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Here is the episode guide for 666 Park Avenue. Each episode has the title, writer, director, and a description listed. The descriptions are sourced from locations such as Wikipedia and official press releases

Season 1

13 - Lazarus

Written By: Christopher Hollier & Leigh Dana Jackson Directed By: Robert Duncan McNeill
Rating: 0.4 Audience: 1.53
Louise and Brian decide to hide the body of Alexis in the basement of the Drake, but panic when they realize one of Louise's earrings may have fallen off in the alcove they bricked up. Henry continues his campaign to become a city councillor, and is surprised when a formerly disgraced councillor commits suicide, in turn boosting his prospects because his campaign avoided scoring points from the councillor's resignation. Jane discovers more about her past from her father Nate, who insists she must leave the hotel or end up dead like her mother; the Dorans later tell her that her mother drowned not in a lake but in a bathtub in the Drake. Louise and Brian return to the basement to find Alexis' body missing, and Gavin reveals the truth about his influence over them before sealing them up in the same alcove. Nate attempts to take Jane from the Drake, but Gavin brings them to his apartment; he forces Nate to shoot Henry. With Henry dying and Nate fleeing, Jane appeals to Gavin for help, who decides to reveal that he is her real father, who had an affair with her mother before eventually drowning her. He offers to help, but remarks that there is a price to pay. One year later, Nona keeps the flame alive by holding on to the necklace and continuing to save stories related to the Drake; Henry has become city councillor; and Jane, having accepted Gavin's offer to join him, has a new career and is happily married to Henry. Gavin and Jane discuss the real nature of their business and the Drake - to fulfill people's needs for a short time, in order to wield power and "make the world as we want it, not as it's given to us". Gavin tells Jane she is destined to have a baby that will wield real power, and will "bring the world to heel under his command"; in closing, Jane tells Henry she is pregnant. 

12 - The Elysian Fields

Written By: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain Directed By: Chris Misiano
Rating: 0.5 Audience: 1.89
Who or what is the "conspiratii"? When Jane tries to crack the meaning of this mysterious word that keeps popping up in Peter Kramer's journal, a secretive Detective Cooper shockingly reveals his part in the shadowy group. Jane agrees to be their eyes and ears at The Drake, but Gavin is one step ahead of her. Meanwhile, Henry tries to track down Jane's estranged father to surprise her at a splashy engagement party Olivia is throwing them. Jane and Henry spend a magic night at the Dorans' party, while on another floor there is no love lost between Alexis and Louise when they have a final face-off and Louise learns the true depth of Alexis' hate for her

11 - Sins of the Fathers

Written By: David Wilcox & Adria Lang Directed By: Omar Madha
Rating: 0.5 Audience: 2.14
Sasha offers Father Douglas a disturbing arrangement; a mysterious new tenant moves into the Drake; Alexis makes a discovery about Louise

10 - The Comfort of Death

Written By: Vincent Angell  Directed By: John Terlesky
Rating: 0.5 Audience: 1.96
Jane's disturbing dreams keep fusing with reality, but many Drake residents have reason to celebrate. Gavin and Olivia are thrilled and grateful that Sasha (a.k.a., Laurel Harris) has returned; Olivia connects Louise with a great opportunity to work for a top magazine, and Brian is close to making a deal with a producer for his play. Meanwhile, Alexis' overwhelming guilt over her indiscretion with Brian drives her to find an escape clause in her deal with Gavin. Finally, the Dorans plan a big kick-off fund raiser to introduce Henry into the political world, and Jane, propelled by her dreams, visits an ancient Harlan Moore to learn more about Peter Kramer's journal and The Drake's history

09 - Hypnos

Written By: Ellen Fairey & Matthew Tabak Directed By:  Stephen Cragg
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.96
ane is hurled back in time to October 1927 by the mysterious Maris Elder, who hypnotizes her in an effort to find out where she disappeared down the spiral staircase. Her time travel adventures unlock secrets long hidden in Peter Kramer’s apartment, where his wife was murdered, and shows Jane that her family has a dark legacy that’s tangled with The Drake’s history. Meanwhile, Gavin talks to Henry about the possibility of becoming a city councilman, but his chances may be destroyed by the leak of some sensitive personal information. And in a shocking revelation, Sasha’s identity is exposed

08 - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Written By: Josh Pate Directed By: Dean White
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 3.94
Jane disappears without a trace, forcing a despondent Henry to worry for her safety and sanity. When she suddenly pops up in the middle of Times Square dazed and confused and is taken to a hospital for observation, Jane discovers that a horrible fate may be waiting for her there. Meanwhile, Gavin has Victor Shaw held captive in The Drake's boiler room with Kandinsky torturing him to give up the location of the red box. Shaw, however, shockingly reveals to Gavin his knowledge of what really happened to his daughter, Sasha, and threatens to tell Olivia. Finally, to Brian's dismay, he discovers that unless he is with Alexis, his creativity vanishes

07 - Downward Spiral

Written By: Leigh Dana Jackson & Mimi Won Techentin Directed By: J. Miller Tobin
Rating: 1.2 Audience: 3.90
Henry's political career continues to rise when he receives a special commendation from the Mayor for his heroic actions. However his exultation is tempered by Jane's ever-changing mood about staying at The Drake, where she no longer feels safe. Meanwhile, Jane discovers that both Nona and her missing grandmother, Lottie Clark, have mysterious connections to the building; Brian determines that Alexis has been duplicitous when it comes to Louise and her "affair" with Dr. Evans; and back at the hospital, the good doctor learns the unethical terms of his payback to Gavin in exchange for his help. Finally, Jane and Nona discover one of The Drake's ultimate secrets as they search for Lottie - a secret that will change Jane's life forever

06 - Diabolic

Written By: Chris Hollier  Directed By: Allison Liddi Brown
Rating: 1.3 Audience: 3.99
The aftermath of the Dorans' Halloween party leaves everyone with an emotional and psychological hangover. Jane, traumatized by the terror she experienced, is even more devastated by the lack of support not only from the detectives investigating the case, but from Henry, leading to repercussions in their relationship. Meanwhile, Dr. Evans, who suffers from a gambling addiction, becomes beholden to Gavin in order to pay off a large debt. Finally, Gavin tracks down the person responsible for endangering Olivia and stealing his property, and is determined to end the trouble or risk losing The Drake and everything he owns. And in one horrifying moment, Jane pieces together how is she is connected to the history of the building

05 -  A Crowd Of Demons

Written By:  Sonny Postiglione Directed By: Robbie Duncan McNeill
Rating: 1.6 Audience: 4.61
As Olivia works to put the finishing touches on the lobby for the annual Drake Halloween costume gala, it brings to mind another memorable Halloween night in 1929, when murder and mayhem reigned in the building. However, now it's Jane who finds herself in the crosshairs of the spirit from the suitcase. Meanwhile, Gavin receives cryptic texts from an unknown source threatening Olivia's safety, and Henry meets a media consultant interested in propelling his political career. A jealous Brian questions Louise about her rendezvous with Dr. Evans while she was recovering from her elevator accident, and one of Gavin's most crucial personal possessions is missing by the end of the evening

04 - Hero Complex

Written By: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain Directed By: John Behring
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 4.81
Henry learns that Gavin is under investigation for questionable real estate transactions, and must choose between loyalty to his boss or his friendship with Gavin. Jane, unaware of Henry's dilemma, has her own decision to make after she discovers the identity of the thief at The Drake. Meanwhile, the eerie apparition of the little girl reappears with a warning about the contents of the suitcase Jane retrieved, and Nona is troubled by alarming visions of Henry's future. Finally, Annie begs for Gavin's help when her "creation" of Kandinsky goes awry, and he offers her a dangerous quid pro quo as a solution

03 - The Dead Don't Stay Dead

Written By: Matt Miller Directed By: Alex Zakrzewski
Rating: 1.5 Audience: 4.82
More mysteries begin to unfold at The Drake as Jane repeatedly glimpses a little girl - or an apparition? - who beckons her to a room with a strange suitcase. Meanwhile, Henry and Jane are drawn closer to the Dorans, Gavin manipulates a possible career change for Henry, and Olivia shares a painful secret with Jane about her daughter Sasha's death ten years ago. Finally, Gavin offers to help Annie Morgan, a budding young journalist residing at the Drake, who suddenly discovers that anything that she writes becomes the truth -- with terrifying results

02 - Murmurations

Written By: David Wilcox Directed By: Robert Duncan McNeill
Rating: 1.7 Audience: 4.99
Jane makes a terrifying discovery about what lies behind the walls of The Drake as she begins to renovate Mr. Barlow's apartment. Meanwhile, Henry wrestles with whether he should tip Gavin off to inside information he has on one of his big projects, and lonely Drake resident Danielle Vincent gets a much needed assist from Gavin with a romantic tryst with a business associate of his. Finally, Brian struggles with his continuing temptation for Alexis, and Jane determines to continue her investigation of the mysterious door in the basement

01 - Pilot

Written By: David Wilcox Directed By: Alex Graves
Rating: 2.1 Audience: 6.90

In the premiere episode, when Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (Dave Annable), an idealistic young couple from the Midwest, arrive in New York City, the glamorous center of industry and media, they are offered the opportunity to manage the historic Drake by its wealthy owners, Gavin (Terry O'Quinn) and Olivia Duran (Vanessa Williams) - and the seduction begins. Jane, a small town girl with big ambitions, always knew she wanted to be an architect. Henry, a member of the Mayor's staff, is grounded, intelligent and tenacious. They are lured by the intoxicating lifestyle of New York's wealthy elite. But they soon wonder what they've gotten themselves into when they unwittingly bump into the dark embrace of the building's mysterious supernatural forces which endanger the lives of their residents. 

Gavin, who has many skeletons in his own closet, is at the height of his world and commands the dark power of The Drake. Olivia, his beautiful but enigmatic, supportive wife, wears her elegance, wealth and position in society like armor... but cracks will slowly be revealed.

Jane and Henry are not the only ones to fall prey to the machinations of Gavin and Olivia. There are other residents, including Brian Leonard (Robert Buckley), a young playwright pining for his early success and promise. Brian's wife, Louise (Mercedes Masšhn), is a rising hot star in the world of fashion photography. Alexis Blume (Helena Mattsson) is a troubled young woman who is the picture of obsession -- what is her real connection to Gavin, and what part will she play in Brian and Louise's life? Tony DeMeo (Erik Palladino), The Drake's doorman, is the eyes and ears of the building. And then there is 14-year-old Nona Clark (Samantha Logan), who has a blossoming psychic ability, allowing her to look into the future of her fellow Drake occupants. 

Sexy, enticing and captivating, home to an epic struggle of good versus evil, The Drake maintains a dark hold over all of its tenants in this new, chilling drama, tempting them through their ambitions and desires.

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