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Here is the episode guide for Community. Each episode has the title, writer, director, and a description listed. The descriptions are sourced from locations such as Wikipedia and official press releases

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13 - Basic Sandwich

Written By: Ryan Ridley Directed By: Rob Schrab
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.87
The group learns the history of Greendale’s first Dean, Russell Borchert, a reclusive, wealthy genius who disappeared amid a personal scandal in the 1970s. Once Shirley and Hickey locate the school’s blueprints, Annie and Abed lead the search for Borchert’s old computer lab, which was sealed off years ago. Subway returns to Greendale with plans to take over the campus for a Subway University and they enlist Chang to secretly keep tabs on the study group. Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta make a grown-up decision about their futures.

12 - Basic Story

Written By: Carol Kolb Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 0.9 Audience: 2.56
As Subway makes plans to purchase the Greendale campus for their own Subway University, the study group members contemplate the end of an era. Jeff considers a generous offer of employment he has received from Subway, while Britta considers an offer she has received from Jeff. Meanwhile, Dean Pelton tells Annie and Abed about Greendale’s first Dean Russell Borchert, which leads to an interesting and potentially lucrative discovery in the walls of Greendale

11 - G.I. Jeff

Written By: Dino Stamatopoulos Directed By: Rob Schrab
Rating: 0.9 Audience: 2.50
The study group gets 'animated' in the vein of the 1980s 'G.I. Joe' series 

10 - Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 

Written By: Matt Roller Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 3.32
Professor Hickey reveals that his estranged son Hank did not invite him to his grandson’s birthday. The group decides to help father and son reunite through a rousing game of "Dungeons and Dragons." 

09 - VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing 

Written By: Donald Diego Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.77
When Jeff, Shirley and Professor Hickey happen upon a hidden cache of textbooks, the discovery leads to some interesting power shifts as the group struggles with how to monetize their windfall. Meanwhile, Abed and Annie decide it’s time for a new roommate. Abed wants his friend Rachel to move in, while Annie wants her brother to move in. When they decide to play an old VCR game to determine the winner, things get a little intense

08 - App Development and Condiments

Written By: Jordan Blum & Parker Deay Directed By: Rob Schrab
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.79
Dean Pelton invites two designers to Greendale to beta test their new social networking Application. What starts as a fun social interaction of ranking classmates turns into an all-out class war as Greendale students compete for the highest score. Jeff and Shirley battle for supremacy, while Britta rails against the very concept. Meanwhile, Professor Hickey goes underground – literally – until the whole thing blows over

07 - Bondage and Beta Male Sexuality 

Written By: Jordan Blum & Parker Deay Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.56
Professor Duncan decides it’s time to seduce Britta and Jeff counsels him on how to close the deal. Meanwhile, Britta runs into some old friends and realizes that they have moved on from their shared anarchist views of the past. Abed runs afoul of Professor Hickey when he accidentally damages some drawings Hickey has been laboring over. When Hickey restrains Abed as punishment, the two wind up spending some meaningful time together. Meanwhile, Chang finds himself performing an impromptu one-man show for a ghostly audience

06 - Analysis of Cork-Based Networking

Written By: Monica Padrick Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 3.01
It’s time for the midterm dance and Annie sets about getting the Greendale cafeteria ready for the festivities. She and Professor Hickey team to navigate Greendale’s custodial corridors of power and must negotiate with Bob Waite, the politically savvy Greendale head custodian, and his right-hand man Lapari. They must also contend with Debra Chambers, Greendale’s head of I.T. and Waldron, Greendale’s head of parking, in what becomes an increasingly complex hierarchy of staff

05 - Geothermal Escapism

Written By: Tim Saccardo Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 3.02
A team of investigators has the study group take lie detector tests before they can be considered for distributions from Pierce's will

04 - Cooperative Polygraphy 

Written By: Alex Rubens Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 3.07
Abed plans an epic going-away party as Troy prepares to leave Greendale; a fun game transorms into a high-stakes competition.

03 - Basic Intergluteal Numismatics

Written By: Erik Sommers Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.58
Everyone is up in arms when an anonymous bandit starts dropping coins down people’s pants. While Dean Pelton mobilizes the school to investigate, Jeff and Annie pursue their own theories – methodically interrogating staff members. When someone eventually confesses, the school heaves a sigh of relief, but Jeff thinks there is more to the story than meets the eye

02 - Introduction to Teaching

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.49
Jeff settles into a new job at Greendale and adjusts to the expectations of being on staff – Professor Hickey shows him the ropes and shares some pointers on how to manage unruly and demanding students. Meanwhile, Abed convinces the study group to take a new class, "Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad," with Professor Garrity

01 - Repilot

Written By: Dan Harmon & Chris McKenna Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.49
Jeff returns to Greendale when his former law partner Alan Connor recruits him to gather evidence for a lawsuit he is pursuing. Dean Pelton is thrilled to see Jeff back at Greendale. Thinking he is there to help save the school, he quickly calls the study group back together - surprising Jeff with a reunion
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13 - Advanced Introduction to Finality

Written By: Megan Ganz Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.08
With enough credits to graduate, Jeff contemplates his future; the study group once again is faced with the darkest timeline.

12 - Heroic Origins

Written By: Steve Basilone, Annie Mebane & Maggie Bandur Directed By: Victor Nelli, Jr.
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 2.67
Convinced that the study group was destined to meet, Abed pieces together everyone's past -- revealing that their lives have always been intertwined; Chang tries to destroy Greendale once and for all.

11 - Basic Human Anatomy

Written By: Jim Rash Directed By: Beth McCarthy-Miller
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.33
When Annie and Shirley learn that Leonard is actually holding the spot as the class valedictorian, they join forces to bring him down. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed \reminisce about one of their favorite body switching films and when they inadvertently re-enact a critical scene, things start becoming a little funky at Greendale

10 - Intro To Knots

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.13
Jeff organizes a lovely holiday gathering at his apartment but Annie secretly invites Professor Cornwallis, to get in his good graces. When it becomes apparent that Professor Cornwallis intends to give them a bad grade on their joint History paper, the atmosphere quickly deteriorates and the group takes decisive action

09 - Intro To Felt Surrogacy

Written By: Gene Hong Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 2.84
The study group takes a wild balloon ride that crash lands in the woods and they end up spending some quality time together with a friendly mountain man 

08 - Herstory of Dance

Written By: Jack Kukoda Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.0 Audience: 2.32
When Dean Pelton plans a "Sadie Hawkins" dance at Greendale, Britta plans a competing "Sophie B. Hawkins" dance in protest – but the joke is on Britta – who has confused Sophie B. Hawkins with Susan B. Anthony

07 - Economics of Marine Biology

Written By: Tim Saccardo Directed By: Tricia Brock
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 2.95
Dean Pelton sets his sights on "whale" (otherwise known as a wealthy potential student) and enlists Jeff, Britta and Annie to help in his recruiting efforts. Pierce finds out and is incensed. Meanwhile, Abed begins a new Greendale fraternity, while Troy and Shirley begin a physical education instruction class, in which Shirley excels… and Troy struggles

06 - Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

Written By: Hunter Covington Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 2.58
As the campus strives to get to the bottom of Chang’s memory loss, Dean Pelton enlists the group to help secure a grant for further medical research and Abed films the activities for a documentary. Jeff, however, suspects there is more to Chang’s memory loss than meets the eye

05 - Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations

Written By: Steve Basilone & Annie Mebane Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.29
The study group heads to Shirley's for a Bennett-filled thanksgiving, which is so awkward that they immediately begin plotting their escape. Meanwhile, Jeff heads to his estranged father William's house, whom he hasn't seen since he was a child

04 - Alternative History of the German Invasion

Written By: Ben Wexler Directed By: Steven Tsuchida
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 2.83
After losing out in registration for "The History of Ice Cream," the study group begins their European History class with Professor Noel Cornwallis. To make matters worse, the group encounters the return of the arrogant German students from last season, which Jeff and Shirley faced over the foosball table. Meanwhile, much to Dean Pelton’s dismay, Chang makes his return to campus

03 - Conventions of Space and Time

Written By: Maggie Bandur Directed By: Steven Tsuchida
Rating: 1.1 Audience: 3.08
In support of Troy and Abed, the study group heads to InspecTiCon – the annual Inspector Spacetime Convention. Trouble begins when the group meets up with Abed’s email "pen-pal," Toby Davies, who’s shared passion for Inspector Spacetime comes between Abed and Troy. Meanwhile, Annie leaves the convention floor to enjoy the luxuries of the hotel while Jeff relaxes in the bar with Lauren, an Inspector Spacetime fan

02 - Paranormal Percentage

Written By: Megan Ganz Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 2.76
While on their way to Vicki’s Halloween costume party, the study group makes a detour to Pierce’s mansion when they learn he accidentally locked himself in his panic room. As Pierce languishes behind locked doors, the group searches the dark and eerie house for the book that holds the code to the door. Along the way they encounter a few of the house’s secrets

01 - History 101

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 3.88
 The Study Group returns from summer break ready to tackle their fourth year of Community College. Jeff is particularly focused on graduating and is just a few credits away. When there is a mix-up with a history class registration, Dean Pelton institutes an elaborate physical competition for class space. Meanwhile, Britta helps Abed deal with the anxiety he is experiencing over the thought of the study group graduating and breaking up
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22 - Introduction to Finality

Written By: Steve Basilone & Annie Mebane Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 2.48
Jeff and Alan (Rob Corddry) battle in court as opposing counsel in Pierce and Shirley's sandwich shop case. Vice Dean Laybourne continues to win over Troy to the Air Conditioning Repair School.

21 - The First Chang Dynasty

Written By: Matt Fusfeld & Alex Cuthbertson Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 2.61
When Chang gains control of Greendale's campus, the study group forms a plot to take back the school. Troy seeks help at the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. 

20 - Digital Estate Planning

Written By: Matt Warburton Directed By: Adam Davidson
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 2.97
Pierce is summoned to Hawthorne Enterprises to discuss his inheritance with his deceased father's former right-hand man, Gilbert Lawson (Giancarlo Esposito). The study group goes with him for moral support and must all pitch in to play the video game of their life on Pierce's behalf – or risk losing his inheritance. Most of the episode is animated as an 8-bit video game.

19 - Curriculum Unavailable

Written By: Adam Countee Directed By: Adam Davidson
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 2.99
When Abed becomes convinced that Dean Pelton has been replaced by an impostor, he is required to see a therapist (John Hodgman), who attempts to convince the group that they have been experiencing a shared psychosis and Greendale is actually a mental institution. 

18 - Course Listing Unavailable

Written By: Tim Saccardo Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.20
A classmate suddenly dies, and Britta counsels the group using skills from her psychology class. When this fails and the group find out their biology credit is useless, their attendance of their fallen classmate's wake quickly goes awry. Meanwhile, Chang continues to attempt to take over campus security. 

17 - Basic Lupine Urology

Written By: Megan Ganz Directed By: Rob Schrab
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.21
In a homage to Law & Order, the study group investigate a crime when someone sabotages their science experiment. When they discover the perp, Annie plans on prosecuting them to the fullest extent of Greendale's Code of Conduct. 

16 - Virtual Systems Analysis

Written By: Matt Murray Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 2.77
The carnival comes into town and Britta enlists the help of the study group to keep her away from her ex. Vice Dean Laybourne and Dean Pelton band together to try to woo Troy to the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. 

15 - Origins of Vampire Mythology

Written By: Dan Harmon Directed By: Steven Tsuchida
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.09
The carnival comes into town and Britta enlists the help of the study group to keep her away from her ex. Vice Dean Laybourne and Dean Pelton band together to try to woo Troy to the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. 

14 - Pillows and Blankets (Part 2)

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.00
Presented in the style of Ken Burns' documentary, The Civil War: What starts as a casual disagreement over pillows and blankets soon blossoms into all-out war on the Greendale campus. While insults are hurled and the study group choose loyalties, Jeff tries desperately to negotiate a truce, but with neither Abed nor Troy budging on their principles or real estate, the future looks grim for the duo's friendship.

13 - Digital Exploration of Interior Design (Part 1)

Written By: Chris McKenna Directed By: Dan Eckman
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.48
A new Subway shop opens in the cafeteria, and Shirley, Pierce, and Britta attempt to sabotage it. Vice Dean Laybourne returns to try to win Troy over. Troy and Abed build competing blanket forts. 

12 - Contemporary Impressionists

Written By: Alex Cooley Directed By: Kyle Newacheck
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.87
Jeff begins experiencing extreme narcissism. The group helps Abed get rid of debt by impersonating various celebrities at a bar mitzvah. 

11 - Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

Written By: Vera Santamaria Directed By: Kyle Newacheck
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 4.75
Andre re-proposes to Shirley. Britta and Annie quickly begin making arrangements for the wedding. Jeff must write a speech, and Troy and Abed attempt to become "normal" for the wedding. Pierce and Shirley try to get a sandwich shop installed in the cafeteria. 

10 - Regional Holiday Music

Written By: Steve Basilone & Annie Mebane Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.60
Greendale's choir director (Taran Killam) asks the study group to fill in at the holiday pageant after the glee club is unable to attend. 

09 - Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism

Written By: Chris Kula Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.74
Jeff and Shirley spend time together playing foosball. After Annie breaks Abed's special edition DVD of The Dark Knight, she covers it up by staging a robbery. 

08 - Documentary Filmmaking: Redux

Written By: Chris Kula Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.6 Audience: 3.62
Dean Pelton is asked by the school board to film a new commercial for Greendale; Abed films all the activities for a documentary. 

07 - Studies in Modern Movement

Written By: Adam Countee Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.49
The group tries to help Annie move in with Troy and Abed but things go awry when she becomes frustrated by their lifestyle; Dean Pelton blackmails Jeff into spending the afternoon with him. 

06 - Advanced Gay

Written By: Matt Murray Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.84
Pierce is excited about a party he's throwing to celebrate his business success, but the affair becomes very different when his elderly father arrives. 

05 - Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

Written By: Dan Harmon Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.42
In order to determine the odd man out of the group (who, in this case, is apparently a sociopath), Britta conducts a search by having the gang tell scary stories. 

04 - Remedial Chaos Theory

Written By: Chris McKenna Directed By: Jeff Melman
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.78
Troy and Abed's housewarming party turns into a surreal, post-modern world with parallel realities; each reality showing the effect on the study group of one character's absence from it (e.g. without Troy the group descend into chaos; without Jeff the group have fun). Nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Short Form Dramatic Presentation. 

03 - Competitive Ecology

Written By: Maggie Bandur Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.35
While the gang pairs off to build a terrarium, Chang relishes his imaginary role as a noir detective. 

02 - Geography of Global Conflict

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 3.98
A Model UN competition introduces Annie to a new frenemy, while Britta goes head to head with Campus Security Officer Chang.

01 - Biology 101

Written By: Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 3.93
The study group decides to take a Biology class together, but Pierce soon faces problems when only six seats are available in the class. Jeff quickly makes enemies with their professor (Michael K. Williams) and is removed from the class. Dean Pelton, meanwhile, finds a new rival in Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman), the dean of the renowned Air Conditioning Repair Annex.
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24 - For a Few Paintballs More (Part 2)

Written By: Hilary Winston Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.32
As the paintball game continues, it takes a dramatic turn with new participants entering the game. The study group realize they must unite to defeat the enemy despite disagreements about strategy. 

23 - A Fistful of Paintballs (Part 1)

Written By: Andrew Guest Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 3.49
The Greendale campus celebrate their last day of school with a BBQ picnic. Dean Pelton announces plans for a new game of paintball, which has students forming alliances and friendships being tested. During the game, a mysterious man (Josh Holloway) emerges on campus. 

22 - Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts

Written By: Karey Dornetto Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.35
Just as the study group are getting ready for their final Anthropology exam, Shirley goes into labor, leaving the group to figure out the best way to help. Meanwhile, a riot in the parking lot starts during the World Food Festival. 

21 - Paradigms of Human Memory

Written By: Chris McKenna Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.17
As the study group assemble their 20th and final diorama for their anthropology class, they reminisce about their favorite moments over the past year (all never-before-seen flashbacks). However, while reminiscing, a secret year-long affair between Jeff and Britta comes to light which threatens to tear apart the group. Meanwhile, Troy's monkey reappears but disappears back into the ventilation system, leading Señor Chang to try to get the monkey, as well as retrieve all their stolen loot. 

20 - Competitive Wine Tasting

Written By: Emily Cutler Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.4 Audience: 3.49
The study group begin to choose their spring electives. Britta and Troy explore an acting class where Troy makes up a story about having a troubled childhood as a way to attract Britta, while Abed picks a course that studies the 1980s sitcom Who's the Boss? taught by Professor Sheffield (Stephen Tobolowsky) who has written a book on the subject. Meanwhile, Jeff and Pierce take a wine tasting class, where Pierce meets a mysterious Chinese woman named "Wu Mei" (Michelle Krusiec) who quickly begin a romance where she agrees to marry Pierce. Jeff gets suspicious of Wu Mei's actions and tries to figure out what is really going on.

19 - Critical Film Studies

Written By: Sona Panos Directed By: Richard Ayoade
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 4.46
For Abed's birthday, Jeff plans a Pulp Fiction inspired surprise party at a restaurant. Unbeknownst to the rest of the group, Abed brings Jeff to another restaurant for dinner based on the film My Dinner with Andre.

18 - Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 4.15
The study group organizes a baby shower for Shirley, while she tries to keep Chang out of her life. Britta is interested in Abed and Troy's new friend, Lukka (Enver Gjokaj), who has a dark past. 

17 - Intro to Political Science

Written By: Adam Countee Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 3.79
When the vice president comes to Greendale, Dean Pelton organizes a student body election, which Annie is determined to win against Leonard, Jeff, and Star Burns. Meanwhile, Abed becomes friends with a secret service agent (Eliza Coupe). 

16 - Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking

Written By: Megan Ganz Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 4.11
When Pierce lands in the hospital, he believes he's dying and gives the study group specific gifts that are actually meant to torment them. Britta wonders what to do with a blank check for "charity," Jeff ponders the idea of meeting his father, and Troy gets to meet LeVar Burton, while Abed films the whole thing for a documentary. 

15 - Early 21st Century Romanticism

Written By: Karey Dornetto Directed By: Steven Sprung
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 3.81
During Valentine's Day, Abed and Troy compete over the college librarian. Britta befriends a female student who she thinks is gay. Jeff is forced to throw a party at his apartment when Professor Duncan (John Oliver) invites himself over to watch a soccer game. 

14 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Written By: Andrew Guest Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.37
Abed invites "Fat Neil" (Charley Koontz) to play a game of Dungeons & Dragons with the rest of the study group, hoping to boost his confidence, after Jeff becomes concerned about his mental health. When Pierce finds out he was not invited, he joins anyway, disrupting their plans. 

13 - Celebrity Pharmacology

Written By: Hilary Winston Directed By: Fred Goss
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 4.59
Annie convinces the group to put on a middle school anti-drug production, but finds it continually derailed by Pierce's efforts to give himself a better role. Meanwhile, Chang attempts to connect with Shirley, while a prank involving Britta's phone puts Jeff in an awkward situation. 

12 - Asian Population Studies

Written By: Emily Cutler Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 4.73
The group debates whether Annie's new crush (Greg Cromer) or Señor Chang should be new additions to the group. Shirley has big news to reveal when her ex-husband Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) returns.

11 - Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas

Written By: Dino Stamatopoulos & Dan Harmon Directed By: Duke Johnson
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.29
When Abed wakes up in stop-motion animation, he takes it as a sign that he and the group must re-discover the meaning of Christmas. Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta become growingly concerned about Abed's mental health and enlist the help of Professor Duncan. The group undergoes hypnosis to explore Abed's winter wonderland and soon unravel the truth behind Abed's madness. 

10 - Mixology Certification

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.55
When the study group convenes to celebrate Troy's birthday, they realize he is actually turning 21 and decide to hit the bars. While Jeff and Britta ingest a few too many cocktails and get silly, Shirley gets busy pulling down incriminating photos of herself that are posted at the bar. Annie embraces the identity on her fake ID, while Abed delves into conversation with a fellow sci-fi nerd (Paul F. Tompkins). 

09 - Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Written By: Chris McKenna Directed By: Adam Davidson
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.41
When Dean Pelton begins checking class schedules, he discovers that Jeff has listed a class that doesn't exist. Just when it appears Jeff will be caught in a lie, the mysterious "Professor Professorson" (Kevin Corrigan) emerges from the shadows to confirm that Jeff has been taking his class, "Conspiracy Theories in U.S. History," at night school. When Jeff later admits to Annie that he's never seen Professor Professorson in his life, the two decide to find out who the professor really is. Meanwhile, Abed and Troy are busy building the most elaborate blanket fort that Greendale Community College has ever seen. 

08 - Cooperative Calligraphy

Written By: Megan Ganz Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.53
When Annie's pen goes missing, she suspects a member of her own study group is the thief. On a mission to find the pen and solve the mystery, the group takes a self-imposed lockdown and Jeff takes the lead in conducting the search. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed are itching to get out of the study room to make it to the Greendale Puppy Parade taking place in the quad. 

07 - Aerodynamics of Gender

Written By: Adam Countee Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.61
After a classroom smackdown with a group of "mean girls" led by Meghan (Hilary Duff), Britta, Shirley, and Annie bond with Abed by turning him into the ultimate "mean girl." Meanwhile, Jeff and Troy embrace a zen-like spirituality under the guidance of a groundskeeper (Matt Walsh) when they come across a secret trampoline on campus. Determined to uncover the source of their new bliss, Pierce ends up taking a disastrous turn on the trampoline and lands in the hospital.

06 - Epidemiology

Written By: Karey Dornetto Directed By: Anthony Hemingway
Rating: 2.4 Audience: 5.64
Pierce and a few other Greendale students ingest a bio-hazard substance at the school Halloween Party, causing them to exhibit flu-like symptoms and they soon begin turning into zombies. It is up to the rest of the gang to save themselves and the school when Dean Pelton locks them in with the zombie-infected student body. 

05 - Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples

Written By: Andrew Guest Directed By: Tristram Shapeero
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.46
Shirley gets inspired to create a religious film. After reading the Bible, Abed becomes very enthusiastic and wants to make his own, however, Shirley wants no part of it when she hears his idea, a film that equates a film director with Jesus and his camera with God. Meanwhile, Pierce struggles to come to terms with being the oldest member of the group and is recruited by another set of students his own age, known around the campus as "hipsters." 

04 - Basic Rocket Science

Written By: Andy Bobrow Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 4.81
Dean Pelton acquires a spaceflight simulator for Greendale after City College announces one of its own. The group becomes trapped in the simulator as it is towed off campus. Abed is left behind and attempts to guide them safely back. 

03 - The Psychology of Letting Go

Written By: Hilary Winston Directed By: Anthony Russo
Rating: 1.8 Audience: 4.20
After the death of Pierce's mother, the group comes together to help comfort him in his time of need. Professor June Bauer takes an unexpected leave of absence after a classroom prank (in the season premiere) that left Jeff in the hospital. Professor Duncan struggles to take over the anthropology class in her absence. At the same time Abed's story line takes place in the background throughout the episode involving Abed delivering a baby. 

02 - Accounting for Lawyers

Written By: Emily Cutler Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.53
Jeff is re-connected with his former law firm colleague Alan Connor (Rob Corddry) and finds himself returning to some of his evil ways of expensive suits and late night partying. Alan takes Jeff to a law firm event to see his former boss Ted (Drew Carey), and the study group shows up to "rescue" him. While Annie, Abed and Troy sneak into the offices to gather dirt on Alan, Jeff watches in horror as Pierce, Britta and Shirley are corrupted by the lawyers. 

01 - Anthropology 101

Written By: Chris McKenna Directed By: Joe Russo
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 5.01
Classes resume at Greendale Community College and the group enroll in a new class, Anthropology 101, which is taught by June Bauer (Betty White), an esteemed, but quirky anthropology professor. Jeff deals with the aftermath of last season's transfer dance, where Britta confessed her love for him and he shared a secret kiss with Annie. Señor Chang decides to enroll at Greendale as a student. 
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25 - Pascal's Triangle Revisited

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Hilary Winston
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.14
After Britta is nominated for queen of the Transfer Dance, Professor Slater admits to Jeff that she misses him and wants to get back together. Troy is asked by his dad to move out of the house, and begins hoping to move in with Abed, although Abed rejects the idea. The next day, at the Transfer Dance, Troy is offered a place to live by Pierce though he still wants to live with Abed. Abed later explains to him that their personalities would clash if they roomed together and they would "jump the shark". Annie reveals to the group that Vaughn has been selected for a competitive Hacky Sack team in Delaware and will be leaving for the summer, but she secretly tells Jeff that the move is permanent and she will not be coming back to Greendale. In a separate storyline, Chang plans to beat up Duncan, after having been mocked by him for being fired, after turning to him to ask for help cheating his way through to re-obtaining his degree. Chang however cannot, since he would be expelled for hitting a member of the Greendale staff. At the dance, however, Duncan becomes drunk and broadcasts Dean Pelton's "dalmatian fetish", causing him to be suspended. Chang seizes the opportunity and punches him in the face with a roll of quarters. During the dance, Britta publicly admits her love to Jeff. Professor Slater also announces the same statement. Jeff, unsure how to respond, leaves the dance only to bump into Annie who changed her mind about leaving. After the two each share their respective conflicted emotions, Annie gives Jeff a small kiss, and Jeff responds with a bigger one as the two embrace. 

24 - English as a Second Language

Written By: Gail Mancuso Directed By: Tim Hobert
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.49
Señor Chang reveals to Jeff that he does not have a teaching degree and asks him where he got his. The conversation is inadvertently recorded by Annie, who records all classes for taking notes. When Dean Pelton finds out, Chang is replaced by another, much stricter professor who has the class take a much harder Spanish final. Meanwhile, Troy discovers he has a natural talent for fixing plumbing, and must ward off a persistent maintenance worker (Jerry Minor), who wants him to use his talent to become a plumber. As everyone faces the fact that they will have to retake Spanish, Jeff realizes that Annie was the one who turned in Chang, remembering that she records every class, and Chang's confession. As everyone shuns her, she tries to redeem herself by making things better with Chang, who finds that his life is better for it, and she helps everyone study for, and pass the final.

23 - Modern Warfare

Written By: Justin Lin Directed By: Emily Cutler
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.36
After the Dean announces the prize for a friendly game of paintball, Greendale sinks into a state of all-out paintball war, with every student battling for supremacy. During the chaos, Jeff's study group teams up in order to last longer in the game. Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta confront their unresolved sexual tension. 

22 - The Art of Discourse

Written By: Adam Davidson Directed By: Chris McKenna
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.36
Shirley gets Pierce kicked out the study group, Jeff and Britta plot revenge on a group of high schoolers who make fun of them for attending community college, and Troy helps Abed accomplish some of his film-clichéd social goals. 

21 - Contemporary American Poultry

Written By: Tristram Shapeero Directed By: Emily Cutler & Karey Dornetto
Rating: 1.6 Audience: 3.67
Jeff's plan to get chicken fingers from the school cafeteria for the study group quickly evolves into a mafia film-style endeavor with Abed calling all the shots. The episode features several cultural references from mobster films such as Goodfellas and The Godfather.

20 - The Science of Illusion

Written By: Adam Davidson Directed By: Zach Paez
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 5.09
Britta pulls an April Fools prank that backfires on her. Annie and Shirley become on-campus security guards with both fighting to be the "bad cop." 

19 - Beginner Pottery

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Hilary Winston
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 5.21
Jeff signs up for an easy pottery credit taught by a man (Tony Hale) with only one rule: no re-enactments of the pottery love scene from Ghost; however, the class becomes complicated by Jeff's obsession with proving one talented classmate is a ringer. Shirley and others sign up for a boating class taught by Admiral Slaughter (Lee Majors) in the school parking lot, but find land-boating harder than it sounds.

18 - Basic Genealogy

Written By: Ken Whittingham Directed By: Karey Dornetto
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.70
During Family Day at Greendale, Pierce tries to re-connect with his step-daughter Amber (guest star Katharine McPhee) who becomes attracted to Jeff. Britta gets caned by Troy's nana and Shirley's sons cause havoc for Abed's father.

17 - Physical Education

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Jessie Miller
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 5.06
Jeff eagerly anticipates his cool new billiards class, only to find the instructor insists players must wear the decidedly uncool gym uniform, which Jeff refuses. Intrigued by a Spanish textbook that has romantic drawings of Abed, the women spur him to a personality makeover that will make him more likely to attract a girlfriend. 

16 - Communication Studies

Written By: Adam Davidson Directed By: Chris McKenna
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 5.15
On Valentines Day, Britta gets drunk and leaves an embarrassing message for Jeff which causes Abed to point out that Britta has lost her power and that Jeff needs to leave her an equally embarrassing message so she can get it back. Annie and Shirley try to pull a prank on Señor Chang after he embarrasses Troy and Pierce during class. 

15 - Romantic Expressionism

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Andrew Guest
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 5.23
Britta and Jeff conspire to break up Vaughn and Annie by attempting to reignite her feelings for Troy. While, Pierce tries to get some genuine laughs during Troy and Abed's bad film night. 

14 - Interpretive Dance

Written By: Justin Lin Directed By: Lauren Pomerantz
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 4.73
Jeff tries to keep his relationship with Professor Slater (Lauren Stamile) a secret from the group, but they eventually discover the truth. Meanwhile, Britta and Troy try to keep their secret of taking dance lessons from the group.

13 - Investigative Journalism

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Jon Pollack & Tim Hobert
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 5.42
The group returns from their winter break, and realize a new student named Buddy (Jack Black) has inserted himself into the study group. They must decide whether or not to allow him into the study group. Meanwhile, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) makes Jeff the new editor of the Greendale Gazette Journal, where Annie discovers a story about racial profiling in the school. 

12 - Comparative Religion

Written By: Adam Davidson Directed By: Liz Cackowski
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 5.51
Shirley plans a Christmas party for the study group, hoping to celebrate in her Christian ways, but learns everyone else is from a different religious background–Annie is Jewish, Abed is Muslim, Troy is a Jehovah's Witness, Britta is an atheist, Pierce is in an odd cult but believes that it is a Buddhist community, while Jeff is agnostic. Meanwhile, Jeff stands up to a bully named Mike (Anthony Michael Hall) that harasses Abed in the cafeteria. The study group comes to Jeff's defense when they fight Mike and his friends on the college campus. Later after the fight, the group celebrate the holidays and learn they all passed their Spanish final, meaning they will all move on to Spanish 102.

11 - The Politics of Human Sexuality

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Hilary Winston
Rating: 2.2 Audience: 5.42
Annie and the Dean sponsor an STD-awareness fair. Britta and Shirley help Annie prepare for her big condom usage demonstration. Troy and Abed compete to see who is the better athlete. Jeff and Pierce go on a double date to the fair. 

10 - Environmental Science

Written By: Seth Gordon Directed By: Zach Paez
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 4.87
Jeff becomes friends with Señor Chang and helps him get back with his wife. Pierce helps Shirley with her public speaking class. Abed and Troy work on a biology experiment. 

09 - Debate 109

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Tim Hobert
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 5.09
The dean solicits Jeff to join Annie in a debate competition, where they will compete against star debater Jeremy Simmons to debate whether Man is intrinsically evil or good. Abed's latest student films show a prescient tendency that frightens Shirley, whose predicted behavior includes being chased by a werewolf. Pierce offers his services as a hypnotherapist to Britta in her attempts to stop smoking. 

08 - Home Economics

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Lauren Pomerantz
Rating: 2.3 Audience: 5.45
Jeff is kicked out of his condo and moves in with Abed temporarily, until Britta helps him move on and look for apartments. Annie helps Troy prepare for his date with a different girl. Pierce briefly joins Vaughn's band. 

07 - Introduction to Statistics

Written By: Justin Lin Directed By: Tim Hobert & Jon Pollack
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 5.32
Annie hosts a Day of the Dead party for Halloween. Jeff hits on his statistics professor, which upsets Shirley but not Britta. At the party, Pierce goes on a bad trip and has to have Jeff and Abed help him.

06 - Football Feminism and You

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Hilary Winston
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 5.18
The dean blackmails Jeff into convincing Troy to join Greendale's football team, over the objections of Annie. Shirley teaches Britta proper ladies room etiquette. Pierce and the dean devise a new school mascot, the Human Being. 

05 - Advanced Criminal Law

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Andrew Guest
Rating: 2.0 Audience: 5.01
Señor Chang discovers someone has cheated on their Spanish test, and will fail everyone unless the cheater comes forward within 24 hours. When Britta comes forward, Jeff represents her when she is facing expulsion for cheating. Meanwhile, Annie enlists Pierce to help write a new song for Greendale. 

04 - Social Psychology

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Liz Cackowski
Rating: 1.9 Audience: 4.87
Jeff begins to bond with Shirley over their mutual distaste for Vaughn (Eric Christian Olsen), Britta's new boyfriend, a laid back hippie. Meanwhile, Annie joins Professor Duncan in a psychology test that tests people's patience, which has Abed, Troy and Señor Chang (Ken Jeong) as test subjects.

03 - Introduction to Film

Written By: Anthony Russo Directed By: Tim Hobert & Jon Pollack
Rating: 2.9 Audience: 5.86
Jeff signs up for an "easy A" class taught by Professor Whitman (John Michael Higgins), where all they have to do is "seize the day" to receive an A. Though Jeff soon realizes it will not be as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, Britta helps Abed by paying for a course where he can study film. Abed's father is angered when he finds this out, and Abed creates a film documenting his life and how people do not understand him, including that he feels he is to blame for his mother's abandoning the family. His father is moved by his film and agrees to pay for his classes. 

02 - Spanish 101

Written By: Joe Russo Directed By: Dan Harmon
Rating: 2.7 Audience: 5.39
The Spanish students are paired to create simple dialogues; Jeff is stuck with Pierce after an attempt to be paired with Britta backfires. Shirley and Annie mount a student protest after Britta tells them of anti-journalist violence in Guatemala. 

01 - Pilot

Written By: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo Directed By: Dan Harmon
Rating: 3.8 Audience: 7.89
Recently disbarred lawyer Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) is forced to attend a community college to redeem his illegitimate law degree, planning on exploiting his friendship with former client Dr. Ian Duncan (John Oliver) for test answers. He starts up a Spanish study group in order to score with attractive classmate Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs), who invites her friend Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi), who in turn invites fellow classmates Troy Barnes (Donald Glover), Annie Edison (Alison Brie), Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown), and Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase). After believing he has secured a date with Britta, Jeff stirs up conflict within the group in order to leave with her, only to be confronted by her about his ulterior motive. When he gives an inspirational speech to calm them down and finally go out with Britta, she reveals his true intentions and asks him to leave. Jeff storms out, only to find out the answers obtained from Dr. Duncan are actually blank. As he is leaving campus, Jeff runs into Pierce and Troy who are encouraged by his advice. Jeff resigns himself to flunking the test, but Britta, speaking for the group, reluctantly invites him back, saying the group didn't make much progress after his departure.
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