Latest Site Updates

This page contains a running record of updates to the website, so if something isn't how it used to be, you will most likely find the reason why that is, on this page

9 July 16

Due to falling user numbers, mostly thanks to the cancellation of ABC's Castle, the time has come to shut down It's been an interesting and entertaining 5 years running the site, but the time it takes to maintain it is no longer worth it. I don't intend to take the site down immediately - instead I'll keep it online for the time being so you can still access the ratings data at you leisure.

29 December 15

Minority Report has been moved to the Canceled Shows section on the homepage.

3 September 15

FOX's Minority Report is the 35th series to be added to the site. Not long now until the season kicks off September 21!

22 July 15

Ahead of the 2015-2016 television season kicking off late September, FOX's Empire, CBS's Limitless and NBC's Blindspot are the first three of six new series to be added. ABC's The Catch, FOX's Minority Report, and CW's Containment will be coming soon.

9 June 15

All shows that aired during the regular season have had their Google sheets and graphs converted to genuine tables and images. This speeds up loading times massively as those pages no longer need updating. You'll see the Google sheets and graphs make a return in the Fall as the new seasons kick off.

30 April 15

All active graphs and tables across the site have now had their code updated to support the new version of Google Sheets, which generates all the graphs and tables. Load times should be quicker too. Thanks for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience. The changes were completely out of my control.

25 April 15

Google have released an update to their Google Sheets service. With the very large spreadsheet thats responsible for all dynamic graphs and tables on the site having previously remained on the "old" Google Sheets platform, today was the day Google decided to migrate my sheet to the "new" version. As a result, every graph and table will need to be re-embedded to update the code and provide more functionality.

The result is the tables in particular will look a bit weird for a few days and you'll need to use the scroll functionality on your device to access the entire data set while I update the site. However the benefits should come in the form of faster loading tables and interactive graphs. Thanks for your patience while I complete the update

6 April 15

Glee has been moved to the Cancelled Shows section of the site.

18 March 15

NBC's upcoming series Odyssey has undergone a name change, and is now called American Odyssey. The site has been updated accordingly. NBC's Allegiance and TNT's Perception now reside in the Canceled section on the site.

12 March 15

With CBS's The Mentalist having concluded its time on air, its now been moved to the Canceled Shows list on the homepage.

5 January 15

I've added NBC's Allegiance and Odyssey to the site, bringing the total number of series covered to 31. I'm amazed I've added that many series to the site since its inception with just three!

In addition, I've added a Reviews page to State of Affairs, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100 and Allegiance. These pages contain links to reviews I've written for

1 January 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2014 was the site's biggest year by far, with visitor numbers and pageviews in 2014 up more than 70% on 2013.

The site had more than 36,000 users visit more than 74,000 times in 2014, notching up 210,000 pageviews between them. The daily visitor records was broken three times, and a new daily pageview record was also set.

This shows the site is continuing to grow in popularity which is awesome. I'm hoping you will continue stopping by in 2015 too. I'm planning on adding several more series to the site to make up for a few which are coming to a close this year. I also have a few small features in the works that will appear soon, provided I can find the time!

Once again, thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great festive season!

14 November 14

Fixed a navigation error with Elementary, which was preventing anyone from seeing the Season 3 ratings. Am also working on debugging the season comparison graphs for a few shows, though some are Google bugs that I can't get rid of.

28 October 14

As the networks begin confirming their season orders for their current series, you'll see the changes appear on the site. I use a default 24 episode template for all series that don't have confirmed episode counts early on, then adjust these once networks release their season orders. Currently, CBS and ABC have done so, and you'll see these reflected in the data tables for those series.

23 September 14

Horray! The 2014-2015 television season is finally underway! Thank you for you continued support for the site! I'm once again looking forward to providing you with all you need to know about the ratings and statistics of your favorite shows. I hope you enjoy the new season!

Thanks to a contact form submission by a site visitor, I was notified of an issue with the Bones Season 9 page displaying Season 10 data instead. This has now been resolved. I do sometimes make mistakes so if you spot one, please let me know!

19 August 14

Fall is fast approaching, and with that, three new fall series have been added to the site, bringing the total number of shows covered to 29.

ABC's How To Get Away With Murder, CBS's Scorpion, and NBC's State of Affairs are the three new series I've added. All three are freshman shows beginning in September, though State of Affairs kicks off mid-November.

As with every other show on the site, these three feature a cast page, episode guide, information page, and the season 1 ratings page. I'm planning on adding a couple more shows which debut this summer, so stay tuned for those.

To accomodate the new additions, the homepage has been slightly rearranged, and the show selector bar on the top of most pages has become wider to accomodate the unusually long series name "How To Get Away With Murder."

I hope you enjoy the new series. Thanks for visiting the site!

9 August 14

I've added the new season pages for all the series returning this fall. I'll once again be utilizing Google's Sheets software to manage the series ratings tables and graphs. As the various episode names and airdates become available you will see them appear.

The freshmen series I'll be adding to the site will be announced soon.

26 July 14

I've began prepping the site for the 2014-2015 television season. I've started by adding the new seasons to all the relevant series' episode guides, and adding premiere titles to those guides and series homepages where possible. The cast pages have received a going-over and I've added and removed the cast members where necessary. Adding the season pages should occur in the next couple of weeks as more information on premiere dates and some more episode titles begin emerging.

There's an excellent selection of freshman dramas that will kick off in late September and I'll be deciding which series I'll pick up for the site. Many networks are struggling with their comedy lineups so it's next to impossible to decide on a series to add.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks! It's hard to believe we are less than 2 months away from the upcoming television season.

2 June 14

I've made some back end changes to the file directory structure in relation to the images and shows that have been canceled. This is primarily to speed up the time it takes me to synchronize the site between the multiple computers I use to update it. You should not notice any changes

I've also added the horizontal banner ad to all pages on the site, where it was previously located solely on the Castle transcripts pages. Now that the 2013/2014 season is over, traffic drops away so I need to ensure the site continues to break even when it comes to paying for costs such as hosting and the domain name. The site makes me around 20c a day in total so I'm not exactly rolling in cash! It's a personal project, not a money machine.

I'm also looking through the selection of shows to add to the site that will be premiering in the 2014/2015 season. I've seen several pilots already because I'm a reviewer for, so when I've made the decision as to what to add, you'll see it here.

2 May 14

I've put another ad on all Castle transcripts pages to see whether the ad revenue earnings for the site increase. The author recognition box at the top of all transcripts have been made more prominent.

21 March 14

The top navgation bars on the The 100, The Blacklist, The Following, and Intelligence pages have been fixed.

2 March 14

The new year is well and truly here, with some terrific television moments having graced our screens in the past few weeks.

The CW has a presence on SeriesMonitor for the very first time, with upcoming drama The 100 being added to the collection of 26 shows covered on the site. Click here to check this series out.

30 December 13

CBS's freshman action thriller Intelligence is the latest show to be added to SeriesMonitor. Intelligence is the 25th show on the site!

As a result, I've modified the homepage to accommodate Intelligence and any further shows that get added. I've moved the 3 shows that have been canceled to their own segment at the bottom of the page to make room for current shows at the top.

I've also compressed a couple of the banner images which were slowing page loading down throughout the site, and added a brand new contact form on the Contact page which looks much nicer and works a lot better than the previous form.

Some back end changes to increase SEO have also been made over the past couple of weeks.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for your continued support for the site - I really appreciate it!

19 December 13

I'm excited to announce show #24 has arrived on It's FOX's hit drama The Following. As with all the other shows on the site, you can see advanced statistics, including Live+SD and Live+7 ratings data and analysis. Click here to check it out!

29 October 13

The season is progressing nicely with some magnificent pieces of television each week. The cloud based spreadsheet is working very well and makes the job of inputting ratings much simpler and faster. I've had a couple of minor teething problems with it recently but I'm making progress with fixing and enhancing its functionality. Thanks for bearing with me!

24 August 13

CBS's Elementary is series #23 on All the usual statistics and features available for other shows are present for Elementary. Enjoy!

18 August 13

The Blacklist arrives on in preparation for the 2013 TV season. In addition, the homepage has been changed to reduce the size of the show tiles. This means I can fit more tiles into a smaller area, but the layout will still be familiar for regular visitors or those who are visiting for the first time

13 August 13

It's been a long break between the end of the season and now, and I've been hard at work preparing the site for the new season. There are a few pretty significant changes worth noting.

The first is the implementation of a Google Sheet. This spreadsheet serves the tables and graphs on this season's shows. This means that updating the graphs and season tables for multiple shows takes mere seconds, whereas it used to take me about 5 minutes per show when I did it manually. The downsides to this are that the graphs aren't as comprehensive because Google Sheets lacks a lot of the functionality Excel provides, and there will be no gaps in the season ratings tables to indicate the number of weeks between episodes. There is also an absence of graphs to show the quarterly trends partly because they hardly changed week to week, and because Google don't allow their graphs to get that small! So you'll be seeing a little less information, but it will be there more quickly, it takes me much less time, freeing up time for new shows to be added.

As this data now loads from Google, expect longer loading times for the graphs and tables. The site itself should still load as fast as ever, but you'll be waiting on Google to serve up the main stuff. There may be a few bugs so I'm constantly checking that and fixing them.

I've also altered the layout of the Castle Transcripts Home page to standardize its appearance with the rest of the site. It should also be easier to navigate, and will require less scrolling. The transcripts themselves remain unchanged.

27 June 13

Due to the failure of the website that supports the Twitter hashtag viewer on all the show homepages, I've moved these hashtag viewers to the official Twitter widget system. They don't look as pretty as the old one but they do the same job

FOX has also announced the premiere dates for the upcoming season. Glee and Bones' premiere dates are on their respective show homepages

18 June 13

CBS is the first major network to release their fall premiere dates. You can see the premiere dates for the 5 CBS shows the site covers, on their show homepages

4 June 13

With the 2012/2013 TV season all but over, I'd like to take the opportunity to say a massive THANK YOU to all the regular visitors to the site. Your feedback and positive comments make running the site all worthwhile, and I will be back for the 2013/2014 TV season this fall. Remember there are still some summer shows running, but I will only be covering TNT's Perception on the site as I want to have a break!

I'll still be working on the site in the background though. I'll be refining the back end, and investigating ways to cover more shows with less effort, along with including more statistics for you to enjoy

If you have any shows that you think will be a great addition to the site, please contact me! It's not just my opinion that counts. In the meantime, note the changes to the statistics sections on the homepages of each show. Instead of being green, the season buttons are now orange. This color mightn't stay the same for long though, as I'm experimenting with what makes that part of the site more visible

10 May 13

I've made some changes to how the navigation works inside all the shows. At the top right of the screen on all pages for all shows, you'll see a dropdown menu to select a season for the show. Clicking on a season will take you directly to that season's page. This means that if you're looking at the episode guide, cast, or information page for example, you don't have to navigate back to the show home page - instead you can use the menu to get straight to the season you're after - saving you a couple of clicks

In the same navigation bar, the text which previously said "@SeriesMonitor" now has a Twitter icon in its place, to help break up the text and hopefully allow the link to stand out more, which will attract some more followers.

There is a nice beige color as the background for the site now. This makes the white on the pages less intense and just looks nicer

Finally, Homeland was missing from the show navigation bar at the top of all the Bones pages. This has now been corrected

9 April 13

Some aesthetic updates to the tables of early seasons of NCIS, Bones, and The Bog Bang Theory to make the table borders look better

9 April 13

SeriesMonitor had the most views in its one year history today! A massive 457 visitors came for a look around today, mostly thanks to a couple of articles I posted on SpoilerTV. The previous record of 312 visitors was beaten by 145, a substantial margin!

In other news, all seasonal statistics pages now have "Season X" on the buttons which previously had "Previous Season" or "Next Season" on them. This is to make them a little more obvious and to help them signal their direction of navigation a bit better, so hopefully more visitors will look at more pages

In addition, the menu bar and footer now have links to the @SeriesMonitor Twitter account. Previously, the only link to the Twitter account was on the home page, so this modification changes that. Please follow the account, I post on it regularly!

4 April 13 is one year old!! And because this is a statistics site, here are some stats from the first year of operation. These statistics are from today, right back to June 18 2012, the date I enabled Google Analytics on the site

Since June 18, the site has received:

  • Over 21,500 visits by over 13,000 people
  • Over 64,000 page views
  • An average of 2.97 pages viewed per visit, with an average visit duration of 2 minutes 10 seconds
  • The most visitors in a single day occurred today, with 312 people visiting in 24 hours. It's the first and only time the 300 visitor mark has been broken
  • The most page views occurred on September 13 2012, with 1,667 pages viewed in a 24 hour period
  • The most popular show on the site by a significant margin is is ABC's Castle. CBS's Person of Interest is the second most popular show

So there's a taste of the first year of SeriesMonitor. It's been hard work, but it's also been great fun. Thanks for all your support and positive comments, it really does make everything I do, worth it. The closing of the 2012-13 TV season is only a few weeks away, and I'm looking forward to a break over the summer.

In other news, you should see the Live+7 DVR Ratings fof the 2011-12 season begin appearing in the coming day or so, as part of the introduction of even more statistics onto the site. It takes a lot of time and effort to get this dats from its sources, so I hope you enjoy it and find it useful

16 March 13

A few minor adjustments to the season 2 and 3 stats for Castle to change audience numbers tto the nearest 10,000 instead of the previous 100,000

Also, be sure to have a look at my new website,, a sure dedicated to the best Castle fan videos on the web!

20 February 13

SeriesMonitor now has a new logo! I've done away with the boring, plain, "SM" logo and moved to a simple graph shaped design to reflect the content of the site. You can see the new logo on all page of the site, including on the top left hand corner of this page. Also, an additional horizontal ad bar has been added to the site homepage.

8 February 13

The Live+7 data is proving very popular with readers which is great to see

Perception and Game of Thrones have had their information updated in preparation of their second and third seasons respectively. This includes changes to the episode guides and adding another season statistics page in preparation for the return of these shows

7 February 13

I managed to accomplish the task of gathering the Live+7 ratings for all the shows on the site a lot quicker than I imagined. The data is now live for this season only on 14 shows. These are Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, NCIS, Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Revenge, Revolution, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, and The Mentalist

6 February 13

Expect to see some changes in the coming days to this season's pages for most of the shows as I introduce Live+7 ratings and audience data for the first time on the site. The tables and graphs will both see this new data added to them

Initially this data will be available for this season only, and for most of the network shows on the site bar a couple that don't have enough available data. Once that rollout is complete, I'll look to add last season's data as well, but that's some time away yet

1 February 13

A minor update to site navigation, with buttons linking to the Graphs pages for shows that have them added to the top bar along with the Episode Guide, Show Info, and Cast buttons. This will save users the hassle of having to return to the show homepage to get to the Graphs page

26 January 13

Series #21 is now online! Check out the extremely popular Homeland, made by Showtime. As is standard with all the other shows, comprehensive graphs, tables, and analysis are available for each of the seasons. The episode guide, cast, and information pages are also available. I hope you enjoy checking Homeland out!

In addition, the show navigation bar and site homepage has been updated to accomodate Homeland, and the three cable shows the site covers now have their network logo icon beside them in the show navigation bar

23 January 13

The latest improvements to the site are all about navigation. The site now has a brand new show navigation bar on all pages except the homepage, which allows you to hover your mouse over the network your show is in, which reveals a list of all the shows covered on the site that belong to that network. I'm still making a few tweaks to the new navigation system, but if you find and bugs please do contact me.

I've also changed the basic file structure of the site to make it easier to manage, and hopefully faster. You shouldn't notice any changes in the site as a result of this though

9 January 13

Happy New Year to you all. The site is ticking along nicely and the feedback about the new layout has been very positive. I'll be picking up some new shows this month to replace the canceled Last Resort, 666 Park Avenue, and The Mob Doctor. One of these additions will be Showtime's Homeland

24 December 12

The brand spanking new has landed!! After about 200 hours of work with an entirely new design, the new version of SeriesMonitor is now here. I really hope you like this new version and that it enables you to find the information faster. I really want to hear your thoughts so get in touch using the contact form!

Some of the modifications include the removal of the TV Schedule, and the Season Summary pages that were linked to on the old homepage. These pages weren't drawing any traffic so I decided to cut them. The statistics for each show are also in an all-new layout, with the graphs, ratings tables, and season breakdown information all on one page for an individual season. The design, color scheme and navigation are also all new, and I believe they make the site much more intuitive to use

For more changes, simply have a look around the site!

19 November 12

Anywhere you click on a season number that then drops something down, such as a ratings table or episodes guides, now has a nice big button to click. This makes the season name stand out much more, and it makes the pages look a bit more filled up. A couple of minor bug and code fixes have also been carried out

9 November 12

The Castle transcripts had a link crediting the author added to them but none of these links actually worked. These should all be fixed now. In addition, all Episode Guide pages now have the statistics menu bar added to them so you can quickly reference the statistics pages from the Episode Guides. I did this to improve navigability around the site, and to maximize the number of pages that people visit after they've found the episode guide in a search engine by giving them other places to go

2 November 12

The Castle transcripts now all have their respective authors credited to them, along with a link to the source site

30 October 12

The "Click to show the statistics menu" text that was on all statistics pages is gone!! Now you don't need to click the text to show the stats menu to get to the next page
In addition, the words " |" now no longer appear at the start of the page title in the browser tab, but at the end of the title. This means the titles will look like "Castle Videos |" instead of " | Castle Videos". This will help with search engine optimization in a week or two

27 October 12

Some fixes relating to the statistics pages navigation on Revenge, Once Upon A Time and Person of Interest, where the Season Comparison link was missing on some but not all pages. All pages now have the relevant links

18 October 12

The site is doing very well. It's seeing plenty of traffic come through from all over the world, with averages of 100 - 150 visitors per day. Thanks for your support!!

4 October12

The four sophomore shows on SeriesMonitor, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Scandal, and Person of Interest, now have Season Comparison pages online

25 September 12

The 2012 TV Season has officially begun!! And with that, a new Scandal poster on all the Scandal pages

21 September 12

Updates to most of the statistics pages in preparation for the new season beginning next week. Also, I've fixed some of the links in the show selection bar that runs along the top of most show pages, so they link correctly

18 September 12

Changes to the code in the heading bars of all the shows to make the text stay in the same place. The heading bars are now all the same size

16 September 12

The 2012 - 2013 Statistics page is now live, with Glee being the first show to register an episode this season. I have also corrected a major error in the lead-in data for Glee season 2, when there was in fact no lead-in at all!!

14 September 12

Once Upon A Time now has the official Season 2 poster under the left menu on all pages except its homepage

12 September 12

Person Of Interest has an updated photo on the site homepage

11 September 12

Perception becomes the second show on SeriesMonitor to have fan contributed articles about it. Check out the first article, written by Marisa Carlos here
I also fixed up the problem where the left menu on all the Perception pages was linking to the NCIS pages. That was a really bad error on my part, that I should have picked up earlier. My apologies for the inconvenience!

9 September 12

Bones, Last Resort, Glee, and Revolution have had their homepage images updated, along with the poster image that appears in the various Bones and Glee pages
An error in the code for the Castle statistics menu bars has been fixed, now the Writer Stats button doesn't sit below the Season Comparison button

7 September 12

Person Of Interest becomes the first show on SeriesMonitor to have fan contributed articles about it. Check out the first article, written by Marisa Carlos here
I've also added new images to The Bog Bang Theory, and The Mob Doctor on the site homepage, along with compressing some of the images a bit further to make loading times faster, with lower bandwidth usage

4 September 12

Some dead links fixed

30 August 12

After about 30 hours work, over the course of four days, I've now added four more shows to The shows are:

This brings the total number of shows on SeriesMonitor to 20, the total number of TV episodes on the site to 1284, the total number of seasons on the site to 59, and the total number of networks featured, to 6, (as at 30 Aug 12).

To accommodate the new shows, the homepage has been altered slightly to account for a 5x4 layout, instead of a 4x5 layout. The buttons for each show are a bit smaller as well, and the shows are now laid out alphabetically.. I've also decided to remove the show suggestion box. It was very well used while it was there, but I think 20 shows is my limit for now. We will see what happens next season

Finally, out goes Chitika for the skyscraper ads, and in comes Lijit in their place. This should mean that the ads are far better quality, and are much more relevant and useful to viewers

I'm pretty sure that this site is the leading site for TV statistics on the internet, because many people have written to me, telling me just that. I hope you like the new shows!

26 August 12

Some code changes to improve search engine optimization. This may cause some page subtitles to look odd, if you see one on a page, please contact me to let me know. Also some code changes to the Infolinks in-text ads to stop the ads appearing in the titles on the page.
I've also improved the heading bar text on all the show pages by shunting the "" text over and away from the show's image, making it look more center aligned
Finally, in preparation for a better skyscraper advertiser, the entire site has been widened by 40 pixels. This is why there is more room between tiles on the homepage, and it might explain why the site looks a little fatter if you've been here before and looked more closely

25 August 12

Some updates to the content on the homepages of each show, with new promo videos and premiere episode titles now in place for nearly all shows

19 August 12

Disqus has been removed from the site. No one posted anything at all, on any pages. If there is demand, I will add one forum to service the entire site

5 August 12

More fixes and improvements to all of the Graphs pages across the site. Now those graphs that had incorrect titles or keys have been fixed. The homepage has been given a facelift as well

1 August 12

A series of bug fixes across the site, in particular the Statistics pages across all the shows. Ratings tables have been added to the Ratings pages for each show in preparation for the beginning of the season

31 July 12

The 2012 TV schedule is now online. There is a link on the homepage, and this allows you to view the shows across the 4 main networks, in a day by day format. The three new shows on the site this season are no longer "coming soon" because there's content available on the site for them now

25 July 12

A few minor tweaks and bug fixes

20 July 12

Most of the shows now have additional preview and trailer videos, along with many episode names and cast changes. More changes are being made to prep the site for the premiere weeks in about 10 weeks time

18 July 12

All of the shows except those aired by ABC now have their premiere dates available on their respective homepages

12 July 12
I've just completed a rollout of a new navigation bar that is at the top of almost every page, under the heading bar. This bar links to all the other shows, and their corresponding pages. For example, if you are viewing the Castle ratings page, the navigation bar will link to the ratings pages of all the other shows, allowing you to move very quickly between shows for the likes of data comparison. I hope you like this new feature

Also, some minor adjustments to the back end file system of the site. I've renamed a few folders and images to standardize everything. I have also put the graphs from Season 4 of The Mentalist online, which I didn't realize until now were not on the site. Finally, the Glee link on the homepage now goes to the Glee section instead of the Mondern Family section. A bad error by me :-(

11 July 12
I've rolled out one of the biggest updates in the short history of the site. Most of the pages on the site now have the Disqus discussion service embedded into the page. Now you guys can talk about stuff!! You can use a Disqus login, or use your Facebook or Twitter account to log in. I am really looking forward to interacting with you guys, and hearing your thoughts.

Unfortunately I cannot change the color scheme of the Disqus interface. The best color for the background that fits the text and the website is

10 July 12
The three new shows that SeriesMonitor will follow in the 2012 season have just gone live. You can now click on them from the homepage and check them out. All three shows have their offical trailer on their show homepage. Make sure you check them out

9 July 12
Some shows updated with the latest info on their new season premiere information

7 July 12
Some behind the scenes code refinements to the footer of all the pages. Performance should be a bit better

6 July 12
The link that went to the wrong place on the menu bar on these pages has been fixed.

5 July 12
The contact me, about this site, and this latest updates page have all been given a facelift to fit in better with the rest of the site.

4 July 12
Advertising on the site is still causing me some issues. I'm once again working on a fix
-- UPDATE -- Ads are now back up and running

3 July 12
All of the Cast pages have had a bit of loving TLC, and a major facelift!!
I've also tinkered with all the tables on the site, giving them better borders and a nicer, cleaner feel. The tables now work a lot better in all browsers, and the weird coloring is gone. I hope you like the changes

29 June 12
Two new pages are now online. These are the 2010-2011 Season, and the 2011-2012 Season pages. They are well worth a look
I have also finally found what was causing the tables containing the Ratings and Audience of the last episode on the homepages of the shows to expand beyond its normal area. This bug has now been fixed

24 June 12
I've changed the in-text ads throughout the site to Kontera. I'm also beginning work on a brand new combined statistics section for all the shows on the site. Watch this space, it's going to be very good

19 June 12
Community is show number 13 on SeriesMonitor!!
The 3 shows new shows coming this Fall will be NBC's Revolution, FOX's The Mob Doctor, and ABC's Last Resort. If there are other shows you would like to see instead, submit them to me using the contact form, or the submit show box on the homepage
The name "Advanced Stats" is gone, and has been replaced with "Graphs" in all the statistics pages.

18 June 12
A few modifications to the code to make the right ad float when scrolling. General code cleanup. Some spelling errors fixed
Also, there should now be an icon with a miniature "SM" appearing in the browser tab!

16 June 12
Some major style remodelling to round the corners on the site. It's the little things that make all the difference!

15 June 12
In addition to Chitika advertising, I am now also trialling Infolinks. Infolinks puts ads in the text on the site.

14 June 12
Advertising is finally back up and running. Chitika is the new ad serving company I'm using

12 June 12
Game of Thrones is show number 12 on SeriesMonitor!!
Other small improvements and bug fixes
New look navigation bar on the universal pages to accommodate Game of Thrones and more future shows
Problems are still being experienced with advertising. This is taking longer than I thought to fix

6 June 12
The color scheme of the the home page and other sitewide pages have been standardized with the rest of the site. I hope you like it

2 June 12
Experiencing problems with Google Ads. A fix is underway, but there may be problems for the next week or so

31 May 12
The biggest change to the layout of the show homepages since the site was built has just been rolled out. All shows on the site have a brand new look, standardized homepage. I hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, contact me
ABC's Scandal is now live. Check it out here
Background greys on all pages and in the menu bars darkened slightly to make the text more visible

30 May 12
New interactive show selection menu bars added to all universal pages

29 May 12
The Mentalist goes live on SeriesMonitor