he may actually be innocent, and had discovered the identity of the real killer while in jail. Gibbs brings in the presiding defense and prosecution attorneys, one of which is Lt. Commander Faith Coleman to go over the evidence while attempting to arrest the true killer before the fugitive finds the actual murderer and delivers his own brand of justice: revenge.

17 - The Truth Is out There

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 13.29
During a rave party, the body of a Petty Officer falls through the ceiling. Preliminary investigation suggests that the Petty Officer was killed in the nearby parking lot, and was dressed after his death. Upon checking the victim's room, evidence surfaces that he might been taking financial bribes or someone else may have been blackmailing him. Gibbs suspects the victim's co-workers of involvement in the death when their separate versions of events are too consistent. Forensic evidence links them to the scene, and they eventually confess that the death was a prank gone wrong, but Gibbs still believes that there's more to the case than meets the eye and also that one of the victim's co-workers actually murdered the Petty Officer.

16 - Bête Noire

Written By: Donald Bellisario Directed By: Peter Ellis
Audience: 12.82
Ducky responds to an emergency call when the Israeli Embassy sends a Royal Navy officer to NCIS for autopsy, only to find a gunman (revealed in later episodes to be recurring antagonist Ari Haswari) inside the body bag. As Ducky, Gerald and eventually Kate are held hostage in the autopsy lab, the director and Gibbs co-ordinates with an FBI strike team to negotiate their release. Meanwhile, Kate hesitates when presented with an opportunity to kill her captor, while Gibbs and Tony take more pro-active measures to get their co-workers out safely, ending with a showdown during which shots are fired, one of which hits Gibbs's left shoulder, leaving both himself and Gerald who had been shot during the siege injured.

15 - Enigma

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Audience: 12.14
Fornell and Gibbs clash when it is discovered that a marine colonel, William Ryan (Terry O'Quinn) who also happens to be Gibbs's former C.O has absconded from Iraq with two million dollars, and returned to the states under an assumed name. The FBI believe that he staged the ambush and stole the money for himself while Gibbs denies the claim, believing he's innocent. Ryan later contacts Gibbs, and explains that he has discovered a conspiracy to siphon funds out of Iraq for use on black ops. Gibbs is drafted in to aid in bringing down the conspiracy, and meets the Colonel's partner - a lieutenant named Cameron who had actually died in Gibbs's arms years ago. After being arrested for "pissing off the FBI", Gibbs and Fornell set out to discover the truth behind the Colonel's claims in a tense standoff. It is soon discovered that Ryan is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and after the standoff ends, he is put into a mental hospital so that he can be treated for his mental illness.

14 - The Good Samaritan

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Alan Levi
Audience: 13.49
A local county sheriff calls in NCIS upon discovering a murdered lieutenant commander by the roadside, quickly followed by the murder of a civilian contractor two counties over. As the team struggle to find a motive or suspects for either case, another murder occurs; this time a naval aviator. Ducky points out that while the murders appear to follow the same modus operandi and seem to have been carried out by a serial killer, some elements are different, indicating that the murders were not carried out by the same individual which suggests that there is a copycat on the loose. A DNA sample draws suspicion onto the widow of the third victim, but she has an iron-clad alibi, leaving Gibbs with a complex investigation and many loose ends to tie up.

13 - One Shot, One Kill

Written By: Gil Grant Directed By: Peter Ellis
Audience: 13.18
When a marine recruiter is killed, the NCIS team quickly discover that a highly intelligent and skilled sniper was behind the attack. Initially, the team believes the sniper had a grudge against the recruiter, but when a second attack occurs the investigation takes on a wider scope and as a result, the FBI are called in, bringing Gibbs into direct conflict with the FBI's team leader. When Gibbs notices that the sniper left a "calling card" in the form of a white feather at each scene, he realizes that the sniper was probably meeting the recruiters before the shooting took place. Hoping to lure out the killer, Gibbs dons his old Marine uniform and takes over the recruitment office with Kate, his new "commanding officer", co-ordinating with DiNozzo and assisted by an FBI team.

12 - My Other Left Foot

Written By: Jack Bernstein Directed By: Jeff Woolnough
Audience: not available
When the leg of a marine is discovered in a dumpster, Gibbs and the team immediately run into a problem - identifying who the leg belongs to and finding the rest of his body. Kate and Tony are ordered to find the marine's place of burial and exhume the body, only to discover that the marine to whom the leg belongs to was apparently cremated years ago by a very distraught woman claiming to be the deceased marine's sister. With no solid leads available, the team is stuck following red herrings, until it becomes apparent that the marine was in fact alive until recently, and another marine was killed and falsely identified in the past. This revelation prompts the NCIS team to investigate closer to home where they uncover a mother and daughter who are both guarding a deep secret... 

11 - Eye Spy

Written By: Frank Cardea, Dana Coen and George Schenck Directed By: Alan Levi
Audience: 14.00
NCIS is called in to investigate the murder of a naval officer at Little Creek Naval Base following an anonymous tip-off. McGee manages to track the tip-off to Langley, suggesting that the CIA has been spying on the base. Gibbs and Kate follow the tip-off, coming across a witness who leads the team to several possible suspects. At first the murder seems to be tied in with work the officer was involved with, but Gibbs soon begins to suspect that the motive for the death might not actually be espionage-related and that someone else might be the true killer..

10 - Left for Dead

Written By: Donald Bellisario and Don McGill Directed By: James Whitmore, Jr.
Audience: 14.51
Kate immediately develops a close, personal bond with a young woman suffering from amnesia after she wakes up and crawls from her grave in a national park following a possible murder attempt. Her memory is blank but she claims to remember that a bomb is present on a Navy ship and that people will die unless it's found, leading Gibbs and the team off on a hunt for the bomb and also to find Jane Doe's true identity. But unknown to Kate and the team, Jane is actually lying to Kate as she is already beginning to remember her past and is probably planning something to strike back against her employers, something that might end in bloodshed not only for her but could affect Gibbs and his team as well...

09 - Marine Down

Written By: John Kelley Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 12.03
When a dead Marine seemingly calls his wife on the day of his funeral, Gibbs, Tony and Kate are called to investigate. The case quickly becomes complicated, as the Marine's CO apparently has two physical forms, and Tony somehow manages to meet and interrogate the victim's wife in a park without ever leaving the office. As the investigation continues, the Marine turns up embalmed, having been killed two days after his funeral supposedly took place. Gibbs suspects CIA involvement, and the team soon find themselves tracking a rogue operative who killed the first Marine as a part of a cover-up in regards to a mission that ended in disaster and is now attempting to kill off the dead Marine's partner to make sure that the investigation is wrapped up while he flees with the money the CIA previously paid in an attempt to save the two kidnapped Marines. As such, the team find themselves racing against the clock as they attempt to rescue the deceased Marine's partner before another murder takes place and take down the rogue CIA agent once and for all.

08 - Minimum Security

Written By: Donald Bellisario and Philip DeGuere Directed By: Ian Toynton
Audience: 12.71
The team heads for Cuba when Ducky and Gerald discover that a dead Guantanamo Bay translator they've been working on has a stomach full of emeralds. NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy proves to be more than a match for Tony when he is ordered to investigate her involvement, while Gibbs and Kate try to discover where the emeralds came from, how they ended up in their translator's stomach, and prevent the assassination of an important prisoner with links to Osama Bin Laden.

07 - Sub Rosa

Written By: Frank Cardea and George Schenck Directed By: Michael Zinberg
Audience: 13.21
NCIS Norfolk Case Agent Timothy McGee works on a case of a partially dissolved corpse found in a barrel of acid at the Norfolk Naval Base, and calls in the Major Case Response Team to help him. As the investigation continues, it soon becomes apparent that the killer took steps to prevent the body from being identified. Gibbs quickly comes to believe that the motive for the brutal murder was identity theft and his suspicions are further confirmed when it's revealed that although a submariner is dead, no-one has been reported missing, leading Gibbs to believe that an imposter is on one of the submarines. Tony, Abby, and McGee are tasked with identifying the deceased, while Gibbs and Kate are sent underwater on a submarine to vet five possible suspects, one of whom might have been responsible for the murder and to also prevent a possible chemical attack from taking place.

06 - High Seas

Written By: Larry Moskowitz and Jeff Vlaming Directed By: Dennis Smith
Audience: 11.77
One of Gibbs's former team members, NCIS Special Agent Stan Burley who is Agent Afloat on the USS Enterprise calls for assistance when a sailor suffers a meth overdose while on leave, despite the sailor in question claiming that he's never taken the drug. When another sailor is admitted to sickbay under the same circumstances, Tony and Kate investigate the source of the drugs within the crew while Gibbs begins to suspect that a senior officer on the ship is secretly doping the crew with performance-enhancing drugs.

05 - The Curse

Written By: Donald Bellisario, Don McGill and Jeff Vlaming Directed By: Terrence O'Hara
Audience: 13.50
Gibbs and the team are called in when a mummified lieutenant, who was believed to have absconded with 1.2 million dollars of stolen Navy funds ten years previously and later receieved a dishonourable discharge for allegedly deserting his position, is found in a half-buried cargo pod with Navy markings on it. Two former shipmates who serve with the deceased come under suspicion for both the murder and the theft. Gibbs and Tony work at investigating the murder, while Kate is charged with tracking down the missing funds although she is more devoted to ensuring the dead Lt's former wife and young daughter receive his death benefits. Abby uses a computer reconstruction to work a confession out of a possible suspect. 

04 - The Immortals

Written By: Darcy Meyers Directed By: Alan Levi
Audience: 11.70
The discovery of a drowned sailor in dress whites, with an officer's ceremonial sword and weights chained to his waist, sparks a suicide investigation and eventually sends the team to the USS Foster so that they can dig into the deceased officer's life and find out what his colleagues thought of him. Kate refuses to believe that the deceased sailor committed suicide as, like her, he came from a Catholic family where suicide is a mortal sin. Meanwhile Abby discovers a link between the crew of the USS Foster and an MMORPG known as 'The Immortals', and begins searching the game for clues and evidence in order to assist Gibbs in solving the case and saving the ship from possible destruction.

03 - Seadog

Written By: Donald Bellisario and John Kelley Directed By: Bradford May
Audience: 11.26
When a Naval Commander is murdered, seemingly during a freelance drugs deal gone sour, the media is quick to link him to drug trafficking and the evidence stacks up. Being a former Marine himself, Gibbs refuses to believe that a good officer could be so corrupt, and in his efforts to clear the Commander's record and good name, uncovers a turf war between two rival drug gangs, and a terrorist's scheme to knock out the national power grid. The NCIS team is aided in its investigation by a DEA Agent (played by William R. Moses), and FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell.

02 - Hung out to Dry

Written By: Don McGill Directed By: Alan Levi
Audience: 12.08
A Marine dies during a night-time training jump. The culprit seems to be a faulty parachute, but the standard investigation reveals that the death might not have been an accident after all. Gibbs begins to believe that the supposed accident which resulted in the Marine's death might actually be murder after all and he and Tony, along with new recruit Kate Todd, set out to find out who tampered with the dead Marine's faulty parachute and eventually sent him to his death.

01 - Yankee White

Written By: Donald Bellisario and Don McGill Directed By: Donald Bellisario
Audience: 13.04
While on Air Force One, a Navy Commander tasked with carrying the "football" dies under mysterious circumstances, forcing an emergency landing in Wichita, Kansas but while his death is originally thought be to a tragic accident, NCIS eventually uncovers evidence suggesting the Commander was murdered and that it might be connected to a possible assassination attempt on the President.
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